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6 Monkey / CHUEN – New Birth of Light: Day 6 of 13


6 Monkey / CHUEN

Greetings Kin,

On Tone 6 we enter the Peak Energy of the trecena. On Tone 6 we enter the Flow, the Momentum created from a Rhythm and Pattern of Movement. In the 6th hour of Light, late morning, we are engaged in our work in a flow of applying the tools at hand.

Like stuffing a pile of envelopes, we no longer approach it as one-at-a-time effort, but as a process like an assembly line. Tone 6 is related to the performance of a great athlete who knows the steps well enough that the Way become second nature. When we forget the incremental steps, a whole way of movement becomes an Expression of the Intention.

Tone 6 offers the Truth that trial and error is a Divine Way when we keeping trying again, or keep trying something new.  On Tone 6 we can See the Overall Effect IS moving us forward. Every which way we attempt to Express our Love is the Forward Movement of our Spirit.

Monkey/CHUEN is the nahaul of a Divine Creator. The Monkey’s way is represented by its position as Number 11. 11 is the symbol of a Divine Antennae that tunes us in to a Higher Frequency of Thought. Number 11 is the symbol of two Ones standing together, aligned in the same Meaning and Purpose. The Dog and the Monkey are said to hold an Affinity as the two perspectives that are central to a Supreme Creator. One holds the Wisdom of Love, and the other sees Love as reason for Creation.

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12 Monkey / CHUEN – A Walk with a Supreme Creator: Day 12 of 13



12 Monkey / CHUEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 12 presents the Intention of Understanding. A Divine Truth becomes our own Wisdom when it moves from the Head to the Heart. Tone 12 is Human’s Divine Gift of Comprehension.

Number 12 is the symbol of Human, associated with the 12 tribes, the 12 disciples, and the 12 constellations. 12 is the number of Human as a “2 below” that stands by a “1 above.” The energy of 12 evolves by Divine Design to the Ascension of 13. The 2 aligned with 1 becomes the 3 of a Divine Trinity.

Monkey/CHUEN corresponds with Dog/OC as the essence central to the Consciousness of a Supreme Creator. Dog/OC offered Love as the Freedom to Create. Like the Dog celebrates its Life on Mother Earth, the Monkey celebrates its Consciousness. A Monkey is driven by a curiosity just to see what it can do and how things work.

When we Know we will always Belong, that nothing could ever separate us from the Creator’s Love, we’ll Realize the Beauty of our Freedom to Be. Monkey/CHUEN is the Master Artist and the Weaver of Time. The glyph illustrates a Monkey with All Time rolled up on its head. Like the Dog seizes every opportunity for Love, the Monkey seizes ALL Time as a Place to Love Creating.

CHUEN Awakens our Love of Creation. Loving our Self, we’ll choose what we Love to do instead of what we thought we had to do. The Monkey loves to use its Imagination. Holding the Element of Water that suspends the Ether of our Spirit, CHUEN is a Mystical Muse of Creation and an Alchemist at Play.

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5 Monkey / CHUEN – A Mission of Meaning and Purpose: Day 5 of 13


5 Monkey / CHUEN


Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 holds the Intention of Empowerment. Tone 5 is a central organizing force that manages resources for application. Tone 5 guides us to take inventory of Resources. We consider a patter of application – like an assembly line, the most efficient way to keep moving along.

On Tone 5 we are investigators of our ways and means for the purpose of gathering what is needed.

Monkey/CHUEN is a Master investigator of Beauty and Time. The “weaver of time” arranges the threads of our experience into the Beautiful Tapestry of our Life. The glyph illustrates “time rolled up” in the mind of the Monkey.

3 Offering/MULUC and 4 Dog/OC offering a clearing of our Emotions through a Demonstration of Unconditional Love.

CHUEN is Ruled by Curiosity. Monkey/CHUEN is the Master of the Arts that hardly finishes anything. It’s not attached to one creation or another, but in the Experience of Creation. CHUEN encourages us to have a Sense of Humor and to Not take our Self Too Seriously.

CHUEN guides a way of Living to Create Beauty. Monkey/CHUEN celebrates its Resource of Consciousness, like the Dog Celebrates the Experience of Love. Holding the perspective of the Monkey we can be curious about life and Human Behavior.

