6 Reed / BEN – Vision Quest: Day 6


6 Reed / BEN

6 Reed / BEN

Greetings Kin,

6 Reed/BEN is the first Peak Day of this trecena that calls attention to our movements through time. The first 6 days of our Vision Quest journey have been an uphill climb. Having set the course for our direction and knowing our ever-changing nature, Tone 6 finds us free to move beyond who we are in the moment.

The Intention of Tone 6 is to establish a rhythm and pace of movement. Energy shifts from halting steps that required much effort to a steady run, fueled by its own momentum. Reed/BEN offers a foundation where our feet maintain a balance on solid ground.

Reed/BEN illustrates an inner sanctuary of Spirit. The glyph illustrates an altar, and the channel through which Divine Communion is always present and available. We are given a freedom of movement knowing that a Hand of Spirit is extended to catch us, should we stumble. We only need to reach out to draw down Help that is Waiting in the Spiritual plane.

Today is the last day of our Spiritual Climb to our Peak of Balance on Tone 7. We are encouraged that every effort we invest will be matched through a Divine Reciprocity. We see a “finish line” – our Light at the end of a Tunnel that fuels our final investment of effort.

One of the motivational phrases that comes to mind relating to 6 Reed/BEN is the question, “What would you do, if you knew you couldn’t fail?” How fast and far would we run, if we knew we wouldn’t fall down?

Reed/BEN offers a channel through which we can always stay connected. We are anchored to a lifeline of Divine Agency. Through ritual and the sanctuary of our own inner altar, we can evoke the power of supernatural support. Reed positions us for dynamic developments of all kinds.

Reed/BEN asks us to take on this same role for others. Reed is a shining light for home and family, endeavoring to bring peace, harmony, and order to all of their relations. This is a day to put our Spiritual House in order.

To all my relations, may we draw the supernatural support of Divine Spirit through a communion at our inner altar. As we receive the Blessing may we become the channel through which Spirit moves to Bless others. May we see ourselves as Vessels of Holy Spirit empowered with Unlimited Potential, free to move forward without the fear of failure.

In lak’ech, I am another You

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN


6 Reed/BEN (Cherokee, Reed I’hya)

Galactic Tone 6: Six is responsiveness and the art of negotiation. It is the movement of volume through space that creates time. This energy in action is like the art of dance or a great athlete in motion. Six facilitates dynamic developments in all aspects of life.

Reed/BEN: Reed persons are the spiritual essence, protectors and guiding light for family and home. They are competent speakers who will take up a cause. Very tough and analytical, Reeds endeaver to bring peace, harmony, and order to all of their relations. Reeds are blessed with great skill at negotiations and consoling which are very often put to the test. Although Reeds need a log of appreciation, many have a marriage or business problems because of inflexible views and high expectations, which erode affinity. The lesson of Reed is to be like a garden hose, not a steel pipe.

Cherokee, Reed/I’HYA: Symbol-Reed is the Earth, reflection of the Star Chaga of Pollux. Reed made up the Magician Twins who led the journey to bring back to life the daughter of the Sun. The Casket is Gemini.  Energy for Intellectual minds, creation, re-creation, new directions, breaking the ties that bind.  A trailblazer and leader. From the East, direction of success and happiness, no matter what route is taken, always ending up in the Light.

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