Blessing of Forgiveness at Ek’ Balam, Oct 31, 2018, 12 Sun/AHAU

Sacred Ceremony and Memorial to Ian Xel Lungold

Altar for Ian Xel Lungold, 12 Sun/AHAU, October 31, 2018, Ruins at Ek’ Balam

As the Trecena of Wind/IK, I feel its important to disseminate the Truth of My Experience that I Know I can Stand on. You were there and deserve to know a part of the Experience as your own.

My pilgrimage to the Maya Lands was an Illumination of Darkness at the Star Jaguar ruins of Ek’ Balam. I realized every Miracle is an Illumination of Darkness. We are always in the throes of chaos at the threshold of a Miracle.

Away from the news, I was able to experience the dynamic in human relationships – the outer realities that reflect a part of our Self.  I saw how difficult it can be to Always Love the Whole of Everything. Yet, in the Light I saw How Much we Really DO Love Each Other, and Want to Share our Love. We can walk in the Balance, through a Divine Intention to Think About Love.  We invite a Divine Consciousness into our own Mind.

Gary, Karen, Claudia, Steve, Tammy

I went to Cancun with the Intention of a Very Sacred Ceremony – An Offering of Humility that asks Forgiveness for Self on behalf of the Whole. We’re Forgiven for everything we can claim that we are One in the Same Mind of Consciousness. There is ALWAYS more that can be Healed in Us, no matter How High our Aspirations. It’s our Failure and Limitation that Always Promises another Miracle.

In Honor of Ian, and 12 Sun/AHAU, it was a Living Prayer for Forgiveness and Right Relationship. We asked for Right Relationship with everything around us with prayers to the 4 directions. 12 Sun/AHAU resides in the South, the Direction of our relationships with one another and the Natural World. I felt connection to the Natural World. We shared our Gratitude and personal stories of connection to Ian, and extended Gratitude to Carl Johan Calleman, Honoring him as the Source of Ian’s Wisdom of Mayan cosmology. We left the altar to navigate the complex, and returned there to carry Ian’s photo home, leaving only the flowers and natural elements behind. There is an Altar created in the physical world, that is balanced in the realm of Spirit Above – a Hearth of Light that burns eternally with our prayers.

Me, next to Ian’s Altar

A ways down one of the paths there was a beautiful 3 foot Iguana laying still in the grass beside it. My first thought of course was to take a picture. Then  I noticed the wound in its hind quarters. It turned its head to me. Lo Siento. No. The Iguana was in its process of transition. This was not a photo opportunity. He didn’t move again. I wanted to cover him with some big leaves of a rubber tree, so I carried it out from the realm of Spirit. I felt a Shared Consciousness of Honor Paid Forward to Life, and a Vibration of Love between us.

In this round of the Tzolk’in, I’ve felt a new connection to the Natural World. The aviary on my balcony, the dead plant that loved the birds in its branches, given another summer…  came back to life.

Angel Figure in the Acropolis at Ek’ Balam (Copyright 2018,, my camera, Gary’s Photography)

Our Sacred Rituals and Ceremony MATTER, because what we reach for in the Dimension of Holy Spirit, we can create in the Above. These are the thoughts that heal us in the Body and Soul. As a broken human being, hanging on faith that we’re creating anything, we are Co-Creating as a Divine Miracle by the Promise, “As Above, So Below.”

We only need to Believe Enough to Dream Bigger and Higher Dreams, Leaps of Human Faith, that we Hope to be Turned into Believing.

Mother Earth is the Source of our Everything. When we love all the pieces and parts of Her and Honor the Life around us, we will be Singing in the Harmony of her Love and Vibrations. We can Claim that our Faith to Believe our Love can turn the world around, and draw us ALL back into Right Relationship. Then WE would become the Star that Ascends as a Divine Light and Descends all Together as the Light of a Savior bright enough for every Human Eye to See… a Love that brings us to our Knees.

The Answer to the Question, lies in the limits of our own Imagination.

I Imagine that we are ALL Healed. My journey led me through all the experiences of Dark and Light that Human must experience to Know our “I Am.”  Our Heart tells us when something is suffering in our Spirit. We can be healed of our emotions, Knowing there is always a Divine Answer to the suffering, when we ask through Ritual and Sacred Ceremony to Know the Right Question.

The Question lies in the suffering in our heart. The Key to Know it is the Forgiveness that Acknowledges in Humility, that we are Broken. We are given the Gift of Becoming New Again with Higher Aspirations when we accept the Truth of our own Limitations. Our own Darkness holds the Answer for the Light. We don’t have to fear finding the failures in our Self, but instead celebrate the opportunity to bring Light to that Darkness. In Humility of our own failures, Divine Love pierces the Human Heart to shine through.

There is so much more to share, and I’ve only begun to think about it. The Wind/IK trecena is about breathing new Life Into our Spirit, Life that WE CHOOSE TO SPEAK. I’m “Holding my Power” by not sharing the synchronicity and all the events that are coming forward, and the story that is being told in Spirit. I’m not ready to limit what it might be. I Share this Inspiration as a Truth I feel Body and Soul that I stand on and hope to disseminate to you. A Healing was Received for the Whole at Ek’ Balam.

Ballcourt at Ek’ Balam, Copyright 2018, Claudia Selk

We can Dream anything. Our Magic is the Jaguar to Love Every Life and Appreciate Mother Earth with Sacred Gratitude. All around us is a Story of the Creator’s Love. The Creation of a Supreme Creator of Love, doesn’t make anything two-dimensional, but dynamic beings of vibration. We can Create the Vibration of Love through Mother Earth – We can Give Pure Love that expects nothing in return. When we can’t love each other, we can always Love Her and all the Living Things around Us, in the Voice in the Wind, the Voice in our Dreams, and the Love that we can experience dynamically through all of our Senses.

Platform at Ek’ Balam

My Breakthrough was a Breakdown, seeing all the darkness in the Truth that I am to blame for what I See, asking Forgiveness for Myself. This trecena is elevating the Ascension of Offering/MULUC that called us to be a Living Sacrifice. Our Divine Justice is coming in the next trecena on 8 Offering/MULUC.

I love you for being part of the experience. Know that I believe the inspiration will be coming directly to you through your own Consciousness. My job as Eagle/MEN is to lift you up to see what You might see from a Higher Perspective. Hold your Power. The longer a dream is held in Your imagination, the more it is capable to become. May we Imagine Dreams of Love in our Future.

Love, in lak’ech, I am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN
Many more photos to come. 🙂


Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos, Cancun (Hotel Altar)



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  1. Hello Debra
    Ian’s friend Madaline sent me a link to see your Ceremony News
    I have been Journeying far and wide and to meet you again is wonderful
    Your Truth is my Truth
    My Way has come to the same place as Your Way
    ALL PATHS LEAD TO THE SAME PLACE………….. was it The Buddha who says that?
    Well – it is amazingly true
    Blessings to you

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    • HOW awesome to connect via Madaline. The calendar is awesome. We’re all accelerating up the same spiral!!! 🙂 Blessings back to you. It was awesome to have Madeline, Carl, and Michael all give instructions for their offerings at the altar. much love, in lak’ech, Debra

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