The Monkey resides in the West, the place of our Unknown Experience. Holding the Element of Water, Monkey reveals the Light in our Heart. The Monkey LOVES the Unknown, imagining the endless possibilities. CHUEN guides us to Time Travel on our journey of Love.

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11 Monkey / CHUEN – Dawn of a New Awakening: Day 11 of 13


11 Monkey / CHUEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 11 holds the Intention of Resolution. Tone 11 intends a clarity of vision to bring the Truth into focus. Tone 11 is the day the shaman climb to the highest altar to make an Offering of Atonement for a Divine Discernment of Truth.

On Tone 10 we were guided to claim a manifestation of Love. On Tone 11 we look beyond the Blessing to Realize the Higher Meaning and Purpose. Tone 11 motivates dynamic action that facilitates change, simplification, and improvement, and assists a New Seed in finding its place in the world. Tone 11 is the Consciousness of having a Divine Reason for Creation.

Monkey/CHUEN is the Day Sign of a Divine Creator. Like the Dog celebrates Life and Love, the Monkey celebrates its Gift of Consciousness. CHUEN is driven by the curiosity to Create. Knowing the Promise of Unconditional Love, a Monkey holds no expectations other than to have a good time and see what it can do. CHUEN is Free to create however it chooses and loves the Play of Creation.

CHUEN is the Weaver of Time and a Master Artist who can rearrange the threads of our experience to reveal Beauty in the Tapestry of our Life. CHUEN doesn’t focus on one experience as more or less beautiful than another, it sees the Whole Picture of the Beauty of Life. CHUEN creates Love for the Beauty of the Masterpiece with all its contrasting colors of dark and light.

CHUEN is the Time Traveler in Human. A very Divine Element of Human’s Design is the ability to re-experience Time in the past, and imagine Time in the future. This Gift of Time allows Human to discover the Dog’s Gifts of Love to be found from ALL Time. Human is the only living creation that can go back and See Love that was never seen before. CHUEN’s talent is a Divine Use of Consciousness. We were created to Manifest the Beauty of Love as our most important Reason to Be. Through the Consciousness of our Powers of Creation, we can create Happiness from the Truth of ALL Time.

Monkey/CHUEN resides in the West, the direction of our Unknown future and the Journey that was given as our Human Destiny. Monkey holds the Wisdom of the Heart through the Element of Water. Monkey is moved by Beauty as it applies the Power of Love to the Discernment of its experience. Given a Heart that Believes in Love, Monkey can only see the Beauty of the Whole as all the experiences of Life are woven together.

CHUEN encourages a Sense of Humor and the Lighter Side of Creation. Monkey/CHUEN isn’t bothered by silly human rules. It’s said that the Monkey never finishes the Masterpieces it starts. It lays down one creation and moves to another when something more beautiful catches its eye. As an alchemist and designer of Beauty, it only makes good sense to the Monkey. Why would you continue working on one thing, when you see something better? Who says we have to finish everything we start? (Only human does that. A Divine Creator didn’t place any conditions on creation.)

The Cherokee Day Sign is the Raccoon, a friendly trickster, like the Monkey. Together they remind us to have a good laugh at the silly things we do. Raccoon laughs at the things we toss in the trash – perfectly good things that could be as good as new when they’re cleaned up with a little water. Knowing their own Gift of Consciousness and the Power to Manifest Beauty, the two together –  in their friendly way, encourage us to USE OUR GIFT OF GOOD SENSE. Creation was meant to be FUN. Through the most Divine Gifts we were given, Love and the Power to Create, surely we have the sense to create something that makes us happy – not only in the end, but throughout the whole process.

The Monkey and the Raccoon can raise our curiosity to see the Reasons why we do the things we do, especially when it doesn’t make any sense. By taking the lighter side, they can trick us into seeing what DOES make Sense, and the Reasons for Creation that will manifest our own Genius of Beauty from the Beginning to the End.

In the Maya lands, the 10th hour of manifestation falls around dinnertime, when family is gathered around the table. Our Inherent human thoughts of Manifestation are to Give Thanks for our Blessings and to Celebrate Together the fruit of our labor. The Inherent thoughts of Resolution follow in the 11th hour… around sunset.

