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3 Reed/BEN – Another Eclipse in Time

Thank you to Tammy for sharing the images from her Wesak Offering! 

May we remember the Highest Dreams we held from a Life Before, at the Lunar Eclipse. May we claim the Answer to a prayer we made for the Highest  Watermark of Spirit. Thank you, Tammy, 13 Jaguar/IX!

A Wesak offering to the rivers that run through Oregon.

“I was able to go to a special place on Friday, June 4,  10 Manik  10 AM ceremony included an intention to share in your celebration of Wesak.

A deer ran in front of us, leading  our way to the “spot”  …   : )”

In lak’ech,


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3 Reed / BEN – Dawning of Creation: Day 3 of 13



3 Reed / BEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 3 holds the Intention of Movement. Life is created on Tone 3 by taking a real step toward our Dream, or by disseminating the Truth of our Intention. The 2 Divine Steps as 1 are for the 2 in 1. For Human we take action so we can see progress from the beginning. For our Soul, we reach to the Higher One for the strength to move. I already got it backwards. Our Soul comes first.

We hold a Divine Opportunity to give Life to our Intention on the Tone marked by the symbol of Divine Trinity. Our first movement will strike the Chord of Intention. Every Conscious Choice brings Life to a Creation in Human’s Mind, and manifests a Vibration in the Universe that can be Felt by the One  and the Whole. The note we strike depends on the Beauty of our Intention.

The Deer/MANIK taught us the way of Beauty is Vigilant Consciousness, like the Mayan priest. Today is a very important day to pay attention to the Reasons for our Choices, and the ends we carry out in the direction toward our Dream. It doesn’t have to be a huge step. The Universe is waiting for our command. We’re only trying to push a few atoms suspended in  mid-air in the general direction of our Dream. We’re living for the Life of Spirit that lives beyond the realm of physicality.

Just like a piano, the note we strike at the beginning will carry on to its end. Today Human holds the Will and the Way. Our Choice is equal to the Power of the Higher, and Higher One, as illustrated by the dots. That’s the us, the 2 in 1 in the center.

Reed/BEN is the guiding Light for Family and Home. Ben is the essence of who we become when we are in charge of a family. Our primary interest is the children. In the 3rd Season  of the Tzolk’in, we are growing a family. We can feel it’s Time to walk our walk. We have to change something to find our Peace of Mind and to face the responsibility of Creation.

We can find our Peace in BEN. There are 2 reflections of Ben. The great side of BEN is seen through the eyes of the children, the shoes they reach to fill. The heavy side of BEN is the “steel pipe.” That’s the responsibility conceived by Human’s mind of reason. “We have to teach the children the Truth.” We’re always better off knowing we don’t  know it, but we will. The Reed is a symbol of the “hollow bone.” The flesh has to be burned away for the Light to shine through to the depths of our being. In the 7th uinal we are being changed to the very core. The Fire burns.

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2 Road / EB – Dawning of Creation: Day 2 of 13



2 Road / EB (Human)

Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 raises the Intentions of Duality. Tone 2 presents the choice, “to be, or not to be.” In the Light of a Dream we saw the possibilities to create the world by Choosing the Dog’s Way of Love and Harmony. On Tone 2, we see it from Human’s perspective. With New Inspiration comes a new challenge to imagine our way from the beginning to the end.

It feels better taking our Time to consider who we are and what we would Really Love to do with our Life. Maybe we can’t see the end, but in glimpses of divine possibilities.

In the 1st Hour of Light,  we raise our head from the pillow and see the Light. It’s a New Day and Life can start over again. The Sun brings Hope with every Sunrise. In the 2nd hour, we think about yesterday and the limitations we could Transend today. On Tone 2 we consider a new way. What would we do differently with a chance to start all over again?

We don’t want to fall back into an old life, now that we’ve reached Higher Ground, and we’re just half-way through.

Road/EB is also known  as Human, and represents Human’s Road of Destiny. The Journey through Time is our Common Road. Road/EB is the symbol of the Sacred Road within. There are always 2 on Human’s Road. Every Kin number ends with 2 in the lower place. EB holds position  12, a symbol of Humanity holding the potential to become the 13.

