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Light of Life, Love, and Happiness

God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost,

On behalf of the whole, I kneel to your Divine Light that reigns upon Earth your Offering of Life, Love, and Happiness. I gift thanks that you are forever there shining your light. Bless all the Hands that reach to Know and Understand your Power and Authority, that our Love may multiply to spread your Light all around, As Above, So Below.

We count the blessings and they never end.


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12 Earth / CABAN – A Transition of Life and Death: Day 12 of 13

September 17, 2022 (09/17/2022)
12 Earth/CABAN, Destiny Kin 77

12 Earth / CABAN

Greetings Beloved Kin,

CABAN leads every Divine Migration – when we can “Sense the Future.” It’s easy when we SEE the Seasons of our own Life. We WILL bloom in Spring and Beauty will Spring forth with a New Love of Life. K’inich AHAU, the brightest Light of the Sun, sends a “first light” for beginning. We can expect a Light of Forgiveness and Hope to send it’s Beam of Love.

Tone 12 raises the Intention of Understanding. Number 12 is a symbol of Human, marked by the Gifts of Consciousness and Comprehension. When the 2 in the lower place is Resolved by 1 Divine Intention, we Ascend as the 13 to know the Truth of  Answered Prayers. Knowing requires the Consciousness to Ask, and the Wisdom to Feel the Answer within.

Earth/CABAN symbolizes Mother Earth as the Source of everything that Human knows. She is the Beauty and the Inspiration for every Human creation. She is Movement that Creates Time.

Human shares the same Power to Move to Create Time in the Future. Days led by CABAN shares the Light of Being and the Truth that our Intentions create an experience in the future. The whole world moves by the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. We can’t move without changing something in the future. What we change is our Choice to Create.

The glyph illustrates the faculties of Divine Discernment. The straight line that begins in the East is Human’s first thought of linear reason, the discernment of our “objective consciousness.” In the Light of Divine Inspiration our first thought is to discern “what it is.” That thought leads to our imagination. We imagine what the Dream could be and our own Power to carry it out. This is Human’s limit without the Faith to Believe. The rising circles represents the thoughts of Divine Possibility. They will carry us to the Higher Truth Above. We have to make the leap of Faith from Human’s mind to the Truth on the “other side.” Mother Earth moves in Balance with the Truth Above, and the Truth Below. She is the Divine Feminine with the Heart that Discerns the Highest Truth of Time.

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Space Weather: Incoming Light from the Sun

SpaceWeather: Forecast for September 17, 2022

Signs are given for the future. We can never know the minute or the hour.

K’inich Ahau – Flicker

K’inich AHAU, is the name by Yucatec tradition of the Sun’s Face at the center of the Aztec calendar. K’inich Ahau is the Brightest Light of the Sun. The Light breaks at the Beginning of every new cycle to proclaim a Divine Resolution, the Truth that Shall Be.


CO-ROTATING INTERACTION REGION: NOAA forecasters say that a CIR (co-rotating interaction region) could hit Earth’s magnetic field on Sept. 17th. CIRs are transition zones between slow- and fast-moving solar wind streams. Solar wind plasma piles up in these regions, producing shock-like structures that can mimic CMEs and spark bright Arctic auroras. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text.

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Spiritual Warfare: Love Is Worth the Sacrifice of the Heart

A Savior offered the means and the way. Love is worth the Sacrifice of releasing our own pain and sorrow. Only the One who can heal the hearts of the whole is the “Spirit of Christ,” willing to walk in silence to Calvary. The Light of the Sun purifies the Living water within. 

Spiritual warfare is “the Divine work” of letting go for the Time it takes for the Highest One to bring the Whole Truth to Light.

Divine Father, How long must we bear our own sorrow, before the Truth is brought to the Light? For every step we must take to carry on, we give thanks that you are the Highest Redeemer. May we give thanks that You are the only one with the Divine Authority and the Power to Know the way to an Unknown Future on the other side.

May we sacrifice our Heart to the One that fights the battle. Knowing your Love is worth the sacrifice. You are our only Hope and the Redeemer to end the suffering of the Lamb. Give us the inner wisdom and courage to Let it Be.

Your Highest Truth shall be on Earth as it is in Heaven.


