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Identity of Spirit – Debra Malmos

3 Sun/AHAU, Destiny Kin 220
October 30, 2022, 10/30/2022
Haab Year (Northern Count): 11 Deer/MANIK

Greetings Beloved Kin,

The Meaning of Time for today is the Revelation of your Divine Identity… yours to Have and to Hold.

Like the Rose, they are all different and everyone that blooms is a thing of beauty. Step out on the Day of Movement, declaring, seeing, feeling, and HOLDING the Truth to your heart and mind.

Draw a Circle – with YOUR rose inside. It doesn’t matter how it looks. Your Spirit KNOWS what it means.

Add the Truths you KNOW about the Highest Ones, and the Dreams that are being given from above, as they are revealed to you!

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3 Sun / AHAU – The Creator’s Light of Truth: Day 3 of 13

Sunflowers – Watercolor by Debra Malmos 2021 – The Cherokee symbol is The Flower/Gun’tsi, faces that follow the path of the Sun across the sky.

3 Sun/AHAU, Destiny Kin 220
October 30, 2022, 10/30/2022
Haab Year (Northern Count): 11 Deer/MANIK

The Haab reflects an Intention for experience on a planetary scale.

3 Sun / AHAU

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Today is the first day of Movement on a new climb of Transformation, carried out by an Enlightenment of the Truth. We have to reach for the Truth, and nothing but the Truth, to realize our own Spiritual Gifts of Knowing. Without the Truth, our subconscious mind that processes our thoughts is preoccupied, turning in circles to discern experiences that don’t add up to a clear discernment. Those thoughts make it impossible to stand on our own judgement.

Humans are Beings of Duality. From One Truth, we extrapolate a Truth about everything else we know. When we discern Light, we can comprehend everything different or the same. One Truth can change everything we know about everything else. The Truth from the beginning to the end is the only way to know everything that  is and everything that is not.

Our ego and our emotions are the biggest challenge. There’s truth about our self and others that hurt to know. That’s when we unconsciously turn in circles trying to arrive at the Truth we want to see. The Elders say, it takes courage to change, and tracking our own thoughts is the only way to see. When we hold doubts and fears about the Truth, we can see a worldly illusion. The One Truth that covers everything is that a Divine Source of Light and Consciousness offers the Truth to lead us to the end of our Highest Hopes and Aspirations. When we Know the Source of the Highest Power is Unconditional Love, we comprehend that whatever the Truth may be, it’s worth knowing for an end that created the Beginning. Time was created for us to see “how it happened.”

We are naturally engaged by stories of the Hero who conquers every battle to save the day. We all like happy endings. Whatever is Common for the whole reveals an aspect of our Divine Design. We don’t have to be convinced to feel that way. Knowing Thyself is not about figuring out what’s wrong or right with us. We’re empowered when we know the ways we all have in common, and our own power to apply our resource of Consciousness to matters that can lead us to an Abundant Life, Light, and Happiness. We are a witness to every experience. We only see what matters to us, but every detail is recorded. That’s why when we finally See a Truth that matters, we turn back and remember all the times “we knew it” before. You know you’ve discerned the Truth when all the pieces add-up, just the same.  The circling thoughts change to a spiral when our unconscious mind holds an answer and we’re free to move on to greater things we want to know. Who doesn’t want to know the mysteries of Life, Love, Happiness, and the way to manifest every dream? It’s not hard to see it’s a Dream that every Human holds in Common.

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9 Sun / AHAU – Road to Destiny: Day 9 of 13

Aurora Corona, Taken by Wil Cheung on September 27, 2022 Source: Spaceweather.com 10/10/2022

October 10, 2022, 10/10/2022
9 Sun/AHAU (uh ‘how), Destiny Kin 100, Position 20 (0)

Greetings Beloved Kin,

This is a Day to Honor the “Old Ones” and the Supreme Lord of Creation. Tone 9 is the Intention to step back with patience to see the big picture. 9 is the Symbol of a Divine Trinity times 3 (3 x 3 x 3).  Through an investment of Human Will, aligned with the Spirit within Human creates a Trinity. AHAU is the Omega, the all-in-one is the 2nd Divine Trinity. When the Trinity below and a Divine Trinity Above are Atoned as One, together we complete the  Creation of Scion. AHAU is the Day Sign of Humanity’s Destiny Kin (4 Sun/AHAU, Kin 160).

