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8 Offering / MULUC – An New Mission of Spirit: Day 8 of 13


Minisa Crumbo Halsey, 1 Wind/IK

Minisa Crumbo, Dawnwoman, shares her Breath of Spirit in her book Spirit Talk: a count of days that was the encouragement to write a journal. Minisa holds the Inheritance of Marcellus “Bear Heart” Williams, the Uncle who raised her up on the traditional path of the shaman. The rich accounting of the way he was taught is written in “The Wind is my Mother.” Minisa also draws on the Wisdom of the Sacred Pottawatomie tradition of her heritage, holding the Wisdom of the Sacred words of the Pottawatomie passed to her from Donald Perrot, Member and Elder of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation. Connect to Minisa through Dawn Woman’s Blog


8 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 8 is the Number of “Pure Spirit,” and the Holy Day of the trecena. Tone 8 represents the 8th Hour of Solar Light when the Sun resides in its zenith. The 12 Tones are related to the hours of Solar Light between the Dawn at 5AM to Sunset at 5PM. On Tone 8 we receive the Highest Illumination from Above.

Offering/MULUC is the Day Sign that guides our Highest Application of Spirit, to Exist as a Living Sacrifice to the Creator. MULUC guides a way of Atonement, Oneness with the Creator, through the Movement of Giving Back and Paying Forward the Blessings we’ve drawn to our Self. MULUC offers the way to Magnify our own Light by Being the Vessel for the Creator to shine through.

MULUC is a symbol of Water that holds the Element of Fire, representing Water everywhere from the Cosmos to our own Tears as the Blessing of Holy Water. Through our Emotions, the Creator is capable to touch our Hearts and Minds. Through the Heart we can Know our Oneness with a Creator of Unconditional Love. MULUC brings a Gift of Divine Love that can Heal our Emotions as our Consciousness is raised to their Higher Purpose. Only in Oneness with the Creator can we see how Suffering Led us to the Experience of the Creator’s Love. Only broken, can our Human Being Know the Divine Miracle carried out Above.

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1 Offering / MULUC – A Divine Atonement: Day 1 of 13


Ian Xel Lungold and Michael Shore, MayanMajix.com

The journal for the Offering/MULUC trecena is dedicated to Ian Xel Lungold. This is the Galactic Week of Ian’s Destiny Kin, 12 Sun/AHAU. Ian will be honored on my trip to the Yucatan over the Day of the Dead observances in gratitude for my first introduction to the Mayan Calendar. Ian’s Destiny was to share the Light of Illumination (Sun/AHAU) for Divine Understanding (Tone 12). Thank you Ian!

My deepest Thanks and Appreciation are extended to Michael Shore who has preserved  Ian’s wisdom on MayanMajix.com, and for being a friend and helper on my own path. Thank you Michael!


1 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Kin,

The next 13 days…

The Offering/MULUC trecena is a cycle of “Light.” Incoming Inspiration will lead the Intention of an Offering that will manifest Atonement with the Creator. MULUC is the sign of water everywhere from the Cosmos to our tears. MULUC also represents the Moon and our Emotions.

MULUC guides us to Honor our Feelings and the Feelings of others for their Divine Purpose. Through a Sacred Offering to the Creator, our Emotions can be Healed by an Atonement of Unconditional Love.

Offering/MULUC intends a Healing for the Whole. The glyph illustrates a single drop of water raised up from the Whole. Through a Sacred Offering we are raised up to be Seen by the Creator. When we dedicate our Self to a ritual of ceremony, we Create a Sacred Time and Place with the Creator when we are Conscious of each other. In Oneness, we experience the Love in the One Divine Mind of Consciousness. Returned, our own Healing will ripple through the Whole.

11th & 12th UINALS – The 11th Uinal brings the clarity to Resolve a new way forward. On 12 Sun/AHAU the Wisdom of this Tzolk’in round is drawn together in a Revelation of Purpose. On 13 Crocodile/IMIX we will enter the 12th uinal of Understanding. The Fruit of our Spirit will hold the Seeds of a new Generation of Spiritual Wisdom.

PORTAL DAYS: Element of Ether The Offering/MULUC trecena includes 3 Portal Days. Portal days that thin the veil to Spiritual Dimensions and magnify our Spiritual Gifts. Through Atonement, we will be “tuned-in” to the Creator. An Intention of Unconditional Love will be magnified on 2 Dog/OC.  On our first day of movement 3 Monkey/CHUEN will show the way to move forward as a Creator. Through an Offering, a Divine Truth will be manifested on 10 Flint/ETZNAB that will sweep away the illusions of our past.

