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12 Offering/MULUC – Womb of Re-Creation Day 12


12 Offering/MULUC

12 Offering/MULUC

Greetings Kin,

True understanding can be seen as that moment when head knowledge moves to the heart. It’s a moment when we comprehend the implications of what we have learned to be true. Tone 12 brings us the gift for retrospection. We have a spiritual rear-view mirror that presents us with an accurate reflection. Through a gift of discernment we can experience a “knowing” of what is true.

Muluc symbolizes the Holiness and trans-formative properties that can be held by water.  Just as our Spirit is suspended in the fluid of our body, so can Spirit be held in the presence of all water.  Masaru Emoto is famous for his research that demonstrated that conscious thought was capable to change the molecular structure of water.

Muluc symbolizes water everywhere from the cosmos to our tears. We are made of Holy Water that responds to and is changed by the conscious thoughts we hold. The glyph reminds us that a single drop has the power to carry waves of Spirit out from its center.

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