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13 Crocodile / IMIX – Ascension: Day 13



13 Crocodile / IMIX

Greetings Kin,

Today we Ascend with the Higher Consciousness of Atonement that was manifested through a Sacred Offering – an Offering of Love that is defined as “Giving Back.” The Jaguar’s gratitude was the light of a path to Believe in the Truth that our Life is a Blessing of Abundance. We will perpetually multiply the creation of Beauty we are Conscious to See. We multiply whatever we choose to see as the truth of our reality.

Truth is always and only our own when it comes to the discernment of our own reality. We’re the only one besides God who ever knows the experiences that were born through our experiences of the world. The only place to Know Thyself, is inside our own circle. For all our Spiritual Gifts, our Self is the Only Human we will ever know until we ascend to the One Divine Consciousness of the Whole. Human’s greatest Offering back to the Creator is TIME. Time was the Creator’s Gift to Know the Power of Love to manifest the Beauty of Life. Beauty ALWAYS lies in the eye of the beholder – who can describe what is beautiful for one, to another who sees beauty as something completely different? Does someone have to be wrong? Can we just choose to be different and create a Life that returns our greatest happiness?

On Tone 13 we Ascend to a Higher Consciousness of Being. 13 is the number of our Magic Connection with the Creator through our Sacred Rituals, Ceremonies, and Prayers. The number 13 is a Divine Covenant of Answered Prayer.

Crocodile/IMIX is the Alpha of Divine Discernment and Compassionate Love, the Divine Feminine. IMIX is always the Dawn of a new Awakening as Human Consciousness that is connected to the “reality” of a perceived experience. Our mind is opened to “wild ideas” and imaginings as the “pure muse” of all creation. IMIX is the Mother of Innovation. Those who CHOOSE IDEAS OF LOVE will be seize the Power of their own Genius.

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13 Wisdom / CIB – Ascension: Day 13



13 Wisdom / CIB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 13 represents a Divine Ascension of Consciousness. Number 13 represents the Promise of Answered Prayers, the power to call upon Divine Agency through our rituals and sacred ceremonies.

The cosmology of the Maya defines the Relationships of ALL Time. The humans that came before hold Light from the Wisdom of their experiences of creation. Their Truth is saved for all time in the Consciousness of the One. The Maya see the words, the songs, the dances, and all the traditions of the Old Ones as a Sacred Thoughts of Consciousness. To hold them and Remember them, to speak the sacred words of Love, offers the Wisdom a place to Live in our own Consciousness. The Wisdom of Love is an eternal inheritance that will uphold our own Wisdom of Experience. We find our Higher Way from the Wisdom of ways that came before.

With Wisdom we can see the Truth of all things. Sometimes the best example is a bad example. Human limitations offer us the vision of something better. Human can use it for comparison to know the Divine Way. The worst examples of human behavior shine the Higher Way. Given a heart that reaches for a higher way, darkness can hold the passion to create the path to Higher Ground.

God has a Divine Provision for everything. Our Greatest burden can be the very Light for someone down the line who Feels the same. The Love we carry on is the Light for someone else to see the possibility. Beyond the range of human vision is the Truth of God’s provision to create a Divine Meaning and purpose out of every experience. When we hold the Wisdom that ALL Time and Experience is Divine, the Key to the Kingdom is conceived in our Heart.

The Owl is the nahaul with the vision to see as far in the darkness as the Eagle can see in the Light. The Owl is the “mystic ferryman” that holds the torch aloft for a journey to a realm of Light. The Light for all to cross to the beauty of the other side is Forgiveness. By Seeing and Forgiving human limitations, human flesh is burned away by the Heat and the Light of Divine Love. The ashes will be left behind as we cross as a beam of Light. The Owl is feared by some as a signal of death. The Owl is the death to an old way and an old consciousness of being. Human death is the Ascension of our Light to the realm of Spirit. Even by Human Nature, when someone crosses the great divide, the tradition of the memorial is the Time at the End to Remember Love that was the story of Life. We mourn the love we never gave in full, dimmed by a human shadow.