EB is a day to honor the Old Ones and the Ascended Masters, all of Humanity that walked this same Road before. They left the way for us to follow. Today we give thanks for their contribution. Thinking about the Choice for our Life’s Work, we hope that our Life could hold such meaning.

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1 Monkey / CHUEN – Dawning of Creation: Day 1 of 13

1 Monkey / CHUEN


Greetings Kin,

The next 13 days…

Monkey/CHUEN is the nahaul/essence of a Balanced Heart and Mind. Through its Relationship with the Dog/OC, Monkey/CHUEN is heart is captured by the Beauty. CHUEN holds the Eye of the Master Artist and the Mind awakened by the Truth that the Dog was the Creator of Love. Love was created by what the Dog felt, engaging all its Time giving the Joy away.

CHUEN Loves Truth and Wisdom like the Dog Loves Love. The Monkey’s Gift is the Consciousness of Knowing what we know, and the Highest Truth we can apply to Create a Divine Life. We could put the Dog’s Gift to use for the Highest Cause.

Jen, our Daykeeper Kin in Guatemala says that the trecena of  Monkey/CHUEN is a re-creation of the world. Monkey/CHUEN conceives the Highest Truth the Whole Pack of us could know, if we put our mind to it. CHUEN sees nothing more beautiful than the Harmony and Happiness of the Whole.

Living in Guatemala near Lake Atitlan, the K’iche tradition turns the wheel of life in the opposite direction. From the Light of the East, they move North to remember we were born with Divine Wisdom. From the Wisdom of Truth they turn to the Unknown in the West. Applying what they know, the Unknown is a place for the gathering of Light reflected from the Moon and the Stars. They put Wisdom into practice when they reach the South, prepared to create Love that was manifested in the place of the Unknown. This is the “beginning” by the K’iche tradition, their 1st Day of the Round that holds the same meaning and purpose for Time and follows the same Kin numbers.

Between the North and the South, we see that Love is beautiful no matter which way it turns. In the North we learn the Truth of Love from each other first. Love is an experience of physicality (South) that we can’t forget. We fell in Love with the Beauty of Human Relationships first and the Earthly payoff. In the North, the way is fast and hard. in the South it’s hard and fast.

Blue and Red Day Signs represent cycles of Incoming Inspiration. CHUEN resides in the West, the place of the Darkness of the Unknown. We will See the Truth we can apply to manifest our Highest Dreams.  We will apply the Power of Love to Every Day, knowing the more we Give, the sooner Love adds up as the Sum of the Whole.

Uinals are the 20-day cycles of our Highest Intentions for Time, created from Dreams of One holding the Highest possibilities. The Core Days of the 7th Uinal is an opening in Time where we are drawn to see Love’s Purest Light of Faith, Hope, and Charity. At the vortex, we are neither turning left or right, but we are standing upon a Divine State of Mind. The Monkey/CHUEN guides us into the 8th uinal, where we begin the Highest Transformation, drawn by our Expanding Dreams of Love to Truth that was beyond our own Highest Ground. We dream the World we were born to Create. The Monkey knows every Dream of Love is True. The Monkey conceives the Truth that Dreams are Real.

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13 Dog / OC – Ascension: Day 13



13 Dog / OC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 13 marks human’s Ascension to Higher Consciousness. Truth was carried to our Heart. The Truth that was waiting from the  Beginning was the Wisdom of Unconditional Love. The Beauty of Love is revealed through every sacrifice we make on behalf of the whole.

On Tone 13 we arrive at a new Summit of Understanding that is the Truth of Our Experience. With the 2020 vision of hindsight, we see a clear path for the future. We want to try again, or create something knew to Feel the way again.

Dog/OC holds the 10th position in the order of Divine  Archetypes, holding the Place at the Peak of every Round. 13 Dog/OC is the Truth of Love holding its place in our Heart. The Dog’s heart is won with the first bone we throw. Dog/OC Lives to Give Back and Pay Forward, knowing Love was given first by the One Above.

