A Major Life Change: The Comfort of CIMI


Greetings Beloved Kin,


Shadow left me with a Mission. There could  never be a replacement, though Shadow created a place for someone else to belong. I knew it was Girlie when I saw her face on the Animal Shelter website. It  was the same expression I remember in Shadow’s eyes. “Where am I? Where do I belong?”

Like Shadow, Girlie was the senior with special needs and medical concerns, and long-matting hair that requires daily grooming. She spent weeks in the cage, passed by as more trouble than she’s worth. She had a happy home, but without the means for her care with other pets in the house.

I have the perfect place, a constant companion working from home, ready to offer my undivided attention. I knew it might take time. Girlie didn’t have to BE anything. My mission would be to prove her life matters to the end. I spent hours filling out the application, hoping to be accepted, and sent word to Girlie that one way or another, her days at the shelter were over. I received the call on 6 Serpent/CHICCHAN to complete the adoption.


I created a place where Life will be Changed forever by a Mission to Love – for me, a life of meaning and purpose and for Girlie, a place she will always belong. She must have REALLY missed the everyday comforts of home. She was by my side for Hallmark movies by the end of the day.

It was another rainy day, December 12, 2015, when I brought Shadow home. She lost home and was passed around long before she was abandoned at the shelter. Driving home, I saw the “better place” waiting for Girlie, and my own Major Life Change. It takes the memory of a real experience to see the Truth of Major Life Change. What happened in your life 6 years ago? There’s a major life change for you to see.

In 2015 my life had fallen apart. I couldn’t see ANY future, and it was “too late now.” I’d left household belongings behind, moving from Tucson to Seattle, in the November of 2009 – a very cold, wet, dark winter. I slept on a pallet of pillows for 3 months, saving up for a bed. I remember getting dressed to “appear normal” at company headquarters after crawling around on the floor.  Though, all the closets were filled with “important papers” and a lifetime of photos. I didn’t care to decorate what only felt like a human storage compartment. There was a lot stored after 11 years. I dug my way out in a pandemic. I shredded, donated and responsibly disposed of decades from the past. I can hardly imagine what it was like to even live in what felt like a hoard, without comparing one day I can remember so well.

Girlie came to a home in perfect order. There were too many years with two cats to offer Shadow such a clean start. The “best I could do” wasn’t much. This time I wanted to offer a place “safe to belong” from the beginning. All the new accommodations were in place like she was the Only One from the beginning. After weeks in a cage at the shelter, I knew it smelled like a home with her own places to belong.

CIMI is about finding the Balance in the never-ending chaos of Change. With every turn, Mother Earth presents the Seasons that raise Life to its Harvest. One Life is sacrificed to the next that will follow. Next Spring, we will rise again with our own Higher Dreams, and the Wisdom of the Truth that came before. Life expands like a Fibonacci sequence, applying the Truth of Now to all the Truth we knew Before. Chaos is only the Sign of another new beginning, and a Dream that can fall into place, when the Mission is Love. No matter how it starts, Love always matters to the end.

Funny – I had to give myself permission to choose Girlie. When Shadow passed I returned her Love to the Universe for someone else to know the experience. Girlie’s Sanctuary feels like the Sacred Exchange.

May we expand the Sanctuary in our Heart, a place of Beauty for the One. May we be the Living Cell of a Divine Body that claims the Light for the Whole. Holidays are bittersweet and little everyday things mean a lot in the Dreamtime of Winter.

love, in lak’ech, Debra


5 thoughts on “A Major Life Change: The Comfort of CIMI

  1. Thank you for the love and work that goes into your daily writings.


    Christina M. Burress

    🕸ChristinaMBurress.com ✉️ Instagram 🔗LinkedIn



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