13 Wisdom/CIB is a day of Divine Consciousness of the Wisdom of ALL Time. We feel the passion of a student who shows up eager to learn. CIB opens our thoughts to the Wisdom of our ancestors, the Old Ones, and the Ascended Masters who came before. Love is Seeing and Acknowledging one another through the Truth of Love. The proof of our own Divinity is that “just being human” has never been enough to make us happy. The dreams we hold for love, without loving the Whole, create the sound of loud, clanging symbols of human unconsciousness – a cacaphony without a melody. We will hear music, if we listen to the hearts that beat for Love.

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13 Dog / OC – Ascension: Day 13



13 Dog / OC

Greetings Kin,

On Tone 13 we Ascend to a Higher Consciousness. 13 is the Promise of Answered Prayer. Through a Divine Gift of theurgy, Humans were offered a Divine Provision. When we are Moved by Humility to call on a Divine Source through our rituals and sacred ceremonies, we grasp the One Answer that covers every Human limitation. The Creator’s Love is the Feeling that aligns the Truth of ALL Time in Human’s Heart and Mind.

13 Dog/OC resides at the pinnacle of the Tzolk’in climb, side by side with 1 Monkey/CHUEN. Together, they reflect the aspects central to the Omega, and the Divine Aspects of Human Being. Love is the Feeling with the Power to Know and Remember the Truth.

Love is the experience of living that Human Beings never forget. Love holds the Power to accumulate the Wisdom of Experience. Love is the Truth. When we are Feeling Love, our eyes are opened to the Truth. There will be no suffering to bear when we know the Truth of Love Everywhere.

Dog/OC is the nahaul, the essence of One who believes that Life is filled with opportunities to Love. A Dog sets out to experience Love. Through the Consciousness of Love everywhere, the Dog can share the sacred exchange without needing an immediate return. Dog will mark the place as a buried treasure, Love that will be discovered in the future. A Dog knows that ALL living things are Conscious of Love. When Love is held in place, the Truth of Love will remain to be seen.

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13 Earth / CABAN – Ascension: Day 13



13 Earth / CABAN

Greetings Kin,

On the Tone 13 of Ascension we claim our Higher Ground. From a higher view, we see new possibilities. Through every Intention of Creation, we learn a Higher Way. On Tone 13 we are inspired to either try again, or try something new.

Every Ascension builds on our Higher Ground of Truth. 13 is the number of theurgy, God’s promise of Answered Prayers. When we call on the Creator for the Intervention of a Divine Agency through our rituals and ceremonies, the Wisdom of the Masters will Live in our Consciousness. The Power of our Prayers is upheld by those who walked this way, and realized the Whole Truth on the other side. They hold the Divine Answers from the experience of All Time.

13 Earth/CABAN is the guardian of this trecena that upheld the promise of our Ascension from the beginning. Mother Earth is the Source of all Knowledge, and through movement, creates ALL Time on Earth. To See and Acknowledge all the Beauty of The Creation is our Spirit’s Destiny. She is a living illustration of the Creator’s Truth and Love.

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13 Seed / KAN – Ascension: Day 13


13 Seed / KAN


Greetings Kin,

On Tone 13 we Ascend to a Higher Consciousness of Being.  Human’s Divine Road led us to the Wisdom of experience, our own Truth about the Power held within.

All we ever had to believe to expand our world into Unlimited Possibilities was to See and Acknowledge our Own Possibility. When we Consciously see the Truth of OUR possibility, human’s mind of reason will accept the Truth that a Promise for Everyone means that Our Dreams will never be the exception.

13 Seed/KAN reflects the Divine Destiny of Human Beings. We were intended to live side by side in perfect harmony. Corn comes in all the colors that are found within the Human body. The Creation that is manifested by one Seed of Corn can seed a field of Dreams in 3 generations. The Seed multiplies to Abundance the Dreams of the Past, Present, and Future.

