12 CIMI – A Final Prayer before Ascension

Greetings Beloved Kin,

My one last prayer before our Road to the Highest Ascension is offered from an “old crone.” The Highest Hope and the Highest Aspiration for Answered Prayers is PERSONAL. The Highest Realization of Answered Prayer is the Dream of OUR OWN Heart’s  Desire. It’s personal mystery that no one in the world would ever know. That’s what it takes to KNOW that we weren’t the ONE exception to a promise that was made to the Whole.

At least that’s been the Truth for me. I “believed” in the Word and the Promise, but there was still one last doubt that for reasons unknown, it may not be the Truth for me.

Tomorrow, we WILL see we climbed a mountain and there are even Higher Hopes that are waiting in the future. This is a double-lucky year (2022) – I’ve experienced as a Truth of Second Chances, Greater Power in the Second Try, More Value in Divine Inspiration when we Look more than Twice, and the Truth of a Divine Effect that has multiplied my blessings to Abundance, along with my Love for the Whole. Think more than twice to raise the First Light of Divine Inspiration, Call on God more than twice, when you “think” your first prayer wasn’t answered, and Count your Blessings that carry on to infinity, when you cry out to the One at an Altar, and GOD WILL SEE your Higher Works of Love and the Blessings will be poured out, As Above, So Below.


13 Offering/MULUC is the symbol of the “Christ Spirit” who  made the Greatest  Sacrifice on behalf of the Whole. His WAY was PERFECT from the beginning to the end. After, when we begin the final climb, we’re led by 1 Star/LAMAT. Shining the Light of Venus who creates Beauty in the Darkness and the Light, we’re led by the Mayan Day Sign that represents the Scion, the Personification of God – the Highest Promise Offered for the Offering of Salvation that’s Carried On for the Whole to the very end.

Venus marks the PERFECT TIME to Know the Highest Truth of Answered Prayers. The LAMAT glyph illustrates the 4 directions, and the Star in the Center also represents the place where the Seed was planted on earth. The Maya used an implement for planting that was drawn North/South, and East/West.

The WAY led by LAMAT is to make the WHOLE of Humanity an Object of Affection in Harmony and Equity with the Whole, AND to Love our Self as a Divine Being manifested as the Highest Work of the Creator.

So, here’s the advice from an “old crone” who’s been around and seen things more than once or twice:

  1. Don’t focus your Love on any one Human Being. It’s too easy to “fall in love” and forget everyone else. Don’t give your time or money over and over to a single Human Being. There are SO MANY who could be blessed by the First Offering, alone. The reasons I’ve learned is 1) others begin to forget and feel entitled if you make donations or lift their highest hopes with words of Love all the time, and 2) when you over-give you can actually open the door to a resentment. Even if it was a GENEROUS gift, it’s too easy for a Human to imagine you are blessed far beyond a measure of equality. We ALL love to give. Humans can be saddened by a truth of how little they have to offer.
  2. Hesitate to give much to someone who lives on the street. You can’t give enough to make a real difference. Organizations are available with greater resources. We have to get up and do what we can do for our self, to be part of our own salvation.
  3. Instead, give to the youth who HAVE a job, working at minimum pay. They ARE carrying on, and the value will be greater to one that is counting the hours to the end of the week. They need us the most. They are ALREADY reaching to create a Dream for tomorrow.
  4. Make tithes and donations to a church in an impoverished neighborhood, where there is greater need, and the 10% is far less from the people who are members of the neighborhood. There is an organization that knows where the greatest needs, and “how it goes” for one or another.
  5. Don’t declare every donation for the tax write-off. Keep some donations anonymous, to know the Power of a Mystery – a Secret between YOU and the Creator.
  6. Only make a large donation to one who already expresses a Divine Meaning and Purpose. Then you’ll know the gift will be intended for a Higher Cause that reflects their Heart’s Desire. If there’s not a Higher Cause, no matter how much you give – easy come, easy go.
  7. If there’s a day you’re inspired to give, like the tip to the young one at the drive-through window, plan to make 2 offerings that day. It will raise the Light to remember your own good works, to Love yourself even more.
  8. Money is not all we have to give. The easiest offerings we can pass all around is the Kindness we extend to strangers – a smile on the street, a personal comment at any checkout stand where people pass through every day, mostly forgetting – is a moment that another knows they’ve been seen and acknowledged. We can be the bright spot in the middle of the monotony of “everyday” carrying on.
  9. Don’t tell someone, I pray for you every day. We don’t expect that to be the truth. If we HOPE it’s the truth, we’ll be disappointed on the day they don’t treat us, like they prayed for us that morning – so how could be believe it’s ALWAYS true? We fail each other more frequently than we could ever make up for by daily prayer.

