In my 70th Year, I deserve to have my say for the Sake of Truth and Love.

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN


8 Wind / IK – Vision of the Future: Day 8 of 13



8 Wind / IK

Greetings Kin,

Tone 8 is the Day of Divine Justice, the Creator’s Highest Intention and the Number of “pure spirit.” The Transformation of our final Ascension begins in a cycle of “Light” – an Illumination of Divine Truth. Wind/IK represents the Promise Spoken that Brought the Creation to Life. Every Life was born free of debts. Through Forgiveness we will know we are returned to purity through the Offering of Unconditional Love. When we Forgive, no human matter can veil the Divine Truth Above.

Wind/IK can blow away the ashes of our past to Conceive the Truth that Salvation is ours in the Choice to Forgive. We can bear the full mantel of Faith when we know the Divine Truth. We can walk in Beauty, wearing the Sandals of Peace – willing to carry the burden of “injustice” on to its Divine Truth at the end. It won’t matter when we hold the Truth of the Light as our own Creation.

Wind/IK is the Breath for the dissemination of Divine Dreams. The mightier the Wind blows in our Life, the more we are turned to Remember the Truth of a Divine Provision. In our Ascending cycle we feel a Divine Push of Wind on course, beyond Human power to turn around. Dreams are in the Air. We’re caught in the Divine Momentum of Spirits being drawn to the Heart of Sky.

The Elders say we are the Beloved as the Ones who Chose to Know, Willing to Feel the Truth. Wisdom is born through the sacrifice of our Ego. Truth was intended to be an “object of our affection” to see ends that are Divine.

Every Transformation begins from the Higher Ground of our last Ascension. We were guided by Wind/IK through the last trecena to know a New Breath of Life would be shared with a Higher Seed of our Self. On the Tone 8 of Divine Justice, we are changed by a Vision of what the Divine Creator’s Will – WILL BE.

Wind/IK is the Creator’s Voice spoken with the Wind. The “T” portals carved in stone, magnified the Sound and focused the eyes in a Divine Direction. “Te” is the Sacred Word the Maya honor as the Sound of the Creator’s first Breath. The “T” is the Sacred Tree of Life.

We’ve come a long way and made 12 climbs to the threshold of Truth we knew before. In the 13th uinal we’re ascending into the Reality of the Dream that’s True. An imperishable Truth of Answered Prayers will be the Spark for a New Seed to carry on. The Creator’s Breath will bring the Dream to Life in the Seed’s perfect Time and Place.

Wind/IK is represented as the god Huracan, the archetype of a Creator who holds the Last Word. “Truth” is written in the roots of the words, “Alpha” and “Omega.” Wind/IK is the Power and Authority for Truth to be Known from the beginning, just as its is always known in the end.

The Light is WAITING FOR US at the end. The Time and Place can never be known, for a State of Mind that could sweep through at any moment. The Divine Truth of Love always sets us FREE from matters that weigh on our Heart. We were Created with One Last Hope.

Wind/IK holds the Power to Disseminate a Divine Idea. Our Ascension is guided as an Intervention of Divine Agency. 13 is the “crashing of a wave” of Time. The water is under the bridge for the Divine Justice already in motion.

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7 Crocodile / IMIX – Vision of the Future: Day 7 of 13



7 Crocodile / IMIX

Greetings Kin,

7 Crocodile/IMIX is the Dawn of a New Awakening. In the Ascending Cycle of the Tzolk’in round, from the top of the pyramid we can see “all that is” and “all that is not” as ALL the Possibilities on Mother Earth. Tone 7 is the Peak Tone of Balance, holding the Intention of the Perfect Reflection of Harmony and Equity, “As Above, So Below.”

A New Light Dawns that the Love we Reach to know is held Above forever, balanced in every realm as Possibility. We only needed the Faith to Believe, to leap beyond every Human limitation. The  Eagle/MEN trecena is offering the Vision to see a Divine End that lies within our grasp, Truth that’s Higher than we’ve known before.

Crocodile/IMIX is a symbol of the Divine Feminine, the Primordial Mother with claws, fiercely protective of her children. Sun/AHAU offered the Truth of all possibility. The Crocodile will tear away anything that would stand in the way of a Divine Dream. The Divine Feminine holds Discernment of Compassionate Love… that FEELS the Truth of another heart.

IMIX is always a day of “wild ideas” and imagining. It comes with the caution to apply the Wisdom of Good Sense and Reason. We’ve grown the Wisdom of Maturity to see that a “wild idea” is only a “wild idea” until we find a Divine Reason for the Dream to be. Just because “we can” doesn’t mean it’s the Divine thing to do. Now we See a New Light and an Old Way that will always uphold the Test of Time… turning to the Light of Truth that HUMAN CAN SEE.