KAN symbolizes the “dragon energy” within the Seed. KAN is the Human Spark of Divinity that IS our Consciousness of Knowing. “Dragon energy” is the Higher Vibration that runs along the Earth’s ley lines. Higher Vibration expands human’s capacity of thought and discernment. Higher Vibration expands “the colors of Truth” and power we can see.

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13 Monkey / CHUEN – Ascension: Day 13



13 Monkey / CHUEN

Greetings Kin,

On Tone 13 we Ascend to a Higher State of Consciousness. The Storm/CAUAC trecena offered visual evidence through Light that Our Path is connected to the One Path that leads a Divine Evolution of Consciousness. Our Spirit’s Revival was the Light of an Unbridled Path of Love that we could create for our Self.

13 is the number of theurgy. As a symbol, 13 represents a Trinity below, aligned with a Higher One. A Divine Trinity is created when 2 things are aligned in a Sacred purpose of Love. 3 is created by a value greater than the sum of the 2 parts. 1 Above, placed in the position of higher Authority, is the meaning and purpose reflected by 13. Ascension holds the Consciousness of Answered Prayers.

Storm/CAUAC showed us the circuitry of Divine Power. We are meant to be Draw the Power of Love from Only One Source. The Choice initiates a Perpetual Source that overflows when our Intention is to shine the Light equally all around. A Divine Authority will direct our Light to its most Divine End. We will be held together, because every Light has its place as part of the Whole Light to see Love in Everything.

13 Monkey/CHUEN is a symbol of a Master Artist at creating the Beauty of Love. CHUEN holds the perspective of an “artist’s eye,” observing all the fine details of Light in a very objective way. CHUEN is the weaver of time, depicted as the Monkey with “time rolled up” on its head. CHUEN is the essence of One who is capable to weave the tapestry of our Life into a thing of Beauty. CHUEN’s “heart” lies in it’s Consciousness to See and Know things, approaching life with a sense of curiosity. Believing in Love, next to it’s pal, the Dog, Monkey has the “eye” to see every expression of it. Detached from the emotional perspective of the Human ego, the Monkey finds all the different ways very amusing.

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13 Flint / ETZNAB – Ascension: Day 13



13 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

On Tone 13 we Ascend to a Higher State of Consciousness. 13 completes the 7 days and 6 nights of Creation. 13 is the number of theurgy, the ability to call on Divine Intervention through our prayers, rituals, and sacred ceremonies. There are Important Times and Places, when we are meant to know we are capable of greater things.

Flint/ETZNAB clears the way with a Sword of Truth “along the path of a Lightning Strike.” ETZNAB is also known as Mirror, like the Obsidian Mirror that always holds a perfect reflection of the Truth.

Flint resides in the North, the “up above” of Earth and the “up above” as the Element of Air. The Element of Air is Human’s most common connection. We all draw the Breath of Life and the Breath of Spirit from the same Air that is the Whole of Earth’s atmosphere. Air is the place where all our invisible thoughts of Ether reside without the Matter to hold it down. Like all the “breath that has been breathed” resides together for all time on Earth, so does the Ether of thought hold its place in the Element of Air.

In the North, in thin air, lies the Wisdom of all Ages from all Lives that have been lived before. The  Dream spoken in the Beginning are the thoughts of a Divine Promise that still linger in every breath we take into our Heart and our Mind. The Truth of a Supreme Creator was given an eternal Circle of Life that began with the first Human Being. Passed on from the Consciousness of one generation to the next, our thoughts were given a NAME to remember, so our Life can be carried on through the Whole.

Flint strikes a Spark. ETZNAB delivers Truth like a lightning Spark of Light that’s aimed straight for our Heart. As a Spark of the Divine Truth of Love, our Heart will be magnetized by a Power of Love. Divine Thoughts will be magnetically drawn into the Ether of our Consciousness. The Element of Air holds the thoughts of Love that Change our Mind with Truth that Human can See and Feel when it’s grasped by our Heart.

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