That’s why this is the end of my prayers shared daily. You already see how I’ve fallen short, and the intention can only be bordering on that place where there’s TOO MANY EMAILS and it becomes a burden compared to SPAM. There’s enough of us praying to go around. And if we’re looking more than once, we’ll KNOW SOMEONE is offering a prayer for the whole we can agree with in Divine Trinity.

Besides, the final climb of Ascension is a Dream hidden so deeply in our heart, NO ONE ELSE could say the prayer for the Dream of our own Divine Justice – the Answer to a Prayer that would mean EVERYTHING for us to know about our Life Story. That’s the prayer that Star/LAMAT and the totem Rabbit can Instantly Manifest, that’s multiplied to abundance.

And, 10 – One more piece of advice in the double-lucky, second chances, and second tries offered in 2022. Don’t forget to raise your own Dream to a Higher Place, beyond your own imagination. Imagine the Dream you love the most, then think twice – to Ask to Know the Truth that the Creator’s Truth is even higher than this. Like an Eagle, put an “X” that marks the spot at the end of the road for a Dream x 10 that you never saw coming, that was so hard to believe. WE WILL KNOW on the Day of our Highest Ascension, 13 Sun/AHAU – a Revelation of the Highest Light of Answered Prayers.

Think about it TODAY AND TOMORROW – the mountain you’ve climbed and waited  SO LONG to see. Then you’ll be prepared to make the Highest Climb of Ascension. It won’t matter anymore if we forget. We set a rhythm and pattern of our Highest Intentions to carry on as the Wind beneath our wings.  Remember, you WILL forget as soon as the New Seed is reborn in the Higher World of God’s Creation.

There is only ONE exception to ALL the “rules” – ALWAYS give to anyone in any amount, when your heart is CALLED to Give by the One Above. You’ll KNOW the difference between a human plan, and a Divine Inspiration.

On Behalf of the Whole…

Holy God and Master of ALL Creation, We count on your Divine Word and the Guidance that is always with us HERE and Always to lead us all to our own Highest ways. Help us to See and Acknowledge the Divine Wisdom that’s shared all around.  Especially help us listen to the children who hold the Truth of Innocence. They haven’t learned to hide their feelings. May we THINK TWICE before we EVER say – “You shouldn’t say that, or ask about that.” Who would you rather they turn to. CHILDREN WILL ASK SOMEONE. Just like the “smart” grownup, if we leave a question unanswered, like the Dog, they won’t let go of the bone until they KNOW WHY and WHAT it is that they aren’t allowed to know. 

If children DO ask a question that’s beyond their years to understand. We COULD say, that’s something I plan to tell you when you’ve learned a few more of your own lessons about life, so we can share a real conversation about it. Tell  them to make a note of the question for later so neither one of you will forget. Tell them it’s a Divine Mystery of God, and they WILL KNOW exactly when it’s time to know, and YOU want to be the one they come to with the question, so they will know they heard the Truth meant to be shared only between you two.

Help us remember the illusions of life in the down below. The Truth is never what it seems to be. Help us to listen and read between the lines anytime someone shares a personal thought. Help us to HEAR the Divine thoughts we share about Love, and jump in to celebrate, or to share the burden through our compassion because we CAN “know how it feels.”

Only YOU are Holy. We DO “believe” there’s a Higher Meaning and Purpose to everything. May “believing” be raised to Knowing for every long journey that leads to our Highest End. When we pray for our self, help us remember to share the same prayer for EVERYONE YOU created in the ALL around.

When we call on you, may we be guided to Silence, long enough to Listen, to hear your Voice and KNOW.


Love, in lak’ech – another one just like you, who’s only learned a thing or two from a little more Time, AND yet, STILL broken by Human limitations.




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