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5 Offering/MULUC – Spiritual Quickening


5 Offering/MULUC

5 Offering/MULUC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 is the day of an empowerment. Offering/MULUC is a Day Sign representing the element of fire that also symbolizes water. This is all water that exists everywhere, from the cosmos to our body and the water of our own tears. This fire/water paradox symbolizes the property of Holy Water.

Water is seen by many world religions as the medium through which we receive blessings, healing, purification and atonement with God. Through Holy Water we are offered a Baptism of Spirit, a gift of God’s Grace that can only be received through an act of Free Will.

This glyph of Offering/MULUC illustrates how a small drop of water in the center sends ripples outward that effects the One and All.

This is the 4rd of 10 Green Kins in progression that introduce a portal to Spirit and a thinning of the veil for a shift in our perception.

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