PEAK DAYS: Peak Experience, Peak Performance

  • 6 Jaguar/IX – will guide a Flow of Spiritual Momentum and Movement
  • 7 Eagle/MEN – will offer the eyes to see the Gift that comes from a Sacred Exchange
  • 8 Wisdom/CIB – the Holy Day will begin a Transformation of Spiritual Wisdom
  • 9 Earth/CABAN – empowers a Transformation of Oneness with Creation

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7 Offering / MULUC – Vision Quest: Day 7 of 13

Traditional ways of Vision Quest are offered for your consideration on the Vision Quest Ceremony page. My Intention is to share it in a worthy way that Honors the teaching of the Elders.

7 Offering / MULUC


Greetings Kin,

On Tone 7 we complete our climb of Spiritual Growth. The Intention held by Tone 7 is Reflection. Number 7 reflects all that is and all that is not. The top of the pyramid symbolizes the Sacred Principle, “As Above, So Below,” known as the “Great Law” of Creation. What is created in one realm of being, is balanced in all others.

Tone 7 is a “weighing in” on an effort of Intention. The Birth of a new Creation hangs in the Balance.

The AKBAL trecena has drawn forth our Deepest Subconscious Dreams of who we wanted to be, and the world as we would Love to experience it. AKBAL connects our Conscious and our Subsconscious, our Intellect and our Intuition to help us see with our Human eyes, the Dream we always longed for, but could never imagine.

Offering/MULUC is the Day Sign that brings an Atonement with the Creator. MULUC is the Day Sign of the Moon and our Emotions. MULUC is the Sign of Water Everywhere from the Cosmos to our own Tears. Holding the Element of Fire (East), MULUC is a Blessing of Holy Water.

PORTAL DAY: Ether of Spirit
The Peak Energy of Balance is magnified by a portal that thins the veil to all dimensions. At Peak Tone 7 the Offering of our Vision Quest is Seen and Acknowledged by the Creator. A Portal will Magnify the Knowing that we were Seen and Heard by the Creator. We can see beyond the veil so we might know that the Dreams buried in our Heart, too Longed for to Imagine, are the very Dreams the Creator Intends to Come True.  A Portal magnifies our Spiritual Gifts of Knowing for the Discernment of a Divine Truth.

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13 Offering / MULUC – Ascension: Day 13


Greetings Kin,

On Tone 13 we Ascend to Higher Ground. Higher Consciousness changes the way we see things. We can feel a shift of our Identity as we see our Self from a higher perspective.

The Earth/CABAN trecena has led us to see that we are One with Mother Earth in both Spirit and physicality. Every element of Earth holds a meaning and purpose for the Whole. From the micro to the macro, there is evidence of a Divine Design.

Offering/MULUC elevates our Consciousness to Human’s place in the whole of creation. Earth was the Creator’s gift to Human.

Human is the Creator’s Offering to Earth, Given the Divine Consciousness to Know and Marvel at her Beauty and Love. We are the hearts, minds, and spirits through which God could experience the Creation. We were placed in the center of our own universe. Every Human exists in their own Center of the Beauty of Mother Earth. The Beauty of the Creator’s Love is offered equally to every Human. No matter where we are, the Earth calls us to a Response of Love. Earth/CABAN helped us to see that Beauty is the physical manifestation of the Creator’s Love, and made of Earth, so is Human. Human’s Love is Divine by the Free Will to Choose it.

Ascending with a Higher Consciousness of all that is beautiful about Mother Earth, we might recognize more than the physical gifts she offers, and more than the knowledge she shares. The Creator intended us to Know that the Whole of her Beauty and Substance is a living message of “I Love You.”

Earth/CABAN paved the way for a new Human experience of life on Mother Earth. We were guided to see that when we Love Back, we are One in the Light that Earth projects to Infinity. The Number 13 represents the Creator’s Sacred Gift of Communion, and the Promise to Intervene in the Journey to our Divine Destiny of Knowing the Creator’s Love.

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6 Offering / MULUC – Journey of Realization: Day 6 of 13


6 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 6 is a day of Peak Energy that establishes a Rhythm and Pattern of Movement. Compared to the energy of a great athlete in motion, Tone 6 draws upon all the steps we’ve practiced. The way becomes second nature and our movement is transformed, like a Dancer who forgets the steps to perform an Expression of Art.

