5 Reed / BEN – The Light of the Scion: Day 5 of 13

5 Reed/BEN, (Cherokee, Reed/I’hya), Destiny Kin 213
January 31, 2023, 01/31/2023

5 Reed / BEN

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Tone 5 raises the Intention of Empowerment. Tone 5 represents the center of the cube as a central organizing force that manages resources for application. We’re inspired to gather the tools we need before we begin “the work” of creation. The effect is knowing “we can” complete the end.

Reed/BEN is the guiding light of Family and Home. When we become the leader of a family, we know it’s Time to walk the walk. BEN reflects an expression of Love for the children of the next generation.

BEN reflects the Offering to Pay Forward a Divine Inheritance. Tone 5 represents the Power of Human’s hand in creating the future for humanity.

The glyph illustrates 2 channels of Light that shine down on an altar, Below are the 2 thatched prayer mats for 2 to kneel as One.

Reed is the symbol of the “hollow bone.” To carry out the Intention in the highest way the flesh must be burned away from the bone.  To share any wisdom with the children we have to walk in integrity and admit the truth of our own human limitations. We do more harm than good when we pretend we’re prefect. The advice for Ben is to rule with a “garden hose” and not with a “steel pipe.”

If we expect the children to reach higher ground, we need to honor their wisdom and their power to learn their own way. The most important Truth to share is the blessing of Answered Prayers. Children always try to walk in our shoes. If they see us go to an altar to offer our prayers, they will follow.

The Truth is, the children can teach us a thing or two about Unconditional Love.


The 4th season of the Tzolk’in is a “season of miracles.” Divine Agency has a hand in the Creation from the 8th uinal of Divine Justice, through the 13th uinal of our Ascension of the Tzolk’in round. With a hand from above, we’re capable to conceive the Truth from a higher perspective. We’ve seen the past and we know what needs to change in the present to create the children’s future. We know the children will remember.

Reed/BEN holds position 13, the symbol of our Ascension and the Truth of Answered Prayers. Holding the Element of Fire, Reed can ignite our gifts of Compassionate Love. BEN is the way of every parent who feels for their children, and “walks in their shoes.” We hold a Common thought to offer an Inheritance for their future.

Faith is the most important Offering that carries on. When they know the Truth of Answered Prayers, they will know a way for every challenge they face in life. We can’t control any other Human Being. Faith has to be a personal choice, or it’s not a choice… it’s just another “steel pipe.”

Our own Faith is empowered by our Love for another Human being that is greater than our Love for our self. The best we can do is share our own way, and allow them the freedom to find their own way. When they are grown and parents too, we have to “let go” and Let God.

Our prayers matter. Our Wisdom matters most when we share our limitations and the Truth that there’s a Divine Provision for every one.

On Reed/BEN the Maya take the Time to look in on their neighbors. Love was intended to extend beyond the home to the whole community. Where we lend a helping hand, we learn a higher purpose and the way of Giving Back and Paying Forward. Reed/BEN is about the blessing of knowing we belong.

It seems all the tragedies reported in the news are caused by people who don’t feel seen or acknowledge, or those who never found a place to belong. When we pay forward the Gift of Loving, we always know our life matters and we create places where we belong.

May we demonstrate our Love of the Whole, so we know we belong. May we find new ways to pay it forward to one another, to create the Divine Inheritance that can last the test of Time, no matter what challenges life may bring.

May we admit our limitations, and ask the Creator to show us our best way.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Debra, 9 Eagle/MEN

I’m grateful for friends who have treated me like “family.” My best friends didn’t have to clean the house when I was coming. They let me help with the housework. The best times I’ve ever known were in messy houses that felt like home. Don’t wait until you’re perfect to invite someone in. They might love you even more if you share the truth that you’re Human. You don’t have to be perfect when you let someone know you care, and they belong.


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for daily aspects and events of the Wisdom/CIB trecena.

My gift for the Tzolk’in round is the “Tzolk’in Field Guide: A Daily Practice for Personal Discernment.”
NEW SEASON – VOLUME 2: Tzolk’in Seasons 3 and 4 (PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 20, 2020)
Each volume contains the an overview for the trecena and the Count of Days with the aspects

5 Reed/BEN (Cherokee, Reed/I’hya)

Galactic Tone 5: Empowerment. At the center of the cube we find Five. Five is an intelligent, organizing force which manages communications and materials, knowledge and application. Fives are natural networkers who gather what is needed. These persons can probe directly to the core of any situation making them excellent investigators.

Reed/BEN: Reed persons are the spiritual essence, protectors and guiding light for family and home. They are competent speakers who will take up a cause. Very tough and analytical, Reeds endeaver to bring peace, harmony, and order to all of their relations. Reeds are blessed with great skill at negotiations and consoling which are very often put to the test. Although Reeds need a log of appreciation, many have a marriage or business problems because of inflexible views and high expectations, which erode affinity. The lesson of Reed is to be like a garden hose, not a steel pipe.

Cherokee, Reed I’hya: Symbol-Reed is the Earth, reflection of the Star Chaga of Pollux. Reed made up the Magician Twins who led the journey to bring back to life the daughter of the Sun. The Casket is Gemini.  Energy for Intellectual minds, creation, re-creation, new directions, breaking the ties that bind.  A trailblazer and leader. From the East, direction of success and happiness, no matter what route is taken, always ending up in the Light.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

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