Wesak Offering – Kälviä, Finland, May 5, 2023

Greetings Beloved Kin,

I’m grateful to Aatu for sharing the story of a Wesak Offering in Finland. I feel the Love and the Humility in the offering that is a blessing to the heart. Many thanks and much love back to Aatu and his friends for the great service of Love poured out for the whole. Thank you for the time and the thoughtful way you carried it out, for sharing your feelings, insights, signs of synchronicity, and for the blessing to us all in the remembering.

I know the ancestors must be smiling down on all of you with gratitude for the time shared in Spirit.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

love, in lak’ech,

Wesak Offering , Kälviä, in Ostro-Bothnia Finland

Our Wesak offering on behalf of the whole.

Northern Lapwing, Lapwing Vanellus cristatus Bird Print by HC Richter

On weekend I was on my way to a study group, where me and my many colleagues study herbal medicine, in a group of 14 students and a teacher.
It was held in Kälviä, in Ostro-Bothnia Finland, it is a 256 kilometres drive (159 miles) from my home, in to the direction of north.


I had a good drive, and saw cranes, and many Northern Lapwings on the way, and noticed spring is on an earlier stage in north, roughly two weeks late according to local fisherman.

I arrived in Kälviä, in friday, 16:58 of local time, which is UTC +2. Wesak was at 20:34 local time. Since we had our own program and timetable, I did not want to rush, like Debra advised. The Intention was to honor the tradition of sacred ceremony.

I was conscious all time in the universe is One, and thought that I knew the time for Wesak now. I was planning all the time how to do the offering, and waited the moment when we could start doing our offering. I felt that I had a strong guidance all the time, and in prayers I asked, “I know now its the time for tradition, but please excuse us since we have our timetable, we do ceremony on a better time, to more honor the tradition.” Before I went to bed, I had my drinking bottle with birch sap, with a piece of juniper to my room window, and asked for the energies of Wesak moon to energize the birch water. (Birch Water Benefits)

By the way, I ordered my accomodation several weeks advance, and since there was not much room, they had to make a reservation for me in another building than my colleagues. Back then, I asked to change me in the same building and floor as my colleagues, but they said there is just no room. After all the time, things sorted out, because before my traveling to Kälviä, I asked where is the building I am staying, and informed that they had me moved in to same building and same floor as my colleagues on to room number 17. (Debra asked to notice the synchronicities, so the room number 1 + 7 = 8 must be a clear synchronicity.)

It was a nice room, with a beautiful view, a big pine tree, the grass yards, although still not green, but a light brown grass, and a river flowing. Also I arrived the next open car spot in the parking field with a number 133, and number 33 is for me a personal favorite number combination, since it is a number in my name vocals equals 33. Those were the first synchronicities.

Next morning I woke up energized, first in the morning I was still planning how and when can we start to make the Offering. First I was planning a kind of flower bouquet, but then because the spring was still in a early stage, it could not be done, because we had only dry plant medicine with us, and the amount of fresh herbs from the nature was too small. Just the first little nettle’s, and lions tooths was there.

During the day, we studied plant medicine, and we made some herbal treatments, and healing for each other. After lunch, we continued in sauna. Our program was to make footbaths, so there was water, and there was herbs, so this is kind of interesting also, that our program had already including medicinal herbs, and water. I asked our teacher if i could perform the offering after our program, and it was ok.

Earlier, we were 14 students and a teacher, but during the day, our group grew with three more people, a couple of lovers and a new born baby of just five weeks old. We grew in number to eighteen, 1 + 8 = 9 , although it would had been cool if it would have been the eight, but it was already a day of tone 9 on Saturday 6th.

Our ceremony:

I asked, for the Elders, and masters of the ceremony, and informed, that i am doing the ceremony first time, and if I forget something, or do something differently than it was meant to be originally, to please excuse me, and help to do the things for me, that everything is right, correct, and does honor for the ones offering the way of Sacred Ceremony.

And to help me remember.

First we arranged to a circle. I took my blessed birch water, took a sip, and spewed in a middle of the circle, to ” Wake up mother earth, to my time and place”, and a container of water placed on top of the spot. I asked everyone to gather a herb from the nature. (I forgot at this point to inform the way to pick up herb, to choose herb wisely, and give an offer back. So I just thanked, and hope giving back was done. Although we are all pro herbal medicinists, and have also similar ways to honor mother earth, ask permission, and remember to give back to mother earth.)

I picked my own herb earlier, a piece of branch from a Pinus Cembra, a variety of a pine tree. I asked permission, to have a branch, to use in a worthy way. I had a feeling of permission, and saw instantly a bit of resin bulbing out, so i harvested a bit of the resin, to use later for anointing. I picked a branch, with three stems, it felt meaningful, to represent trinity. I offered some of my fingernails, with Love and Respect for Mother Earth and the Tree.

Everyone had the herb in their hands, picked nearby. Then i pronounced the Great Invocation. After that, i said that attenders could give their prayers to the herb, and place it to the container of offering water in the middle. At this point, I also thought about the time of eight minutes, and hoped it took about the eight minutes of time of Divine Justice. Since i did not want to disturb the ceremony by staring at a clock.

After the prayers, I took the container of Holy Offering water, and poured a sip on top of a small statue of a buddha, to symbolize the clearing off karma.

Rest of the Offering, I asked a volunteer from the group, to pour our offering to living flowing water, a river, Kälviänjoki, which translates Kälviä’s river.

Our fresh mother, a mother of the small baby was a instant volunteer. Also a local woman, which was significant I think, since the group was from different locations over Finland.

Together, from the circle, we took our Offering, and walked in a pack, to a near bridge, and poured our blessing to a living water, with visualizing the small but Powerful Body of Holy Water, growing exponentially in the flowing water, in every meter traveling along the river, transforming into a fully grown stream.

In the end I felt very strong energy all the ceremony, I was almost shaking, and unable to speak, and my voice stuttered when i spoke.

After the ceremony, the local fresh mother told me she is familiar with all kinds of ceremonies, but liked this one, since it was different, in a nice way.

In her words, “We stood there together, as an strong individuals, and unlike other ceremonies, felt like everyone was equal, and no one over the value of another”.

It was very nice to hear. One also reminded about the hebrew tradition, of a second chance. Everybody was very thankful!

In the end, i was feeling very thankful, to be able to serve as a hand below, and gave thanks for it in my prayers. In my room, I had a sip of the birch water, and anointment with a Pinus Cembra resin, and a bit willow salve, since I did not have any oil with me.

Later we continued our evening, in a kota, it is a finnish name for a kind of small house with a fireplace. (I found a translation, “Goahti”.) We had food, and fried pancakes on the fire. We drummed and singed, and played our instruments. Shared a few stories. Something that I remember our teacher told, she had a vision of a entity, with horns like a deer, and fur coatings on, coming to say hi.

She was not able to get any message in the vision, and later I asked, but not even in the dream were not revealed more. Maybe message comes later.
Finally i would say, everything went well regarding the Offering Ceremony, later I tried to remember if I forgot something, but only came in to my mind that perhaps i could have also remember to give thanks to Debra for presenting a way for me to do the Offering.

THANK YOU SO MUCH ! I think we were able to achieve many great ripples of unconditional love forward to the whole here. I really enjoyed doing the offering, and it felt very meaningful, and powerful. Rest of the weekend went very well, i think, and we had a good time.

So, here is a story about the weekend, I can’t thank enough, and I did my best, I hope it is enough.

Sincerely, Aatu from Finland

8 Deer/MANIK, Cherokee, Deer/Ahwu’sdi, Destiny Kin 47
May 5, 2023 (05/05/2023)

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