Offering/MULUC offers us an Atonement with the Creator. Through a Sacred Offering we are made One.

MULUC is the symbol of Water Everywhere from the cosmos to our own Tears. Water is the Element capable to Hold the Ether of Spirit. Water is used for the purpose of Blessings, Baptisms, and Purification. MULUC can bring a healing to our Emotions, also representing the Moon and our Emotions. This symbol of Water holds the Element of Fire. We receive a blessing of Holy Water.

MULUC helps us see that ALL water is Holy. As we are returned to the Earth our Human water is returned to Her. It falls as the rain that flows in the Rivers to the Ocean, where again we are all rejoined as One in Spirit.

The glyph illustrates a single drop of water raised up above the Whole. In the Sacred Ceremony of an Offering we are raised up to be Seen by the Creator. Through Atonement we share the One Divine Mind of Consciousness. We can see our Self as the Creator sees us. As we are returned to the Whole, the Love we receive will send ripples of Love through the Whole.

10-DAY PORTAL, DAY 4: Ether of Spirit
Portal Days magnify our supernatural experiences through a thinning of the veil to the realm of Spirit. We were blessed with a magnification of our Consciousness for the purpose of our Highest Creation, a reality of Happiness, Harmony, and Love. On 6 Offering/MULUC, a Portal magnifies our Oneness with the Creator. A Portal magnifies our experience of entering the Flow of Divine Spirit.

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12 Offering / MULUC – Living On Purpose: Day 12 of 13


12 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 12 brings Flint’s Truth to Understanding. Knowledge is moved from the Head to the Heart. Flint/ETZNAB always Intends for its Truth to be Known.

Offering/MULUC is a symbol of the Moon, our Emotions, and Water everywhere from the Cosmos to our Tears. Water is the Element that holds the Ether of Spirit, and our Emotions are the Language of the Heart. MULUC holds the Power to Effect an Emotional Healing. MULUC is an Offering of the Heart.

An Offering represents an Atonement with the Creator. In the Sacred Ceremony of an Offering we draw our Whole Self into a Purpose of Divine Consciousness. Through an Offering, Human demonstrates Belief in the Creator, and the Intention of Relationship. A Divine Creator wanted us to Know how much Love went into the Creation for Us. The Creator’s Offering was Mother Earth, Unconditional Love, and the Consciousness of Knowing.

The Cherokee Day Sign is The River that collects water from the Rain and carries it back to the Place where all Spirits are One. The River Calls to Let Go and follow the natural course where All Water will Flow by Divine Design. MULUC can guide us to a Holy Purification and a Consecration of our Heart.

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5 Offering / MULUC – A Baptism of Spirit: Day 5 of 13



5 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 is a day of Empowerment. Tone 5 is the force at the center of the cube, the Center of our Divine Being. We’re given the Power to live in the Truth of our Divine Identity to reach Higher Ground on our climb of Spiritual Growth.

Offering/MULUC is the Day Sign of Atonement that draws us into Oneness with the Divine Mind of the Creator. MULUC symbolizes Water everywhere from the cosmos to our own tears. Water holds the Element of Ether. MULUC holds the Element of Fire. This Fire and Water is the Holy Water than is used for Baptisms, Blessings, and Purification.

This is day to Honor and Give thanks for all water, a gift of crystal clear liquid that fills our body, that falls from the sky, and runs through the Rivers following a course that leads back to the Ocean. Our Human water is returned to the Earth when we Ascend to our place as a Star. We leave a Holy trace of the Spirit we held on Earth to Heal and Bless the Whole. Held in all water is the Divine Spirit of all the Grandfathers and Grandmothers that came before. The Maya see the clouds as the presence of the Old Ones looking over us in the sky.

Today we are offered a Baptism of Spirit carried out with Holy Water. MULUC is a sign of the Moon and our Emotions. This Baptism will bring a Healing and Purification to our Heart. Through this Healing we are given the Power to find our new Inner Strength. Through the gift of Atonement, we will see ourselves through the Eyes of God, as Pure and Spotless as the day we were born.

Portal days thin the veil to the dimension of Spirit. Portals magnify our Spiritual Gifts and offer mystical experiences. We’re able to see beyond the Known to Know the Unknown. Today, a Portal magnifies a Baptism, Blessing, and Purification by Love. Today we are offered the Vision to see our Self as a Child of God, the Pure Spirit of our Divine Being.  (The 13-Day Trecena Guide offers additional insight on Portal Days, and why I observe them.)

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