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What’s the Meaning of Life?

The Question of Our Life

by Merrill Leonard

The Meaning of Life is Humanity’s question for Time Eternal. All the signs and symbols were given to see. All the ways we look to see the Truth are secondary to the Question that weighs heavy and we really want to know. We all hold the same Dream for our Life on Earth. We just want to be happy and know there is reason for us to be. And for tomorrow, we hope we’re included in a promise of Heaven.

There’s only one tangible way to know we matter on Earth. The Elders say that ALL things want to be Seen and Acknowledged. We want to know someone will remember. The way to claim the Offering of Life, Love, and Happiness is to be a witness to Love that lies in every Heart.

The Summer Solstice is a Sign of Light to See. We were given 3 days to know the Highest Truth. We always make wiser choices when we allow at least 3 days Time to See and Know.

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