The Elders say that when the Sun moves to the Western horizon it’s Time to Give Thanks for the Day and to let our worries go down with the Setting Sun. In the 11th hour our stomach is full. Human’s work is done. We’re satisfied. At sunset, our thoughts are Divinely turned to the Reasons for Everything. The 11th hour was the Time and Place we were Creating for… the Freedom To Be and imagine a Dream for a new day. We remember what creating is all about… Life, Love, and Happiness for the Whole.

We could turn to the Wisdom of Children to easily see the Truth. The 11th hour is the Time they were living for all day, when everyone was back together again. It’s the finest hour that children wish would never end.

Master Number 1111: Tone 11 and the Position 11 of Monkey/CHUEN reflect the Master Number 11111. Number 1111 is made up of the powerful influences of the number 1, amplified and magnified by four.  Number 1 resonates with the vibrations and attributes of new beginnings and starting afresh, and reminds us that we create our own realities.  Many people associate the repeating 1111 with a ‘wake-up call’, a ‘Code of Activation’ and/or an ‘Awakening Code’, or ‘Code of Consciousness’. Number 1111 can signal an imminent shift of consciousness as a Spiritual Awakening, or epiphany of some kind. 1111 signifies that an energetic gateway has opened that will rapidly manifest your thoughts into reality. 1111 is a signal to hold positive and optimistic beliefs, thoughts, and mindsets to draw abundance and balance into your life.    [more… Sacred Scribes]

11 Monkey/CHUEN can Wake Us Up to the Meaning of Life. Human loves to Create. Without the Discernment of a Divine Reason, we can spend ALL our time creating and working and forget the Reason Why. Without a Divine reason, working for the sake of working, we can manifest an experience of Life that begins and ends as nothing more than a job that leads us in circles and never realizes a Divine end. When we have a Divine Reason to Begin, our Creation will always manifest a Divine Ending of Beauty and Love.

Monkey/CHUEN loves Consciousness and combines ALL its tools for Creation. Monkey creates from a vision of beauty in its imagination. It uses its Intellect to employs its talent  to see the beauty of each thread of life. CHUEN is a naturally born alchemist at play… one who BELIEVES in ALL the POSSIBILITIES OF LOVE, and the FUN of Doing stuff we Love – the way we Dream things could be.

CHUEN holds the Magic to create Beauty, holding Gratitude for ALL Experience. CHUEN has the sense to see the Beauty and Wonder of ALL Possibility. If everything was possible, why would you do things the boring way, if you could make it FUN and EXCITING?

#8 paintbrush re-purposed for Divine Justice 🙂 It’s just a paintbrush, but it reminds me of a Divine Provision for everything.

On days led by Monkey I’m inclined to throw some faerie dust, just because it would be cool if a creation could be manifested in that way. I always wanted a magic wand, so I created one in the last round. I’m not sure how it works yet. So far I’ve only used it to cast some negative thoughts away.

If ANYTHING AT ALL WERE POSSIBLE, how would YOU choose to Create? Human’s mind of reason resists these ideas. Though, a Monkey sees more sense in a magic wand than time spent worrying about the future. We could invest a lot of Useless time on that. Magic wands and faerie dust ARE more powerful than that unconscious exercise of creation. (I’ve had good results from a Bell I ring to send thoughts away.) There is Power in Faith human can see as a tangible experience. We are FREE to Create our own Sacred Ceremonies and magic tools of Creation… ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that could will help Human to REMEMBER. We are FREE TO CREATE when the Reason is Divine Love… in Fact, the Creator made us all different for the experience of seeing our OWN EXPRESSION – what WE would Love.

WHY do we think that Creation should be hard? It’s easy when we have the right Reason. When we are fully engaged by the Reason, we lose our Self in the Time we spend instead of counting hours until the day is done. Every human I’ve known to share their opinion  has agreed that work is more fun when they’re busy. It’s also been said that when you need a volunteer, the best choice is not asking those with lots of free time on their hands. We don’t need a job to be busy. When we have reasons for Love, we’re always busy.

Humans hate waiting and “killing time.” We are Designed to Create. The results just aren’t genius unless it’s something we’re doing for Love. We can Love anything we do when the End is an Expression of Love. We don’t care how long it takes.

