6 Offering / MULUC – Engaging our Dynamic Potential: Day 6


6 Offering/MULUC

6 Offering/MULUC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 6 is the first Peak Day of the trecena that establishes a Rhythm and Pattern of Movement to complete our climb. This is a day when we would engage our Greatest Effort to create a “Crest” of the Energy wave that will carry us on to a Transformation of Consciousness.

We enter a Sacred Time of a Sacred Trecena, holding our Peak Energy, Magnified by a Portal, and with our Light Multiplied to Abundance. Tomorrow we are Received into a High Place at the top of the pyramid. A Divine Agency awaits our arrival in preparation of a Celebration of our Communion with the Unseen Guidance of Spirit.

Our garments are already laid out for an Initiation of Spirit. Today is the completion of the Growth We Have Carried. Offering/MULUC guides us in the Way of Presenting Our Self into the Hands of the Creator, for our Next Transformation of Consciousness.

PORTAL DAY: This is day 4 of our 10-day journey through a Spiritual Portal that thins the veil to other dimensions. The Portal magnifies our Senses to raise our Consciousness to Divine Support and to our own Dynamic Nature. Offering/MULUC effects an Atonement with the Creator and a Spiritual Purification. MULUC connects a Language of the Heart for a Divine Calling to Be Here Now.

MULUC is a Day Sign of Atonement. MULUC is a symbol of Water, the Element that Embodies the Ether of Spirit. Through an offering of our Self, we can receive Healing and Purification. Star/LAMAT magnified the Truth that we are the Personification of Light. An Offering will be Reciprocated by a Vibration in Perfect Harmony with the Creator.

Muluc symbolizes water everywhere from the cosmos to our tears. We are made of Holy Water that responds to and is changed by the conscious thoughts we hold. The glyph reminds us that a single drop has the power to carry waves of Spirit from its center to the Whole. Muluc is also a symbol of the Moon and our Emotions. This is an important day to Honor and Respect our own Feelings, and the Feelings of others.

From the Center of our Heart we are made One with the Creator. Our Communion is a Language of our Emotions. When we share our Feelings “as a prayer” we are fulfilling the Creator’s Highest Aspiration. We were Born in the Imagination of a Creator for an Intention of Relationship – a Way for the Creator, Creating Creation to Experience Itself. The Divine Dream was a for Human to reflect the Light of Every Experience of Living.

Allowing our Feelings to Be Expressed is an Offering of our Ego. Our Relationship with Divine Spirit is an exchange of Senses of our Heart. Our Hearts share the True Condition of our Life’s Experience. Our own Tears are the Substance of our Most Holy Prayers. Whether they are generated from Joy or Heartbreak, we are sharing the most Intimate of Personal Experiences. This is the Pattern of Movement that prepares us for an Infilling of Spirit.

To all my relations, May we Acknowledge the Holiness of Water Everywhere. The Spirits of our ancestors become One with the Water and Earth. Water Holds our Collective Consciousness. May we offer our Self in the Intention to be One with the Creator, willing to share our authentic Self. May we fulfill the Dream of the Creator by offering ourselves as a Choice of Our Own Free Will. May we open our Hearts to a Sacred Ceremony where we are Humbled to Share every part of our Darkness and our Light. May we re-member our Spiritual Tool of Vigilance so that we are Present in the Moment for a Divine Reciprocation, as the Creator Speaks Back to our Heart.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for daily aspects and events of the Seed/KAN trecena.


6  Offering/MULUC (Cherokee, The River/YUN’WI GUNNAHI’TA)


Galactic Tone 6: Six is responsiveness and the art of negotiation. It is the movement of volume through space that creates time. This energy in action is like the art of dance or a great athlete in motion. Six facilitates dynamic developments in all aspects of life.

Offering/MULUC: Also known as the sign of water. Ceremonially, Maya use water as an offering in baptisms and purifications. These ceremonies are done to bring about a collective strength, adaptability and harmony. In sincere appreciation, Offering people gladly give more than they ask for themselves. Offering persons are dynamic communicators with great intelligence making them excellent employers. Like a shaken vessel of water, Offering people regain equilibrium quickly. Also like a body of water, there may be deep undercurrents of emotion and hidden dangers. Others perceive these as hidden agendas in offering people and so extend them little trust and may even slap blame on them.

Cherokee, The River/YUN’WI GUNNAHI’TA:  The River is symbolized by The Milky Way, the Gihli’Utsun’stanun’yi “Where the Dog Ran” to gather the souls for Heaven.  The River is the minion for Grandfather Moon.  Long Man is the personification of the River stretching from the mountains to the lowlands, speaking to those who can understand.  People of this sign find “sermons in the stones” and good in everything.  These souls march to a different drummer, driven by inner volcanic forces.  The Moon controls our fluid cycle, to clear and understand emotional issues.  When you take this step to clear the emotional body, then you are ready for transformational energies at the next level.  As humans, our actions are ruled by our emotions, the key is to understand the connection and honor the emotions.

[Please see links to Resources of study on the Daykeeper Resources Page.]

Seed/KAN Trecena: Galactic Portal DaysGREEN DAY: Today is Kin 149, the fourth of 10 consecutive “Galactic Activation Portals” that will magnify our experiences. This is a thinning of the veil, that remains open for 10 consecutive days. The trecena of Seed/KAN has the power to bring forward the conscious awareness of the inherent power of Spirit through the 5th Element of Ether.

Visit the Tzolk’in Page for enlarged image of the calendar.

How is your Spiritual path today?

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