Sun/AHAU is the Light for a personal Revelation. This round falls in sync with the Jewish tradition of the Sukkot, 7 days spent in make-shift shelters under the stars. (Sukkot began on Sunday Evening, 10/09/2022 and lasts until Sunday Evening, 10/16/2022.) The Tradition remembers those who came out of bondage in Egypt and left their homes behind. They were saved, but now they faced an unknown future.

Isn’t that how life goes? We were grasped by the Heart of Sky on Storm/CAUAC to receive a Renewal and Regeneration of our Spirit. Justice marked the Day on Tone 8, the Mayan number of “pure spirit.” The tradition of Sukkot is to Celebrate what God has done and to stand on the Truth that we’ve been saved for a Divine Purpose and, even in the wilderness, God will provide.


I realize today I was building a shelter. I fastened screen/tarp along both sides  of the metal awning in the back. The plan was to block some wind and snow. Now, it feels like the perfect place to retreat for evening prayers. Tonight 10/9/2022 (4:54:54 PM Eastern Time USA) is also the Full Moon in Aries, the 1st House that represents the Consciousness of Identity. Aries is conjunct Chiron, the symbol of the “wounded healer” and Savior. There is a Grand Trine of Air Signs. Saturn is a symbol of a “Once Highest One,” a taskmaster that we could compare to the God of the Old Testament. The Grand Trine connects Saturn, the Sun and Venus, conjunct together, and Pisces the Twins (2).  That’s a lot of Heavenly Signs. Astrologer, Molly McCord offers the whole picture. (YouTube) The alignment is forecast as Time for something about our self to be revealed, and it may be more than we want to know. By the Heavenly Signs, everything will be okay, though we may have to face our self in the Mirror. I can hardly believe I was stringing up a shelter today. It was a major project, but good for the time outside. Did you spend a day outside? Or, spend any time gathering provisions?

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Forgiveness is the Key to the Kingdom

Through forgiveness we hold the peace to follow the Highest Way.

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Signs Heralding the Equinox


AN EXPLOSION OF AURORAS OVER NORWAY: Last night in Tromsø, Norway, there was an explosion of auroras so intense “it made my guests scream and laugh at the same time,” says aurora tour guide Markus Varik. “We had no idea the night would turn out like this!”

Indeed, that’s exactly what’s happening. The northern autumnal equinox is only 3 days away and, as all Arctic sky watchers know, auroras love equinoxes.

Researchers call it the “Russell-McPherron effect.” During the weeks around equinoxes, cracks form in Earth’s magnetic field. Even a slight gust of solar wind can slip through to spark a light show–no geomagnetic storm required.

DATE/TIME FOR 2022: The fall equinox arrives on Thursday, September 22, 2022, at 9:04 P.M. EDT in the Northern Hemisphere. The equinox occurs at the same moment worldwide.  

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2 Sun / AHAU – A Regeneration of Spirit: Day 2 of 13

El Castillo, the Calendar Pyramid in Chichen Itza

September 20, 2022 (09/20/2022)

2 Sun / AHAU


2 Sun/AHAU, Destiny Kin 80
Originally Published: 08/01/2020

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Tone 2 holds the Intention of Duality. We began in Unity with a Divine Consciousness Above. Every Galactic Week of 13 days begins a Divine Communion. On Tone 1 we received the incoming Light, like Lightning, for the Prayers of Intention that will be Answered in the End.  We were given a Divine Inspiration from Above. Tone 2 reflects our Human Response.