The  Eagle/MEN trecena carries us into the Highest Realm where we can SEE the Truth of Answered Prayers. It may only be a speck, but the Truth will shine so bright for all our hopes and dreams that a speck is all we NEED to see. In the 13th uinal, we behold the Dream of our own Creation – a Truth we held the Faith to believe. In the 13th Hour we cross the threshold, back into the realm where all our Dreams are born, where anything is “possible.” In the 13th uinal, we see what was possible to manifest from a Seed of Faith that a Power of Love could carry us on.

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6 Sun / AHAU – Vision of the Future: Day 6 of 13



6 Sun / AHAU

Greetings Kin,

Tone 6 holds the Intention of Flow. Tone 6 shares the Peak Energy of Momentum, manifested by a Rhythm and Pattern of Movement. The more we keep turning back to a Truth of Divine Possibility, the more it becomes second nature. Tone 6 represents our inherent thoughts of creation in the 6th hour of light. We put a system in place so the work can flow. When we do, we see a higher end.

Tone 6 engages the force of a “great athlete.” When we see a greater possibility than we expected, we totally invest our self to see just how far we can go. Movement becomes an Expression and the Art of a Dream.

Sun/AHAU is the Lord of Time. AHAU is the Guardian of every uinal that “completes” a Higher Intention. 13 AHAU is the Guardian of the Tzolk’in round, promising a Divine Illumination as the Answer to a Prayer for the Life of the Whole. AHAU connects us to the Light and  Wisdom of ALL Time – the  Consciousness of a Divine Creator,  and the Wisdom of Humanity, aligned as a  Trinity Above.

6 Sun/AHAU guides us to the Truth that Time is meant to Flow, like Water under the bridge. One moment is here, never to be seen in exactly the same way again. Yet it’s all One and the Same Design of expanding Consciousness, seen from an unlimited number of different Times and Places. The Flow will carry us to our Divine End,

Sun/AHAU always brings a Revelation about our Self. The Sun is our Brightest Sign in the Sky of the possibilities of Life, Love, and Happiness to Grow.

A Higher Intention of Understanding is completed by 6 Sun/AHAU. The 12 is the symbol of Humanity and the Intention of Understanding. Sun/AHAU “holds” the Element of Earth, relating to tangible experience and the Truth we know through our Relationships with one another and the Natural World. Disassociated pieces and parts of our experience come together to for a new and functioning whole. Today Truth is take to heart like Common Sense.

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5 Storm / CAUAC – Vision of the Future: Day 5 of 13



5 Storm / CAUAC

Greetings Kin,

On 5 Storm/CAUAC we know we’ve seen the Truth. Like a Flash of Lightning we saw Truth in the shadows. A more important Reason to Love grabbed our Heart. The Eagle/MEN trecena is raising our Faith in a Divine Future.

Tone 5 holds the  Intention of Empowerment. Tone 5 is compared to a Force of Intelligence at the Center of the cube. Like the “ground control” for Creation, managing resources of Truth for their Divine Application. On Tone 5 we naturally take inventory of the Ways and the Means. On the Great Migration of our Spirit, there is a Time for thinking about all the Truth we know, and how one Truth or another can overcome one fear or another.

We are learning how an Eagle leans into the Wind. A New Seed will know the Way to the Light.

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4 Flint / ETZNAB – Vision of the Future: Day 4 of 13



4 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

ETZNAB “beams the Stellar Ray of Truth to Earth as a crystal sword cast down along the path of a lightning flash.”

Tone 4 holds the Intention of Stability. Like the cube, the value of the space is defined by the boundaries and parameters. We are creating a State of Mind where Love can grow. We can stabilize the Truth we intend to stand as the pillars for our Dream by creating boundaries of thoughts. With an application of Consciousness, we can choose the thoughts we will follow, like “rules of the game.”

We can move thoughts to the Truth of our own Divine Genius, if that’s the Dream to know our Power of Creation. To manifest ANY creation, we only have to Love it enough to make it the “object of our affection.” With Wisdom we will Remember that Human Loves the Dream more with every investment of the Heart. Every time we Remember the thoughts we will follow, we invest a little more Human Will into the creation. Through the 13 steps of creation, we can create a Dream of Divine Value on behalf of the Whole. By the time we reach the end, the Light will shine like a beacon with our name on it for all the Love that was invested in the Faith to Believe.