The Truth manifests the “character” of the Dog and all its expressions of Love. The Dog is Faithful and Loyal, said lead our way back to the Stars. The Milky Way was known as “the place the dogs ran.” We claimed a Divine Reason to Love as our Offering to the One. We have Love to Share when we see it in the Overflow.

The Dog’s Way is the Answer to our Prayers, the Life we Live as the Sacred Exchange for the Choice to be the Hero. We create Divine Stories of Life when we are willing to make the sacrifice. We can’s save one from Time that feels like “life or death” without being one Remembered in life and the Divine Offering that made it possible for “life to go on.”

It’s hard for Human to go on when we Love and the Sacred Exchange is buried so deep in another that, for now, we can’t see. The Dog knows that Love never ends. The treasure will always come to Light by Divine Design. The Dog is willing to dig a little or a lot to see it. When the treasure is found, a piece of Love is carried home to share the scent. The Dog is a pack animal. The Elders say that some totems appear to serve a specific time and experience. Though, when you are Loved by the Dog, you will always belong.

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12 Offering / MULUC – The Wisdom of Truth: Day 12 of 13



12 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 12 raises the Intention of Understanding. The Transformation phase of the trecena is guided by the Hand of Divine Agency. Thoughts were turned to the bigger picture to see the Whole Truth, then we let it go, knowing the One holds Truth beyond our Human limitations.

The guiding light of Flint/ETZNAB is the static electricity before a Storm. We are breaking down who we are in the chrysalis of the Butterfly, a place in Time where we are positioned for the Incoming Light of the Universe.

Lightning is brighter and hotter than the surface of the Sun. The Illumination is the Force behind the Light that is given. Before the Storm, electrically charged particles are separated by their own kind. When Positive charges from the surface of the Earth reach toward an electromagnetic attraction Above, the Truth that lies above Uses Every Divine Means and Way to narrow a Light of Truth that each one reached to know in their own way.

Tone 12 raises our Consciousness to the “bigger picture” of Understanding. What Truth are we reaching to know? What will it Prove that we REALLY want to Know?

Flint/ETZNAB uses Time and Truth in synchronicity. The Truth to sweep away our fears of the Unknown, is a Light of the Highest Attraction. We are always drawn by the Truth we Feel we Need to know. ETZNAB is the Sacred Flint Knife that cuts to the Heart of a Matter, and the Mirror of Obsidian where the Truth is seen through our own Reflection. Unexpectedly, we realize we Know.

MULUC offers the Divine Agency of Atonement with the Mind, Heart, and Soul of the one. MULUC is the Consciousness of the “Christ Spirit” – the “Hero” within who offers the Salvation of Forgiveness on behalf of the Whole. Our Heart conquers the Ego when we share the blame and volunteer to share the burden for ALL our limitations on behalf of the Whole. The Harmony of Right Relationship is Illuminated through an intention to Give Back and Pay Forward the blessings we have received as a Very Sacred Exchange. Through an Offering, we can Feel the Truth that we are United by a Divine Reason and Purpose.

The Elders say the offering we bring should reflect the value of the gift we expect to receive. It’s in our Divine Nature to Give Back in equal measure. In every gift exchange we stop to count the blessings of the Relationship. Kneeling in Humility the blessings we count are Multiplied to Abundance. LAMAT shared the Perfect Time to Focus all our Love on the One as the object of our affection. United by Divine Intentions, thoughts of the Ego fell away, and we Forgot the Balance of the Sacred Exchange. Counting our Blessings we realized Love as the Highest Reason To Be.

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11 Star / LAMAT – The Wisdom of Truth: Day 11 of 13



11 Star / LAMAT

Greetings Kin,

Tone 11 holds the Intention of Resolution. Through a gift of clarity, Tone 11 holds dynamic energy that facilitates change. Tone 11 represents a Higher Frequency of thought. On Tone 11 the shaman climbs to the Highest Altar with an Offering.

Truth is the Offering. Kneeling in Humility, we remember our limitations. We reached to know. We remember the One who balances the score. Tone 11 resolves our place in the Universe. In Atonement of Divine Consciousness we know we are Loved as the Creator’s highest “object of affection.”

