1 Offering / MULUC – Giving Back

Greetings Kin,

Isle of Skye – looks like MULUC to me.

Offering/MULUC marks the Time for a Divine Giving Back and Paying Forward. We need one another to make our way to a Divine Future.

The place I work raised donations for the local food bank, kicking off a deep desire to give something back. I have been one of the lucky ones able to work from home. If we have EXTRA, it is a blessing that overflows for a Divine Meaning and Purpose.

Giving something back changed the darkness to light, giving me something REAL to celebrate this Christmas. May we HONOR the feelings that go with reaching out for help, and be there waiting with Gratitude for the opportunity.

Cars waiting in a food line in San Antonio, TX

The cars lined up for food rival any photos I’ve seen of the Great Depression. Mothers and fathers are bearing the “injustice” of struggling to feed their children, and just as many face the prospect of homelessness.

The Salvation Army is working with area food banks and is one universal way to give back to the whole. They have proven themselves to be a reputable charity that carries out the work of Giving Back.

May we Count our Blessings and find some means and a way to share what’s extra with our brothers and sisters. May we Remember the Feelings that go with such hard times, and share our Love, Hope, and Faith with the Whole.

May we SEE AND ACKNOWLEDGE the MANY who are dedicated to the purpose of helping others. May we join in as the Movement of a Prayer to send our Call for Love to the Universe.

my love, in lak’ech, Debra

The Salvation Army: Your gift helps rescue Christmas for the most vulnerable.

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