Sharing the thoughts of an Eagle, we’ll know we have too much heart in the game to fly away. We paid the price through our “blood, sweat, and tears” every time we had to turn our thoughts away from the “injustice.” We have to sacrifice a little bit of our Ego to stop staring into the darkness, and turn around to see the Light. It’s a hard life. 🙂

Our Heart knows the Truth of a Divine Possibility. It’s an Unseen Truth we’re always willing to hold as our Highest Hope. There’s no sense or reason from a Human perspective, yet we ALL hold that one last Hope for a Miracle. All we have to do to see a Miracle is look for it. A Miracle of Life is all around us. If we wanted to believe in  Unseen Powers of Supernatural Possibility, we can stop and think about the Seed. Human produces the Seed, though every Seed is a Miracle of Divine Design. The magic is held within. The living thing that created it, shared the Wisdom of Experience without leaving a fingerprint. We are born in Integrity, the Sovereign Owners of a Life. The more Love we invest, the more Life will matter along the way… for the Light that grows at the end.

ETZNAB is a nahaul of the Absolute Truth, Truth we would follow and invest our Life to defend. The Obsidian Mirror is the tool of divination that reveals the Truth as a Reflection. Like a lightning strike, ETZNAB delivers truth that is hidden or covered up. Flint’s Truth is Unexpected, yet in the Reflection, the Truth is EVERYTHING we Expected it to be. ETZNAB shares the Truth of our own Gifts of Telepathy. ETZNAB is also known as the Mirror. Just TRY to shade the Truth to someone born Flint, and you’ll see the Truth of your deception written on their face. ETZNAB offers a Reflection of Truths we hold, Unseen.

Residing in North, ETZNAB shares the Wisdom of our Truth, worthy to stand as the Pillars for Faith in our Dream. When we KNOW we can Believe in our own Truth, we are Free to manifest the Creation of Unconditional Love. With the Truth of a Life of Sovereign Authority, we’ll claim the Birthright of the Scion. The purpose of ETZNAB’s Truth is to sweep the shadows away to create a clear path to the Light.

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3 Earth / CABAN – Vision of the Future: Day 3 of 13



3 Earth / CABAN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 3 holds the Intention for Movement to manifest a New Life. The first movement toward an Intention of Creation begins the Life of a Dream. A New Sound is created in the Universe through our dissemination of the idea, or a first step we take. In the Unseen realm of Consciousness, our Spirit is moved by the Intentions of thought. Choosing what we intend to create, manifests the Truth we will be looking to find.

The Tone and Frequency of a new vibration is created by the Intention, the Reason behind it. It’s a Divine Gift to be able to FEEL the Truth of Intentions. We can FEEL it when Human words spoken don’t ring true. It always leaves a question, and the sense of something unseen, missing, or off-balance.

For all the backward ways that a Human Being can express Love. Love is an Intention we will always know is True when we See it. We have to choose what we will see to look for it. When we look for Love, we will always find the Spark that’s the Truth.

Earth/CABAN shares the way of Divine Discernment. CABAN is the Divine Feminine archetype of Mother Earth. She holds an Element of Fire in her heart, a cauldron of Love with the Power to change Life from one form to another. Our Being of physicality was created from her and resembles her, given the same Divine Forces held in the Earth of our own body. The Seed of a Dream can be planted within, and it will grow like any other seed, when we cultivate the thoughts and state of mind as the field where it will grow. The harvest at the end depends on the Seeds we choose to make the “object of our affection.”

CABAN symbolizes the Movement of Mother Earth, magnifying the forces for Movement. The Aztec sign is the Ollin, which simply means Movement. CABAN is a clarion call to Move, like a great migration of Spirit. In the 12th uinal we are guided by a Divine Agency. Through a Miracle of Divine Intervention, we will BE MOVED to MOVE.

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2 Wisdom / CIB – Vision of the Future: Day 2 of 13



2 Wisdom / CIB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 holds an Intention of Duality and the Choice for Creation. Number 2 represents the body of our own Human Consciousness, the Sum of the Whole Wisdom of our experience. On Tone 2 attention is turned to our own Sense of Reality. We’re separated from the 1 to make our own Discernment for a Dream “to be, or not to be.”

We were inspired by the Eagle who knows that the Dream it sees in the Future always lies within its grasp. On Tone 2 we look to see what Truth lies within. We learned the Truth of Manifestation along the way. We have to claim the Truth for it to hold a Real Influence in our Life. The only way to claim it is to Feel the Truth. The only way to Feel the Truth is through a Human experience. If we look, there’s at least One Common Truth upon which we could all agree. It takes Time.