Star/LAMAT is the symbol of the Scion. The shape that looks like a star on the glyph also represents the hole made in the ground by an implement that’s drawn North/South, East/West. The Seed of Humanity was planted in the Center of Life, given room to grow in all 4 directions.

The Scion shines its Light equally all around, making the Whole the “object of affection.” LAMAT is represented by Venus, related to Human’s cycle in the Time it appears as the Morning and Evening Star. We were created to shine equally in the darkness or the light. Venus is the Divine Timekeeper. When it transits the Sun, all the Mayan calendars are aligned in the perfect synchronicity of Time. LAMAT is a symbol of Instant Manifestation that multiplies the Truth of Love to Abundance.

LAMAT’s totem is the Rabbit, a cauldron of sexuality, reproduction, and the multiplication of Life, the result of focusing all its Love on the “object of affection.” LAMAT is said to be a day of “pure luck.” Wherever we focus Love on an “object of affection, Abundance will be Multiplied.

On 11 LAMAT we can realize we belong to the Whole Creation. It’s Time to Know. If we focus our attention on the Divine Question, the One Above will answer. The Divine Truth will be multiplied to create the experience we won’t forget. This is a day to focus on “what you want” and not “what you don’t want.” It should feel like Common Sense by now, though this is a day for Vigilant Consciousness for the Love that is coming to Light.

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10 Deer / MANIK – The Wisdom of Truth: Day 10 of 13



10 Deer / MANIK

Greetings Kin,

Tone 10 holds the Intention of Manifestation. Our Hopes or Fears become Real when we claim them as the Truth. We can claim the Truth of a worldly illusion, or we can claim the Truth of Love.

Manifestation always presents a challenge. To manifest any creation the Human has to claim the Truth. We were given Time by CIMI and the Divine Provision to Let go To Be. We can’t see the change as long as we’re pushing our limit. It’s when we let go and Live, we can Realize our “challenge” isn’t the same. An old issue feels changed by the way we see it. We can claim the Divine Truth of a Higher Evolution of our self, when we see the New Truth that is operating on its own. In the Whole Picture, we can see what was lost in the details.

Tone 10 presents the Time to claim “what happened?” Now we know. It depends on how we see it. We could claim the chore of Love as an endless duty, when the truth isn’t Here and Now. We reached the limit where all we care about was what we wanted in the beginning. And we can’t see it NOW. The Whole Truth of Love always lies in the future.

Deer/MANIK was waiting with the Ways and the Means to claim the Truth of Higher Love, and Higher Wisdom to apply the Truth of our Divine Possibility. The Deer is a symbol of stability with the legs to plant One in each  of the 4 directions. MANIK upholds the Pillars of Faith as the Day Sign of the Mayan priest. The duty of the Mayan priest was to Count the Days, make the Sacred Offerings on behalf of the Whole, and to observe the rituals and Sacred Ceremonies of Time.

The glyph illustrates MANIK as a Hand grasping a thread of Ether that completes a circuit of Power that Flows from the Hand Above. Hand is another name for MANIK. The circle on the Hand is the Vigilant Eye of the Deer. Vigilant Consciousness is the Deer’s gift to claim the Highest Truth.

The Mayan symbol for 10 reflects the Power of 2 Hands (5), a Hand Above and a Hand Below. When we complete the 9th step, we make Human’s Whole Investment to manifest the One Above. We Know when we’ve applied Time to a Divine Purpose, we were given a Hand in our own creation. Something was making it easier than it was before. Residing in the West, the direction of the Unknown, MANIK shares the Light for the Highest Way, along with the Highest Truth that we can claim for the Reason to go on.

Holding the Element of Water, MANIK can speak to the Heart through a Gift of Harmonic Resonance. MANIK can still the Waters that run deep. The Sound of MANIK’s Truth is sweet music to our Heart and Soul.  The Deer is the kind hearted one that holds a place within where an arrow can simply pass through.