2 is a symbol of Human as a Being of Duality. Our mind works like a Divine computer through a binary process. First we See the Light of Truth (Lights on). Then it becomes the Wisdom of our Own through the application of an Experience below (Lights off). Through the Truth of Answered Prayer, our Heart and Mind can conceive the Truth that we can Hold as Common Sense.

Our discernment automatically starts with the Truth of our last Experience. Without Vigilant Consciousness our mind will apply whatever Human believes is the Truth in the moment. Like an optical illusion, we see what we expect to see. Consciousness is a Gift of TIME. With every new addition of Truth and Wisdom, we add a new variable for Divine Discernment. Through consciousness we can train our thoughts to the end of Directing them by our Own Power of Choice. We don’t really choose thoughts that are automatically applied by the subconscious mind. Without an Intention from the beginning, we are more likely to just “go along.” Even when we don’t know a Higher Truth yet, the more possibilities we see, the less likely we are to make a snap judgement. Just knowing there is another perspective, can make a way – giving us pause to think more than once to know the Divine Truth.

On Tone 2, we go back and forth making comparisons of duality about a Divine Possibility. Our body of Consciousness is separated from the Whole to See Our Self. We long to be rejoined with the Whole, and seek our Way to a Divine Resolution that will draw us back into Unity with the Whole. On Tone 2 we operate from the Mind of Human Reason. We might compare our Self and our means to create the end to someone else. Tone 2 can be a polarizing experience as seeing the extremes on both ends of the scale. Through all our back and forth thoughts on Tone 2, a Divine Consciousness Above is listening to the True Condition of our Heart and Mind. Beyond the thoughts of our Hopes and Fears, we express what we need to Know is the Truth. God Knows our Time and Place and the Truth we are reaching to Know.

Sun/AHAU is the Brightest Sign of Life, Love, and Happiness. All our encounters with the Sun illuminate a Truth of Identity. Just like astrology, when the Sun enters our Sign on our birthday month, we are offered a New Revelation of our New Identity, and how far we’ve traveled toward the Dreams in our Heart. Sun/AHAU shares a Divine Illumination, a Revelation of a Light within. AHAU is the Supreme Creator, the Master of Time and the Universe. “The divine face of the sun – lord, musician, singer, dancer, and marksman. Suns are artistic, heroic athletes, visionaries with wise judgment who lead and defend the people.” Remembering we are Divinely Guided by the Intentions of a Supreme Creator, we know we Can and God Will.

Every 20-day uinal shares the all-in-one Wisdom of the Highest One. We are given 20 Divine Perspectives applied to a Divine Intention of our Transformation. Sun’s position 20 symbolizes a total investment Below into a Power Above. There are 2 investments of 9, the Wisdom of Seeing the Bigger Picture, Above and Below. The 4th uinal manifests the Pillars of Faith for our Truth to stand. Following the Mission of the Deer, the Mayan priest that dedicates itself to a path that leads to an altar, there will be 1 foot firmly planted in each of the 4 directions. The Divine Truth makes Sense for every application. 

Ian Xel Lungold (12 Sun/AHAU) defined the Divine Way to establish the stability for this cycle – “Count your lessons as Blessings, and your enemies as Angels.” All things lead us toward our Divine Ending. We are guided by Ian’s words to seek a perspective of Balance. Some lessons are easier to learn from the darkness, and all Truth will end in the Light. Our “enemies” need our Highest Prayers for Salvation, and our darkest days are swept away by the Truth of Answered Prayers. The 4th Uinal draws our thoughts into Unity by the Truth of our Ascension.

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Mother Earth – The Final Authority for Beauty in the World

Mother Earth knows everything about Life and Beauty on the planet, and she knows our Heart’s Desire!

This is a quick update on what she taught me so far today.

I’ve seen bushes like this around the neighborhood and wished I knew what they were. They have been about the only flowering thing during this Summer’s heatwave in Kansas. They bloom a little later in the season, and at least I can enjoy the one in the neighbor’s backyard.