Wisdom/CIB connects us to the Wisdom of the Ages, a Light for the Past, Present, and Future. CIB reflects the Human mind in its Highest State of Consciousness, emanating the rays of Light, Love, and Forgiveness. Residing in the South, CIB upholds the Intention of Right Relationship with one another and with the Natural World. CIB’s Element of Earth relates to the Truth that feels tangible, and Human’s Inherent desire to Know the Unknown and See the Unseen. CIB shares the Wisdom that Forgiveness is the Key to the Kingdom of Heaven in Earth.

CIB raises our Consciousness to the Wisdom of Humanity, passed down through the Circle of Life. CIB is a Day to Honor the Ascended Masters who came before. They manifested the Truth through a Human investment of “blood, sweat, and tears.” In the 12th uinal, we are drawn by Divine Agency to our Highest Comprehension of the Human sacrifices that were made to Remember we are ALL the Light of the One and a Spark of the Whole that came before and will follow after. We are separated by physicality, but united in Spirit as all the Divine Possibilities of the One.

CIB shares the Wisdom to see when our Time and Place don’t reflect the Light of Love, we’re just seeing things from another perspective around the circle, where worldly matter is veiling the Light. The Truth worthy to die is a discernment of darkness that was only a moving shadow.

The Elders say that to Achieve Spiritual Growth, we must have the courage to look within. CIB holds the Truth of the archeological treasures that lie in our past. Every path looks up to One Divine Master that walked in Beauty all the way. Except for the One Spark, the Sum of the Whole, started from the beginning on the “hard road of life.” There will always be darkness that lies behind and light that shines ahead. The totem Owl is the nahaul of Wisdom/CIB, one with the eyes of an  Eagle in the front and back of its head.

We are being moved toward the Ascension of a New Dream on the Wings of an Eagle. Through a Vision Above, we can see the future for a New Seed. When we forgive a Life we lived before we knew, it can rest in peace as a thing of Beauty. Our inheritance is the Highest Hope that came before. Today we honor the climbs we didn’t have to make by following the Highest Wisdom left behind as the Sum of the Whole.

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1 Eagle / MEN – Vision of the Future: Day 1 of 13


1 Eagle / MEN

Greetings Kin,

The Next 13 days…

We Ascended from the Wind/IK trecena with the Dream of Humanity, and the Divine Truth we were given Time to Look for to Find in the Heart of EVERY Human Being. When all the matters of physicality, the Beautiful Truth is the Light that shines within. We were created for unlimited possibilities. The most Beautiful is the Possibility of Love.

Eagle/MEN is the Intermediary that shares a Gift of Divine Vision and the Wings to see the Truth, on Earth from the closest proximity to the Creator. The Eagle Feels the Truth of Divine Guidance in the Wind.  The Eagle flies by Intuition, leaning in to the Divine Truth and Knowing it’s the way to go. Up Above, the Eagle sees no obstacles on the path to its destination. It’s a direct flight.

The Eagle lies in the West, leading a way into our Unknown Future. Holding the Living water of Spirit, the Eagle feels a way like a river in the sky. The Eagle knows that for every Leap of Faith toward the Divine Truth of Love, a Wind of Divine Truth will catch it’s wings to lead a way. The Power shared by the Eagle is believing in the Small Speck of Truth that it CAN see, to know a Divine Blessing beyond imagination is waiting within its grasp. All we have to do to follow the Eagle’s way is to lean into the Truth.

We were given a new set of eyes to find our way. Believing in Truth that’s Unseen and training our eyes on the Love that is hidden in the shadows, just a speck will look like a blinding light. The Eagle is a nahaul of success as one who can see the End of a Dream in the future.

The Eagle guides a journey of Divine Inspiration. The Truth will be shared from Above. The Eagle/MEN trecena will share the Truth for another Leap of Faith. The Eagle will inspire the Truth for our Highest Understanding. The Eagle guides a way of the Highest Hopes and the Highest Aspirations. With the Eagle’s eye, a Speck is all we need to see of the Divine Beauty, a Truth that shines brighter and grows more beautiful all the way.

The Eagle’s journey will carry us into the Light of our Highest Ascension of Truth. The 12th uinal completes a Divine Understanding that every Human Being is intended to know as the Meaning of Life. On 6 Sun/AHAU we will take the Truth to Heart. When we create Love we become One in a Divine Vibration that flows through everything. We will Feel how Love Flows when a Human Heart chooses to go along. Our final Ascension of the Tzolk’in round is completed in the 13th uinal. All the seeds of a Divine Harvest have been gathered, and we are choosing the most beautiful Seed for Love to multiply in the future. We will see the Whole Divine Truth of the Light that’s held within, that will guide a way as our Highest Dream of Love.