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11 Wisdom / CIB – A Transition of Life and Death: Day 11 of 13

September 16, 2022 (09/16/2022)
11 Wisdom/CIB, Destiny Kin 76

Master Number 11:11
Every Tone 11 for the Haab Year, 11 Deer/MANIK (by Northern count) reflects the Wake-up Call to a Higher Consciousness of the Truth. 11:11 is also referred to as a Code of Activation. There is a Higher Purpose for the Truth we claimed to manifest a Dream we Love in the future. The Truth magnifies a Divine Reason from Above.

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10 Eagle / MEN – A Transition of Life and Death: Day 10 of 13

September 15, 2022 (09/15/2022)
10 Eagle/MEN, Destiny Kin 75

10 Eagle / MEN

Dear Beloved Kin,

Tone 10 reflects the Intention of Manifestation. Yesterday, Tone 9 held the potential to see the Creation was “finished.” If we had the Patience to stand back to see the whole picture, we were offered the Insight to See the Truth of the Cause and Effect. To claim the Divine Truth we needed to acknowledge that the Dream for Manifestation was Inspired by the Heart of Sky.

Dreams of Love weren’t born from Human’s mind of reason. Our Human Nature isn’t inclined to give without a reason to claim something we wanted for our self. Unconditional Love is a creation of our Divine Nature that gives back and pays forward, simply to the end of Right Relationship. The Sacred Exchange is a Divine Cause that will always manifest the Divine Effect.

Manifestation is the challenge of creation. We have to claim “the work” is finished and let it go. Creation is manifested by the One that shared the Dream from the beginning. God’s end will always be higher than our own, an end that satisfies the Heart.

Eagle/MEN holds the Element of Water that flows through the Heart. When we think we have to keep working on Love, we give away a piece of our identity to claim the prize. Love that’s true offers the sense of equilibrium to know, we can be Loved just the way we are. We don’t have to change to please another. To manifest the dream we have to “let go, and let God” lead the journey all the way.

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A Transition of Life and Death

”Heavenly call’ The Powerful Sound of the Shofar with Scriptures | Sonido del Shofar

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9 Jaguar / IX – A Transition of Life and Death: Day 9 of 13

A Jaguar, a Black Cat, imposed on the “Year of the Tiger” by Debra Malmos AKA Merrill Leonard

September 14, 2022 (09/14/2022)
9 Jaguar/IX (eesh), Destiny Kin 74

The Journal Before, for After…
Published: April 12, 2021

9 Jaguar / IX

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 9 raises the Intention of Patience to see the Bigger Picture. There is said to be suffering to bare for lack of insight if we fail to take this important step. There is always something more to know. Tone 9 represents the Truth of Divine Discernment.

The Number 9 symbolizes the Whole Investment of Consciousness and Faith that manifests the Higher One (10). We reached Higher Ground. We saw the Truth of Higher Power.

Without Patience we’re likely to claim the Power as our own. By Human Nature we’re stuck on the Creations we want to see in the material world for the Whole Truth. We Felt the Truth and Human wants to See the Reason we Believe.

We are guided by CIMI through the Chaos of a Major Life Change. CIMI guides the way to find our Comfort, Remembering the future that we KNOW is the Truth. We don’t have to reach  any farther than that to believe. CIMI is the Divine Comforter with the “soft hand” to tend our tears and remind us to take the Sacred Breath.

Everything that looks and feels so unfamiliar is the proof that we are all changing. We’re all coping in our own ways that are different than they were before. We tend to over-compensate or under-compensate with every major change. It depends on whether we are going with the change or resisting the change – defending a right not to change. WE ALL NEED A LITTLE TIME.

The Manifestation of Divine Justice, guided by the Year Bearer of the Haab, 10 Wind/IK, won’t happen all at once. All cycles of Transformation reach their Peak in the center of Time. The Peak of the Haab will fall 6 months from the New Year (03/31/2021) around October 1, 2021 (12 CIMI). 12 Transformer/CIMI falls in the Ascending 13th uinal of this Tzolk’in round, the Days that guide us to the Highest Light of Who we Are and a Higher Dream of Life to carry on.

