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5 Offering / MULUC – Guided from Above: Day 5 of 13




5 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 raises the Intention of Empowerment. Our Common Thought in the 5th Hour of Light is to gather the tools for Creation. We made a choice to create for a meaning and purpose. We are inclined to follow the thought, when we Love the end we Look to See. If it’s a birthday cake for someone we Love, we’re more inclined to make sure we have all the ingredients before we start. The Divine Thought is given by Design to help us to see, “I can.”

Tone 5 raises the Truth of Possibility. Our eyes are opened to the ways and means.

Offering/MULUC guides the Highest Way to know we can. MULUC resides in Position 9. Across the Tzolk’in row, every Destiny Kin number for MULUC ends with 9 in the lower place. The Kin number is raised by 20 with each uinal, the symbol of Sun/AHAU, the all-in-one.

5 Offering/MULUC is Kin 109. The number 9 is a symbol of completion. A creation is “finished” by 9, as everything that can be given from the lower place to know the Higher 1 (10). To know the Higher One, 5 Offering/MULUC guides us to the Whole Investment of our Heart. The Divine Way of the Scion is Giving Back and Paying Forward the Divine Balance of Love.

An Offering to the One is a Sacred Ritual that manifests an Atonement of Heart and Soul with the Creator. When we choose to bring an offering, we are Seeing and Acknowledging the Truth of the Higher One. Drawn by the Heart, it is a Sacred Ritual of Gratitude and Appreciation. In the Light of Humility, we count our blessings to measure the Sacred Exchange for the Balance of our Offering. When we are humble, we see the blessings never end. When we see the Beauty of all that is, we see how little we Remembered, how far we fell short of the Love we can Feel from the Heart of the One.

MULUC opens our Heart to Give Back and Pay Forward. MULUC is a symbol of Water everywhere from the Cosmos to our own tears. It represents the Moon and our Human emotions. Holding the Element of Fire, we see that every Human trial is by the Fire of our Passion. Thoughts from our ego urge their way. We feel the friction as heat within. The glyph illustrates one drop raised up above the whole. When we bring the Creator an Offering we raise our Spirit up to be Seen and Acknowledged, as we See and Acknowledge the One. From Both Sides, it is always Divine to be Seen. When we Know Love that’s REAL, Time ceases to matter in the Moment of Truth. If we know the Feeling of being seen through Human eyes of Love, we will know a Higher Love beyond all compare.

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