10 Eagle / MEN – Transition of Light: Day 10 of 13



10 Eagle / MEN

Greetings Kin,

On the Tone 10 of Manifestation we can realize our Dreams Come True. Whatever we have focused on is claimed by Truth in the world Below. Tone 10 is said to present a challenge. We have to claim the Truth as our Own Truth to Have and to Hold.

We can claim a Divine Experience of Spirit was only our Imagination or Wishful Thinking, or the Miracle could just be a coincidence. We hold the Sacred Right to Choose. We can Grasp the Divine Future, through our Faith in what WE Believe.

The Intention of the Transformer/CIMI trecena was to walk the walk of Divine Inspiration as the “Reed/BEN” head of a Divine Family. We were intended to know the Comfort through the Gift of our Own Truth. In the trecena of “light” that came before, we were inspired to help others to believe their own Truth, rather than anything we believe. The BLESSING is in the Divine Experience of Knowing you found the Truth.

The Elders said, “The Answer is in the Question.” When we ask our own Divine Question to the One Above, and hold the Vigilant Consciousness to LISTEN FOR AN ANSWER, we WILL Know the Divine Truth. We wouldn’t have asked the question, if we didn’t have our own idea of what it could be.  We command our thoughts and our Life when we are willing to think about the Answer in our own Mind, and Trust God to stand on our Truth. It can change. Standing on Truth will always manifest Higher Truth, through the experience.

Transformer/CIMI is the experience of birthing a New Life. The chaos is a Divine Sign of the Major Life Change. We live many lifetimes in One. Our primordial Mother is raising us to the next Life of a Life’s Creation. We are the Scion that holds the Power to Multiply Love through the Circle of Life. We had to “breakdown” the established order, to move on to a Season of Loving another Life, as much as we Love our own.

Eagle/MEN is the Intermediary who can lift us up to the closest proximity to the Supreme Creator. The Eagle resides in the West, holding the Element of Water, the medium of Spirit and our Emotions. The West is the direction of our Unknown Future. The Eagle offers a Gift of “Eagle eye” vision to see the Blessing that lies in the future. Eagle shares the Consciousness that whatever we can see, lies within our Grasp.


The Eagle flies by Intuition. First it looks all around until it sees what it wants. Then it focuses in on an “X” that marks the spot. The Eagle takes flight without ever looking away from the prize. It falls to the first Breath of Wind and Leans in to the Divine Truth it claims is Real. We can sail through our New Life if we Rise above our Emotions, by thinking Once to get the picture, then Twice to Imagine the beauty that could be created, then the Divine Third Time, conceive what a Divine Creator of Love would do.

We can claim the Wisdom of Love we learned from the Dog, that sometimes our Heart and Mind is “somewhere else.” We could shine some extra light when we can’t get someone’s attention, OR we could keep shining equally all around, and move on to the next opportunity. We could REMEMBER that Love will ALWAYS be seen in the end.

We also learned the Wisdom of Time and Creation from the Monkey/CHUEN. First, don’t take everything so seriously. As long as your Intention is Love that allows both sides the freedom of choice… LOVE holds the power to cover a multitude of “sins.” When we’re neglected, we know someone can’t fix the past. We really just want to know they cared and forgot. LOVE IS MESSY BUSINESS. The Raccoon reminded us it can be cleaned up with a little Water. Being the Monkey/CHUEN, we’ll be curious about what another Dog drags home in the name of Love. When we look for the Love, we’ll find it.

The first two trecenas in every season lay the ground work for a Way of Love. We are learning the Way that will include the Whole Family. In the 2nd Season we Dream the Dream of what a New Life can be. In the Cauldron of Creation, we will dream the Seed of a New Life that will grow beyond all the Truth we knew before. The Guardian of the 2nd Season is 13 Dog/OC. The Blessing in our Future is a creation of Unconditional Love.

The Haab date is 18 XUL/Dog – a month of 19 days. The Maya observe “the festival of Chicc-kaban, dedicated to Kulkulcan, the Feather Serpent. It was marked by processions to primary community temples, accompanied by troupes of comedians. Offerings were made at the temple and much incense was burned. The comedians continued to visit neighborhoods throughout the month, performing and bringing offerings back to the temple. At the end of the month, Kulkulcan was said to descend from the the heavens and collect the offerings.” https://mayan-calendar.com/ancient_haab.html  Tomorrow, 07/27/2020,  19 XUL, our Offerings of Spirit will be claimed by the Light Above. In the following month of Yaxkin, the children are prepared to become Creators.

