1 Flint / ETZNAB – Quest for Truth: Day 1 of 13

1 Flint / ETZNAB


Greetings Kin,

The next 13 days…

We begin again. We Ascended from the Serpent/CHICCHAN trecena, a cycle of “Light,” that inspired a way of Spiritual Movement. We shed the skin of an old state of being that constricted our Spiritual Growth. The Flint/ETZNAB is a trecena of “Darkness.” The Light is turned off for a discernment of Light through personal experience.


The CHICCHAN trecena presented a Portal that connected us to Spirit. 3 Sun/AHAU completes the 6th uinal and the Spiritual Growth phase of the Tzolk’in round. We are empowered by momentum and a new Flow and Pattern of Movement. On 4 Crocodile/IMIX we enter a 20-day cycle of Balancing the Above and the Below.

Flint/ETZNAB will bring the Spark of Intelligence to see what is hidden in our Unconscious Thoughts, and all that is Intentionally Covered Up. Our first trecena of Balancing will be to see All that Is, and All that is Not. Flint/ETZNAB always makes an impression by revealing the unexpected. Flint’s Intention is to sweep the darkness away for a clearing of karma.

The Flint/ETZNAB trecena contains no portals. Truth will be drawn from an experience of Spirit in the material world.


1 Flint/ETZNAB is the Galactic Week of the current Year Bearer, 5 Wind/IK. Energies of Transformation are aligned with a Higher Energy of Transformation by Truth. ETZNAB is in Position 18, reflecting the number 18:18, combining the Kin of the Year and the Kin of the Galactic Week’s Day Sign. The energies of 1 and 8 together are magnified. Number 1 relates to new beginnings, motivation and progress. Number 8 offers the Vibration of Abundance, Self-Confidence, Discernment and personal Achievement.

The same doubling effect will apply to 5 Wind/IK, residing in Position 2 and reflecting 2:2. Master Number 22 relates to the Manifestation of our Highest Ideals and Dreams, as a number of Power and Accomplishment. 5 Wind/IK is a day of Spiritual Empowerment.

Flint is known for leaving a memorable impression. The next 13-days are likely to present a journey of dramatic events as Flint reveals what has been hidden in the shadows or intentionally covered up. What is lurking in our own shadow will be tempted to make an appearance. There’s potential to see the worst of ourselves and the worst in others. This is a day when few things can remain secret or hidden. There is a caution to anyone who hopes to cover up the Truth, for this is the very Truth that Flint reveals.

Flint/ETZNAB’s higher purpose is to bring Healing as a Light to Darkness. We are challenged to meet darkness face-to-face for a Healing by Light. The CHICCHAN trecena raised the Truth of our Spiritual Authority over Darkness. The Flint trecena guides an Application of this Truth. On the 8th Tone, the Holy Day of Divine Justice, CHICCHAN will return with a Transformation of Wisdom of our Power to Overcome Darkness from a first-hand experience.

Flint/ETZNAB closes the 2nd Season of the Tzolk’in, correspondent with the change to Standard Time. In the 7th uinal we reach maturity of growth and the season of reproduction, expansion and abundance begins. The CHICCHAN trecena helped us to shed our old skin, and Flint will purify the Integrity of our Intention for an Ascension of Unconditional Love, 13 Dog/OC.

Today’s Forecast…

Tone 1 is a day of Divine Inspiration. Flint/ETZNAB “beams the Stellar Ray of Truth to Earth as a crystal sword cast down along the path of a lightning flash.” Today we could experience the Freedom of Truth that will inspire a Quest for More Truth. Flint can guide a fact-finding mission as we discover the Healing Truth Brings is worth the Pain of Discovery. 

Sword of Truth: “Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.”

Tone 1 will help us Sense our Oneness with the Creator to reinforce the Belief in our Spiritual Authority. Our fear can be replaced by a new Courage to stand for what we believe. We will begin a journey in darkness, Knowing our Power to Manifest Light. Flint/ETZNAB will make it so, through a Healing and Purification of Light.

