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3 Sun/AHAU – Womb of Re-Creation Day 3


3 sun

3 Sun/AHAU

Greetings Kin,

I used to think that being an “idea person” had some special merit, fancying myself as someone with a lot of bright ideas. I held the notion that all that was needed was some outside management – some third party who would propel my ideas into being. (I’d hate to admit how long I nurtured this concept… my most disempowering idea ever.)

WE are the ones we are waiting for. The initial movement and action is required of US because the dreams with the potential to be brought to life are the ones WE love enough to take action on OURSELVES.

We hold the very important seed that contains all the possibilities inherent in our design. Our most important movement will be an act of Love. 3 Sun/AHAU brings to Light what has been hidden from our consciousness and connects us to the wisdom of our ancestors as we set our re-creation into motion.

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