This was my first real try for planting a garden and some beauty around my new place. It didn’t look like the ornamental grass was going to make it, but has put down some roots that should hold on through the winter. I had a vision of hot pink cone flowers and blue flowering bushes, and a blue hibiscus on the front corner. Here’s the progress on my effort.

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1 Sun / AHAU – Walking in the Light

Greetings Beloved Kin,

I couldn’t let a whole day of Sun’s light go by without sharing the opportunity.

The pyramid points to all the Lights Above, and we are walking with the Old Ones and the Highest One through the Lion’s Gate!

Honor the Old Ones who are always waiting to be Remembered. They will share their Wisdom and they KNOW the “hard roads” of all the Time that came before. Remember it’s good to “know nothing.” That’s exactly the Time and Place where we are open to learn something we can’t imagine. Go outside and receive the blessing – the photons from the Central Sun of our galaxy!

ASK TO RECEIVE IT IN THE HIGHEST WAY ON  BEHALF OF THE WHOLE. It only takes One Candle to overcome the Darkness.

love, in lak’ech, Debra


888Hz 88Hz 8Hz Abundance Pyramid | Gate to Wealth & Prosperity Endorphin Release Meditation Music

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1 Sun / AHAU – Walking in the Light: Day 1 of 13


Happy Supermoon in Aquarius! May you be blessed for a new beginning walking with the Sun!
I worked overtime yesterday and thought I was taking a late nap, only it was a long sleep.
Hope you are rested up too for a new journey!

Life will be grand with the Supreme Lord of Creation by our side. I’ll look ahead to the important dates in Time and post an update after work!

much love, in lak’ech, Debra

The journals BEFORE, After:

Published: March 9, 2021 (03/09/2021)
1 Sun/AHAU, Destiny Kin 40 

1 Sun / AHAU

Greetings Kin,

The Next 13-Days…

Sun/AHAU is the Supreme Creator, the Master of Light and Lord of Time. Every climb begins from the Higher Ground of the Truth we gathered before. The Mayan priest, Deer/MANIK, showed us the way to Know we’re standing on Holy Ground. We’ll always see a Higher Truth when we kneel at an altar, looking up from the place we are. We’re kneeling where the Light will break.

We saw a Power of Truth that shines for us. It was the Offering from Above, the way to manifest our Dream of Happiness in Harmony with the Whole. We know we’re carrying out an Act of God, when the sacrifice is a Choice to Give Back and Pay Forward what was already given. Salvation is already ours from the Highest One who never saw a fault.

We don’t have to be “better” anymore. Our Heart was claimed by the Heart of Sky, the bolt of CAUAC’s Lightning that Reached Down from Above. We met in the middle, where our little streamer of Faith could be claimed as “One the Same” thing.

Giving is not part of Human Nature, until we know our basic needs are covered. Held by the Light, reaching for Our Love. No shadow could cast a veil over the Beauty we will Remember, knowing our Spark is Loved as a little piece of the Creator’s Heart and Soul. We could be the Master’s dog, if we wanted to be, and it would be just as divine to hear the call. Being Faithful and Loyal is easier to imagine, following the Dog/OC of Unconditional Love.

Cycle of Darkness (Yellow Day Sign)
We have to climb through the darkness to claim OUR Truth by the Wisdom of Experience. It’s Our Truth that’s different, because we’re in a different Time and Place. The Eagle taught us to fly by Intuition, leaning in to the Wind,  the “truth that is.” of the Light. We have to apply Truth we accepted for a Leap of Faith to know whether our Own Truth can stand.  The Intention is to see how Truth plays out in the Unknown, holding Faith to Believe.