Flint/ETZNAB is the 18th Day Sign in the 20-day uinal. The Peak Energy of the 6th uinal establishes a Flow and Rhythm of Movement. Truth will motivate us to complete the Spiritual Climb of this Tzolk’in round.

Today is a day to be turn to Divine Support to watch over us, and to guide the Hand that wields a Sword of Truth to deliver us into wholeness. Vigilance will be our most important tool. We must look deeper into our own illusions to find the Truth. A lot may be learned by keeping a daily journal of the Personal Truths the ETZNAB trecena brings to Light. Flint/ETZNAB paves the way for dynamic change. Once the Truth is Seen it can’t be Unseen. We stand ready to leave our shadow behind through unexpected revelations. We are gathering the Light of our Spiritual Power that will be drawn from Above to our experience Below.

We are called to make a commitment to serve as Spiritual Warriors. To exercise our Authority, we must be impeccable in our own Truth. Flint will reveal all that’s True and all that is Not.  To avoid suffering, accidents, misunderstandings, and gossip, our best approach is to plan on letting our “Yes” be “Yes” and our “No” be “No.” Our clearest statement of Truth could be diminished by the Ego’s need to defend it.

Flint holds the potential for the unexpected. A new climb of Spiritual Growth will challenge our resources to build new Inner Strength.  May we fortify our Self in Truth. “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you. When you walk through fire, you will not be scorched, Nor will the flame burn you.” (Isaiah 43:2)

Flint/ETZNAB is a Day Sign of the North, the direction of the Sacred Ancestors and their wisdom. We will be given an inquiring mind that opens us to receive their Truth. Flint also represents the Element of Air. As a trecena of Healing, this is an important time to Draw upon the Resource of Sacred Breath. Oxygen is a Healing Agent. We can remember to direct our Sacred Breath to the places in our body where we feel the pain.

To all my relations, may we suit up and show up for a Quest of Personal Truth. May we be willing to make a sacrifice for the Truth we Believe. May Divine Agency watch over us, and help us walk in our Integrity. May we also defend the right of others to Discern their own Truth.  May we look forward to the Blessing of Divine Justice that will be returned for Living in the Truth of our Divine Authority.

in lak’ech, I am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle / MEN

The FULL MOON IN TAURUS, November 3-4, 2017, a Super Full Moon forecast for Intense Transformation and Release synchronizes with the energy of Flint/ETZNAB. See Astrology Page  Today is a good day for Sacred Ceremony that releases what we let go to Mother Earth and to Honor the Light that shines in the darkness.


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for daily aspects and events of the Flint/ETZNAB trecena.


1 Flint/ETZNAB (Cherokee, Flint/DAWI’SGALA)

Galactic Tone 1:  Unity. One is the beginning of all things, the first, the whole and the all in one. One’s are assertive and self-guided and give a good push to whatever project they are associated with. One persons work best when meeting a challenge. Do not expect One-persons to be attentive to details or to put the finishing touches on things.

Flint/ETZNAB: Mirror of reality. As a struck flint, these persons are the divine sparks of intelligence. Flint’s innate abilities are utilized to discriminate emotions from fact. Flint persons stand tireless to protect, defend, or cure others by personal sacrifice. By courageously wielding the sword of truth, falsehoods are cut away. Flints, it was said, can receive information on inter-personal troubles or evil plots of others by reflecting in an obsidian mirror. Their valiant service as warriors of the truth must be impeccable or they will experience sufferings of accidents, misunderstandings and gossip.

Cherokee, Flint/DAWI’SGALA: Opener of the Way, a creator, innovator, stretches the mind to outside limits of capabilities. Changes the static to the dynamic.  Brings about change, often through separation and destruction.  Beams the Stellar Ray of Truth to Earth as a crystal sword cast down along the path of a lightning flash. Flint is the transformer that brings things to a head and wipes the slate clean.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, your Day Sign, or just say Hi!


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