The Truth of the Creator’s promise is Spoken through the Wind. On the Holy Day of 8 Wind/IK (January 10, 2021) a Truth with the Power of the god Huracan will carry a Divine Truth to heart. Through a Power of Love, all our doubts and fears can be blown away as the matters of an old life. On 8 Wind/IK one Life will be given for another, as the Seed is given the Creator’s Next Breath of Life and Breath of Spirit. The Seed will be the Light of our Divine Future, born Free of the past.

We will be carried by the Wings of Spirit to the Ascension of 13 Deer/MANIK. In the first Season of the Tzolk’in, the way of the Deer was given to represent Human’s Divine Mission in Life. MANIK is the Day Sign of the Mayan priest, dedicated to a path of Vigilant Consciousness. MANIK wears a path to an altar where prayers are offered on behalf of the whole. The Deer’s Offering is to hold the Highest Hopes and Dreams in the REAL Truth, what every Human Seed is to be. On a Direct Flight to the Creator’s vision for our Life, we’ll pass the ends of Human dreams on the way. We’ll be carried on into the Unknown Beauty of a Dream as it is FINISHED by a Divine Hand from Above.

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13 Jaguar / IX – Ascension of Ek’ Balam: Day 13



13 Jaguar / IX

Greetings Kin,

Tone 13 holds the Divine Intention of Higher Consciousness. Ascension is a  Divine Gift of Hindsight. It’s a Divine Gift of a Time Traveler to look back and see the Truth in 20/20, how it’s taken to heart to become Wisdom of an experience. The experiences we Feel become the lasting memories, when we recall the Truth of our Life.

The Tone of Ascension shares the feeling of wanting to try again, or to start something new. It’s Human’s COMMON thought when we know something now that we didn’t know before. Divine Wisdom is the Consciousness of Knowing that there must be more Truth we haven’t seen yet. On the Tone 13, we realize Divine Possibilities we can’t forget. A Divine Dream for the “12” of Humanity is shared as the Answer to our Prayers on 1/2/2021. The Eyes of Spirit are opened to the Truth of Higher Possibilities.

Jaguar/IX is the Day Sign of Spirit. IX is a symbol of the Divine Feminine holding the gifts for Discernment and Compassionate Love. 13 Jaguar/IX is the Highest Challenge of Human’s Ascension to the Scion, one destined to grasp the  Truth by crossing the threshold, beyond the gravity of Duality. The Jaguar Spirit represents the Highest Hope we could reach for, to claim the Truth that Humans are all created in Harmony and Equity – no better, no worse, BECAUSE we are ALL One Divine Consciousness of Spirit.

We are the 2 that creates the Balance of the 7 – the Promise of all things Balanced Above and Below. IX resides in Position 14. The Jaguar is the one who sees the Blessings all around given from Mother Earth. Every Destiny Kin marks IX by 4 directions in the lower place. IX holds the “earth magic” of Gratitude, guarding the temples and sacred sites in stealth from the shadows. To cross the threshold we must Ascend to the Truth we can Believe when we Count our Blessings. When we give thanks for ALL things, both the darkness and the light, we can cross to see the Truth. Instead of measuring our self and others as better or worse, we’ll Love the Whole Story of how Love of ALL our different ways comes to be. Without conditions, we leave ALL ways open to the Light.

IX holds the Divine Power to be INVISIBLE. IX reflects the Truth of all things UNSEEN. IX is the Vibration of Thoughts that are felt by Intention, regardless of whether they are revealed. IX is the Queen of the Jungle and Guardian of the Planet that can FEEL the Life in all things. IX is said to hear the Heartbeat of Mother Earth. IX raises our Spiritual Sensitivity to the Truth Spoken in the Wind. Through the Element of Air, IX holds a Divine Power to Change our State of Mind. Like the Wind, Divine Thoughts of Gratitude can sweep away the ash of the worldly illusion now burned away.

When the Jaguar appears, we’re guided on a journey toward the Light in the East – the place of Divine Inspiration for every New Beginning. In a New Light of Faith and Hope, we can apply the Truth we CHOOSE to see. We can shine our Spark like an Unseen Gift of a Miracle. When the ego is burned away, our Divine Mind can discern the Truth that sharing Love without calling attention to our self, shines the Brightest Light from Above. When the Wind Blows, the Elders say to stop and pay attention. There’s Truth in the Wind. Counting Divine Truth as our Highest Blessing, learning Truth about our Self won’t feel like a sacrifice of the Heart. Instead, we’ll see the Light of our Highest Offering.

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