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9 Transformer / CIMI – The Wisdom of Truth: Day 9 of 13



9 Transformer / CIMI

Greetings Kin,

Transformer/CIMI is the Sign of Major Life Change. 

Tone 9 holds the  Intention of Patience to see the Big Picture. The Common thought we share in the 9th hour of Light refers to the Time when “the work” of creation is “finished.” We step back to see our Creation.

Number 9 represents the Holy, Holy, Holy, 3 x 3, the exponential value of 2 Trinities aligned for the same meaning and purpose. Whenever 2 agree as 1, they hold the exponential value of Divine  Correspondence. If we step back, we can see the Cause and Effect. There’s said to be potential suffering to bear, when  we fail to follow the thought. It means another climb for the next chance to learn again.

We create “characters” for every human interaction. The Patience to see a  bigger picture is the most important Truth to Know, holding potential for more Truth that’s still  unknown about our Self. We can save a lot of Time, when we apply More Time to make this a step for every day. Whenever we know the Truth of a Divine Cause, we hold the Power to magnify by Love everything we turn into a rhythm and pattern of thought. In our highest state of Consciousness, the Whole way will be a reflection of the all-in-one through the end of Time.

We only learn a little bit at a time, building on the higher ground with every effort. Each of the 13 uinals, are the steps of Higher Intention we climb every 20 days. It takes Time and many experiences of Life to know how and where our story will end.

Transformer/CIMI is the “lord of the day” that brings a “soft hand” of comfort. CIMI (kee mee) is the sign of the Midwife that never leaves our side. CIMI guides all human transitions that relate to “life and death.”

CIMI reminds us to draw the Sacred Breath. The Element of Air relates to Human’s faculties of thought and consciousness. Oxygen is a Divine Gift that accelerates the Fire burning within. We think better after a few breaths of fresh air. It only takes a few steady breaths to communicate to the body that “everything is okay.” A nurse once advised that adding as few as 5 conscious breaths to take in extra oxygen every day, can add years of life expectancy.

CIMI holds the Gift of Clairvoyance to see the future on our behalf. Chaos is the Sign of Major Life Change. The glyph illustrates the Face of Death to remember that something always dies as something new is born. To create the New we have to break down an existing order. Something has to change. It’s hard to focus on the future when there’s so many scrambled thoughts. CIMI is the Divine Provision of Love that Knows when we need a Divine Provision. The Divine meaning and purpose is for us to know the One Above will have answer for every Time. We can let go.

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8 Serpent / CHICCHAN – The Wisdom of Truth: Day 8 of 13



Greetings Kin,

“Serpent/CHICCHAN lights the fuse that magnifies and explodes the life force itself.”

Tone 8 is the Holy Day of the trecena and the beginning of a Divine Transformation. Tone 8 holds the Intention of Divine Justice, to see the Truth of “pure spirit.”

We reached for the Power of Love learning to stand upright, reaching directly Above to See the Truth. The only way that Human can feel the Truth is by the substance within that leans one way or another. We all lean with Mother Earth. Beyond her Circle that deviates as a centrifugal force of movement, life, pulls us away from the Truth in the Center.  CHICCHAN is the spark of the First Light of the Force of Love that is holding us from flying away. CHICCHAN is the Feathered Serpent, Kulkulkan that shines the Light from the Truth North of the All-around, the Whole Circle of Who we Are.

Serpent/CHICCHAN ignites the Fire within through “lightning in the blood.” Human is a little off-balance, trying to conceive the Truth by what we can See. When we Know the Truth, it’s an Experience we Feel.

8 Serpent/CHICCHAN is observed by sacred ceremony of Fire. CHICCHAN restores a flame that burns in our heart by the Light of Truth. The day is marked as a celebration of Consciousness, and the faculties given by Divine Design to See what we Feel. The Snake “sees” it’s prey by feeling the vibration of its movement through the Earth. The Serpent ignites a Passion to shed our skin, to Feel the Truth of Life and Everything. We are Transformed by the “Truth of Feelings.” When we see, we’ll Feel the Truth and we’ll Know the Design, a Divine way we never imagined that our heart could be called to Love, by the very feelings we rejected for so long.

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