The 3rd Uinal
1 Sun/AHAU completes the 2nd uinal of the Tzolk’in. In the harvest cycle of the 260-day Tzolk’in round, we are completing our germination. We made our way through the darkness underground. In the 3rd Uinal of 20-days, we reach the Light. Number 3 holds an Intention of Movement. The 2nd uinal, like the 2nd Tone, marks a Human experience of Duality. We were the Seed working our way through the darkness to reach the Truth of Light Above. All our effort was invested in the Human Will “to be or not to be” Divine Human Beings. We saw the dark and the light of the Whole. We were guided to see the Truth of the way things are in the beginning, so we will know the Truth of the Light in the end. The 3rd uinal initiates Movement that brings a new Divine Intention to Life, and a New Revelation of a Divine Power Above.

Holy Day: 8 Deer/MANIK
On the Peak Tone 8 of “pure spirit” our Transformation begins as a Divine Initiation. 8 Deer/MANIK is the Holy Day observed as a celebration for the Mayan priest, and the Day of Initiation for those who Choose to follow. 8 Deer/MANIK is the first Holy Initiation of the Tzolk’in round. A Guiding Light will consecrate the path we’ve chosen as Our Way. We were all given the Freedom to Believe in our own way. Love is “One the Same.” A Divine Creator consecrates the Dedicated Path of the Deer with Holy Water to be a Path of Beauty that will be the Gift of Harmonic Resonance – a Light that others will Feel in Sympathy.

Guardian of Ascension
13 Road/EB marks our Ascension. 13 always means the Answer to a prayer. Road/EB is Human, the Aztec call Grass. The Road leads us to the Truth that we can be trampled, and held down for a time, but the Grass will always Rise again. Our Destiny will be knowing we will Rise to the Occasion of our Own New Beginning.

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13 Sun / AHAU – The 13 Steps of Creation (as 6 nights and 7 days)


Ian Xel Lungold – teaching from the Tun calendar, the 360 day count of the all-around Mystery of the Universe. This was a lesson that inspired me to learn more. (Source and fundamental details of his Divine Understanding)

I honor Ian Xel Lungold for the Inspiration of his Understanding of the Truth about the Mayan calendars. If you’ve never listened to him speak, MayanMajix.com is the first place to turn to watch his presentations on the Tun calendar of Mayan Prophecy, the 360 count that is the complete circle of the Truth of Human’s evolution of Understanding everything we know.

Ian’s calculator at MayanMajix.com is also my favorite place to go to calculate the Mayan date for the meaning of the date he discerned before. The link takes you to today’s Destiny Kin. At the bottom, if you click through to find your birth date, at the bottom of that page, you’ll see where you can enter any day you want to know. Ian’s writings about the Tone Numbers is also among his articles on MayanMajix.com. 

You can calculate the Long Count to see more from the Smithsonian’s resource, “Living MayaTime”. (Their resource also includes the Haab Date, and the dates of every count up to the 144,000-day count of the baktun.) At CasaKin.org Miguel Angel Vergara shares the Truth from the perspective of a living-practicing Mayan priest who served as caretaker of the Chichen Itza complex, the place of the Calendar Pyramid, El Castillo. He even offers a video tour of Chichen Itza, if you ever wanted to see it and don’t have the means to go. He shares all his truth from the heart.

Thank you, Ian, for being such a shining example from Above as One with the Whole Legion of Light. I’m grateful your wisdom is shared within my body of consciousness to help understand the Truth of Time.

[If you want to know more about Ian, reach his biography, and his last living statement. You’ll see he was climbing Jacob’s Ladder, as a fallen angel, too.]

MY LIMITED UNDERSTANDING ON THE NUMBERS OF THE TONES: An orderly way to manifest EVERY dream you can imagine

(This is Not for everyone – just for those who really want to know, while we’re still in the year of 2nd chances (2022), and in the Haab year of higher intentions, led by Intention 11 (Master Number 11), and the perspective of Deer/MANIK (the symbol of the Mayan priest, dedicated to the purpose on behalf of the whole. I promise, that step by step, understanding is easier than it looks, when it boils down to Truth you already know. The steps are already written within.)

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