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The Crow Calls

crow xA Crow calls at my balcony and I’m suddenly transported into another world.

If you’re unfamiliar with Crow’s social behavior, they hang in communities that network over an entire region and beyond. It’s this “Crow Network” I find so compelling, combined with another Crow behavior – the ability to either adopt you as friend, or hold a grudge like your worst enemy.

They are considered among the smartest birds and capable enough to recognize your car. As the stories go, if you make Crow your enemy, they signal others that you are a target. By the other turn, if Crow is your friend – other Crows know not to mess with you. You have the full “Crow Endorsement.”

The Crow captured my attention and in a moment I forgot every care, rushing to leave a treat.  He reminded me of the REAL world – the natural world, always there in any moment.

The Crow Endorsement will be a Spirit Tool I can use. When I see a Crow, I’ll remember how connected we all are – in ways beyond our understanding.

in lak’ech

Who knows…

Spirit Tools – 10 Manik/DEER/Hand (Cherokee Deer Ahwu’sdi)

Galactic Tone 10: Manifestation
Manik/Deer/Hand: Spiritual Tools



What were once intentions or ideas, hopes or fears become physically present… that’s 10. Deer upholds the pillars of the 4 directions and brings the power inherent in the number 4, and is capable of pushing away bad influences or negative energies.

What we focus on becomes real. Deer guides us to understand that our focus and intentions are our most valuable Spirit tools. By shifting thoughts from fear to love and promise, we are nurturing the manifestation of things hoped for, versus the unwanted.

When I realize I am focusing on what’s unwanted or dreaded, I can see that I am internally experiencing those outcomes. I have framed a picture of what the unwanted looks and feels like – feeling it as if the unwanted is already happening. So, even if it has not yet happened or NEVER happens on the physical plane, I’ve still added the experience to my history.

We don’t HAVE to do that. We can bring more desirable experiences into our lives in exactly the same manner – by taking the time to examine what the DESIRED looks and feels like – as if the ‘wanted’ has already happened. In this way we can employ our tools of prayer, reflection and gratitude.

Among the most important Spirit tools is to just REMEMBER to apply what we already know. We must face the experiences of the world as they come, but we can change ALL the responses and the experiences that we, ourselves, create.

Deer also helps us to reframe our experiences. What we may see as unwanted still holds the keys of understanding. A dear friend used to say that even bad examples hold valuable information about what NOT to do. What we are open to learn from both our wanted and unwanted experiences are the valuable tools we can choose to carry forward.

Have you manifested new Spirit tools? Look deeply into the revelations of both dark and light and consider how applying this new information can bring you closer to the desired changes in your life.

Just as small adjustments in navigation can right the course to a destination, so can even the smallest of adjustments lead us closer toward our goals. Remember to choose and USE the Spirit tools you’ve been given.