In 2022, the Year Bearer on the Haab calendar’s “vague-year” count is 11 Deer/MANIK. 11 reflects the Intention of Resolution. By tradition, Tone 11 is the day when the Mayan priest climbs to the Highest Altar. 11 is a Divine Resolution of Higher Truth. Deer/MANIK is the day sign of the Mayan priest. The correspondence between the number and the day sign, magnify the experience. We are raised throughout 2022 to a Higher Perspective of a Divine Communion with the One Above. 11 Deer/MANIK is a symbol of one who follows a dedicated path. The Mayan priest is not a “preacher,” but one who counts the days and carries out the rituals and sacred ceremonies on behalf of the whole. MANIK leads that intention for a Higher Consciousness of Divine Agency in our life, until the Next Haab New Year (03/31/2023 – by Northern count.)

Jaguar/IX is the Day Sign of Spirit, the pure Intention of Light that sends its Love from the shadows. The Jaguar’s footprints lead to the temples and sacred sites where Human kneels to the One. The Jaguar always appears when it’s Time to follow the footprints toward the East, to the Light of Divine Inspiration. The Jaguar has the heightened Sense to Be Invisible. IX is the symbol of the Divine Feminine, the aspects of Discernment and Compassionate Love. The Divine Masculine is the Sun’s Light that shares the pure Light of Inspiration. The Divine Feminine conceives the Highest Ends of Love as the Meaning and Purpose for the Creation.

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Physical Symptoms of Major Transformation

Unresolved: Major Transformation

Symptoms of Spiritual Transformation on a Major Scale

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Spiritual Transformation on a Major Scale doesn’t happen overnight. I was finally able to make sense of the experience that is being compounded by the approach of the Fall Equinox. Through a dedicated practice of tracking thoughts and feelings, it’s easier to see. There is a beginning and an end to the chaos of change.

A few years ago I noticed that times of physical crisis were events that corresponded with a Solstice or an Equinox. It only makes sense when our system is making the adjustment to a new season. I feel like I’m in excellent health. During a time of the Winter Solstice I had a major event of pain in the body. It started out feeling like I’d eaten something that didn’t agree with me, but grew into one of those sleepless nights where you wonder if you need to make a trip to the emergency room. I have an aversion to medicine. Old cures and holistic methods feel safer to me. I was treating this event with hot tea and baking soda and water. It was 48 hour before I could tell it was turning around. This doesn’t happen at the change of every season. If I’m lucky, only once per year. 

The Tzolk’in calendar is in sync with major changes this year. As One Body of the Whole, MANY are being affected by the major changes in the world. It only makes sense that we are suffering in empathy with the whole. My current experience was something completely different that I wanted to share in case you are experiencing the same.

Sleep patterns have been affected and last night I had a very unrestful night of strange dreams. Realities of people, places, and things were upside down and torn apart. Doors were taped on to the walls and falling away. People were the exact opposites of ways they always appeared to be. Overall, it was an experience of searching for safety and solid ground. When I wake from an experience like that, I go straight to the altar. This morning I went straight for the Healing HZ Frequencies. They have been one of the most helpful Spiritual Tools for restoring balance. Only this morning, they were all striking a discordant tone. The Great Bell Chant was the only one that turned me around. 

No experience is Time that can’t serve a Divine Purpose. This morning it was try, try, and try again. That IS a rhythm and pattern of movement that will create the Momentum of Spirit. I only feel stronger for it, in spite of lingering symptoms on a lower scale. All I ever have to see is the evidence of turning the corner to find peace in the moment and know “everything is going to be okay.” 

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Earth Angels and Everyday Miracles

Woman saves man’s life after pulling him from crash

By Alex Cash, FOX23 News, 7 hours ago (Local News, SE Kansas)

Amber Gastel

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. — A woman who saved a man’s life after she pulled him from a fiery car crash in Bartlesville said she was only doing “what you’re supposed to do.”

The crash happened Sunday morning and police said what the woman did was heroic.

Amber Gastel said she didn’t think, she just sprung into action.

“That’s what you’re supposed to do …..I didn’t hesitate,” Gastel said.

Just before 11 a.m. on Sunday morning (09/11/2022), near Price Road and Highway 75, four vehicles crashed and two of them caught on fire.

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