There is great synchronicity in this round of the Tzolk’in marked by 2020. All the planetary alignments of Divine Intention are in sync for a Major Life Change for Humanity on a Planetary Scale. If only we have the Patience to Look and Remember the Milestones of our Journey, we will see the BIG PICTURE that is waiting in the Future. Our best way to get there is to focus on the “X” like there’s nothing else we even want to see. Our TRUTH is the PRIZE and we CAN CLAIM that we WILL Know it. All we have to do is ASK THE QUESTION ABOVE, to KNOW the answer from the Divine Genius of the Whole Creation. The “X” that marks our Spot to Remember is in the Light at an altar. There, we will always Remember a Divine Provision.

All we have to do is claim the Truth that our Dream ARE Real and our VERY Divine Meaning and Purpose to Be, so a Supreme Creator could FEEL the Love as a Dynamic, Living, Experience to See the Beauty of all our different ways. It’s because we are different that we can evolve. Our Wisdom is grasped with the Genius for Innovation, by comparing Our Truth to the Truth held by another Face of God.

Golden Eagle Eye

From the Eagle’s perspective up above there are no obstacles on a path from Point A to Point B. It’s a direct flight. We can believe the Wind will catch our Wings, when we Hold Thoughts of all our Divine Provisions to Be, what we were Divinely Designed to be. When we remember our Dream was Inspired from Up Above, we’ll Know it is waiting with our Name On It.

The only reason an Eagle doesn’t reach the Divine End, is in the choice to fly away. The Eagle doesn’t like competition, and would rather fly away than fight over the prize. If we look away from the Truth of Divine Provision, old doubts can creep in. As long as we can see our way to an altar, we will Know the Light of the Way.

To all my relations, may you claim the Dream that is Real. It’s NOT a coincidence. We can Believe in Miracles, and never believe in Coincidences Again. The whole planet is onboard with the breakdown of an existing Order, ONLY BECAUSE a New and Higher Order is the Dream that’s Real. May we forgive everything in the past and let it rest in peace, so we can move on to a New Beginning that was given Free of Debts for Our Seed that was intended to Grow to Maturity.

May we claim the Wisdom we will Know through the Highest Creation of a New Life. May we kneel in Humility to a Higher Truth of our Unconditional Love that is already on the way. May we lean into the Beauty of all the Elements of Earth that hold the Power of Love and the means to be a Divine Genius at What We Love. May we Look and what WE Love, and See how the Dream would appear in our future, when the end is completed by a Divine Hand Above.

May we carry our Offerings of Faith to the temple, where “in the Light” we will Know the Gift was Received through a Sacred Exchange of Love in our Heart.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman/9 Eagle/MEN


transformer-cimi-trecena-waveVisit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for a daily energy forecast with insight on the Uinal and Portal Days of the Transformer/CIMI trecena.


10 Eagle/MEN (Cherokee, Eagle/UWO’HATLI)

Galactic Tone 10: Manifestation. What were once intentions or ideas, hopes or fears become physically present with the energy of Ten. What is focused upon with attention and intention becomes real with Ten. Ten is a powerful energy that carries a great responsibility.

Eagle/MEN: Intermediary between Heaven and Earth. Due to the Eagles superior point of view and keen intelligence, they achieve material abundance and good fortune. A messenger gifted with patience and a deep sense of value, Eagle brings hope and trust on the wings of Spirit. Eagle persons are very detail oriented and technically inclined. Compassionate service to others sustains prosperity for Eagle personas as the flapping of wings would sustain their bird brothers. If Eagle becomes viciously competitive or possessive, greed and jealousy cause a fall from the heights. Eagles, being blessed with freedom of movement, should be aware of escapism. Eagles may be tempted to just fly away from troubles by using indulgences.

Cherokee, Eagle/UWO’HATLI: Eagle’s symbol is Mars the Spirit Warrior. He is a minion of Grandfather Moon. Eagles were the warrior society, the braves the protectors of the nation. Women were included. There was no discrimination which is reflected in the language: third person singular is divided into animate, human and animate, not human instead of he and she. The energy of high hopes and anticipations, dreams and visions, cosmic consciousness and commitment. On earth, a provider of excellence, leader, husbandry, care-taking of others, financial security and inheritance.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today?

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