After the company picnic and the joy of spending a day with my two youngest grandsons, all I could think about was the experience together that I hoped they’d always remember. I spend hours without any thought of time going over all the photos and figuring a way to create for them a permanent record of the day. Don’t we all get lost in Creations we Love?

Selflessness is said to be a cornerstone of Spiritual Development. Art and Creation are Divine Intentions for Movement. We Lose our Self in the Discernment of Divine Inspiration. Creating engages Pure Spirit and opens a Channel for Divine Communion.

11 Monkey/CHUEN tunes us in to a Higher Vibration to Awaken our Consciousness. Manifesting the Consciousness of Love (10 Dog/OC), the Power of the Love we Experience will Inspire Creations for the Sake of Love. When we try to create without a Divine Reason, we will always feel like we’re just killing time.

The Monkey knows all the secrets to happiness and shares it as Common Sense. All we need to be a Genius at creation is a Meaning and Purpose for Love. Number 11 is a symbol of two 1’s standing together in Unity – a Divine 1 Above and a Divine 1 Below. The Number 1 is the First, the Best, the One of Authority. 11 is the “One and Only” Above and Below.

To all my relations, may we see thoughts of Resolution are a Common, part of our own everyday experience… Inherent thoughts of Human’s Divine Design. Our favorite hour of the day is when dinner is over and the dishes are done. This is the Hour we live for, the Free Time to Be and Love One Another. “Killing Time” becomes beautiful after we’ve taken care of the business of living for another day.

May we acknowledge a Truth that we are starting over. A New Seed is Free to create its own New Way. When we don’t know WHAT we’re doing, a Monkey has the Sense TO ASK A MASTER CREATOR.

May we HEREBY RESOLVE to Love our Self as we are Loved, just as we are… even the silly tricks. May we be the Master Artist of our own Life to manifest a Reason to Love every Creation.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN


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11 Monkey/CHUEN (Cherokee, Raccoon/KVH’LI)

Galactic Tone 11: Resolution; 11 assists every new thing to find its place in the universe in the process of ‘fitting in.’ some modifications must occur. Eleven is the energy of dynamic actions facilitating change, simplification and improvement.

Monkey/CHUEN: Monkey is known to the Maya as the Weaver or Weaver of Time. Monkey takes ideas as threads of vines and weaves them into the fabric of our reality. New patterns or inventions are also woven into our lives by Monkey. Amiable, intelligent, generous and a jack of all trades, Monkey’s innocent curiosity leads to artistic expression and constructive solutions. Many Monkeys become highly respected merchants or speakers. They love performing practical jokes and crave attention, so much so that they may over-act or play the fool to get the spotlight. Monkeys have a short attention span and find it difficult to stay with anything long enough to master it.

Cherokee, Raccoon/KVH’LI: Star Symbol: Algol, a star in Perseus. Restless energy yearning for long-lost love. Algol was named DEMON STAR or MISCHIEVOUS ONE by the Ancients because it winks and fades at times. Raccoon is full of friendly mischief, eager to swap kisses for candy. Magnetic leaders, full of humor and gaiety. Favorite food is corn, the mainstay of the Cherokee. Very artistic while being the “masked bandit” who steals your heart.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

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4 Monkey / CHUEN – A Divine Gift of Ascension: Day 4 of 13


4 Monkey / CHUEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 4 is the Intention of Stability, represented by the cube, the most stable of all forms. Tone 4 establishes the boundaries and parameters that define a foundation for creation. On Tone 4 we discern the “rules of the game” and the objective of Time toward an End.

On Tone 3 an idea that only existed in our Imagination was born into the world Below. A Dream was given a Life in the world that will have a Beginning and an End. The Dream holds the Identity of all the Choices made that will be part of its own Story. We manifest Miracles through a Choice for a Divine Creation of Love.

On Tone 4, like the 4th Hour, we’ve established an Intention to Create and moved on it. Our next inherent thought is the “lay of the land.” When we arrive at work, we survey the task at hand, create the space to do it, and consider what needs to be done.

Our foundation will be guided by the Way of the Monkey. Residing in Affinity of Dog/OC, the Monkey is Conscious of Unconditional Love.

Monkey/CHUEN is the Master Artist  and the Weaver of TIme. The glyph illustrates Time Rolled Up in the Monkey’s mind. CHUEN holds the Conviction of being Healed of its Emotions and Believes in the Truth of Love. CHUEN Loves the Consciousness capable to Experience Love as a very Beautiful Thing.

CHUEN conceives the Tapestry of our Life into a Masterpiece of Beauty. CHUEN is free of emotional attachments and holds the Power of Curiosity. CHUEN celebrates it’s own Gift of Consciousness. Holding Memories of ALL Time, CHUEN helps us see our Life as a Thing of Beauty from its Beginning to its End… and Still and Unfinished Masterpiece.

Mystical experiences are possible on Monkey/CHUEN. CHUEN resides in the West, BELIEVING in all the possibilities that lie in the Unknown. CHUEN sees darkness as a Canvas for Creation. Holding the Element of Water, CHUEN is Conscious of the Ether of Spirit held in Water. A Consciousness of Living Water, dissolves the Consciousness of our Heart and Mind into One Mind for Creation. CHUEN connects the Right and Left, the Above and Below, and the Intellect and Imagination as the All-Around Experience. Monkey/CHUEN attempts to Do what it Sees in its Imagination, using the Power of Intellect and Consciousness. CHUEN establishes the Game to Play Creation.

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3 Monkey / CHUEN – A Divine Atonement: Day 3 of 13


3 Monkey / CHUEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 3 is the first Day of Movement in the 13-day cycle of Creation. We bring Life to a new Vibration of Spirit through an Intention of Creation.

On Tone 2 we Offered our Dreams to the Creator with all our Hopes of Love, and our Fears of limitation. Holding the Wisdom of Divine Will, we Believed in the Creator’s Dream for the new Seed of Divine Consciousness.

We are moved into action by Monkey/CHUEN, the Divine Consciousness of the Creator in us. CHUEN will set the frequency of our vibration, our way of movement from the beginning to the end. Through the Consciousness of CHUEN, we’ll be inspired by all the Love the Dog finds to create our own Beauty of Love.

It’s all a game of Consciousness to the Monkey, who moves from one thing of Beauty to another. Monkey is the Weaver of All Time, who weaves the tapestry of our life into a thing of Beauty.

Dog/OC awakened our Consciousness to the Love in all things. CHUEN opens our eyes to the Beauty of Love. CHUEN believes in the Beauty  everywhere and in all things. With the Gift of Time, CHUEN explores all places of Being, marveling at the dark threads that so perfectly contrast the light. CHUEN has a sense of Humor. Healed of emotional attachments, we’ll follow Monkey’s journey of curiosity.

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9 Monkey / CHUEN – Vision Quest: Day 9 of 13


9 Monkey / CHUEN

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 9 carries the Intention of Patience to see the Bigger Picture. The completion of an understanding is all important to 9. There is said to be great suffering if we don’t look more deeply into our Self.

Monkey/CHUEN resides with Dog/OC at the center of the Tzolk’in representing the Inherent Gifts of a Divine Human Being… the Power to Love and Create.

CHUEN is the Weaver of Time and Master of the Arts who weaves the Threads of our Experience in to the Beautiful Tapestry of Life. CHUEN knows the value of Contrast and Color. Beauty is woven through threads of Dark and Light.

Monkey/CHUEN knows the Magic of Life on Earth as a Laboratory for Divine Dreams and Creations. Monkey offers the example of a Divine Creator who is Moved by Emotions, rather than Ruled by them. The Monkey Knows the Beauty of Love, and that it the most Divine Discovery, the journey would end.

Monkey is said to never finish the Masterpiece it starts. It drops everything when it sees the next shiny thing. The Dog showed us what Love was all about, reveling in the glory of everything. Monkey shows us the Meaning and Purpose of all the journeys from a Divine Perspective Above.

Monkey/CHUEN inspires a Discernment of a Divine Meaning and Purpose. 9 Monkey/CHUEN is one of the few Holy Days that is celebrated on Tone 9. This is the day of Initiation for the Mayan Priestess. Mayan Priestesses were among the guardians at Mayan Sacred Sites who served as an Oracle of Wisdom for those who made a pilgrimage. The ceremony of Initiation marks the Day to Acknowledge our own Divine Discernment and Compassionate Love.

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