11 Seed / KAN – Walking as a Shape-Shifter: Day 11 of 13


11 Seed / KAN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 11 brings the Intention of Resolution and the Clarity for a new Understanding. Tone 11 is dynamic energy that facilitates change, simplification and improvement. Tone 11 establishes an agreement from which we can hereby Resolve to move forward in our new way.

Seed/KAN represents family, sexual activity, and the magic of germination. Seed brings the energy to free us from debt or our oppressive patterns of the past.

Seed offers the courage to make a profound investigation of our Self, so we can gather what is needed, and place ourselves in the right environment to grow. Seed is said to reveal hidden traps and negative influences. Those born as Seed are defenders of the people, and are capable to navigate around obstacles.

The Cherokee Day Sign, the Dragon, is the energy of Life Force that germinates a Seed. The Dragon is said to help us to see clearly. Seed can help us find our place where Spirit can exist in the realm of physicality.

Seed/KAN helps us find the place where we can live in the Truth of our Authenticity. We are called to “Know Thy Self” and make the choices that support who we are. From the principle of “As Above, So Below” we learn our reality is created from what we imagine. Seed calls us to separate ourselves from circumstances that draw us into negativity. It’s our right and responsibility to claim our own fertile soil.

Seed/KAN calls our attention to who we were created to be. The Maya honor the Corn as a symbol of the people. Corn was the crop central to the basics of survival, the most important Seed of the Maya. Corn represented the Truth that what is planted on Mother Earth can be multiplied to abundance, always producing a seed of the next generation of itself. They saw beyond the fruit of the one, to fields of corn multiplied to abundance. They recognized the power of a small thing.

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10 Night / AKBAL – Walking as a Shape-Shifter: Day 10 of 13


10 Night / AKBAL

Greetings Kin,

Tone 10 holds the Intention of Manifestation. Manifestation is both a blessing and a responsibility. To manifest Creation we must claim a new Truth for our Self. On a path of Spiritual Development the goal is to Believe in the Power of Spirit. There’s evidence in the world that Humans possess Gifts of Spirit. We could reason that we have them too. Though, we wouldn’t claim them until we see them in our Self. Tone 10 is a manifestation of Human’s proof of Spirit.

Night/AKBAL is the Day Sign of Spirit that speaks to us in our Dreams. AKBAL is the Light of Spirit that shines in the darkness. AKBAL knows the darkness and all things Unseen, said to connect the faculties of Intellect and Intuition. Night/AKBAL can present a Spiritual Experience, that by Human reason we could see as the evidence of a Power we Hold in Spirit.

The glyph illustrates the Night with curtains drawn back to reveal the Light that always shines. The face of the monkey appears to be super-imposed into the glyph with its eyes closed. AKBAL is a Light that shines that Human eyes can’t see, though the memory of the Truth is held in our subconscious thoughts. AKBAL can help us see the Light within our Self that knows Truth of our Spirit.

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9 Wind / IK – Walking as a Shape-Shifter: Day 9 of 13

9 Wind / IK

Greetings Kin,

The Peak Tone 9 holds the Intention to complete a Transformation. It calls for our Patience to see the bigger picture. It comes with a warning that there could be suffering if we fail to seek a higher understanding.

Our phase of Transformation began with 8 IMIX. Through an Intention of Divine Justice, the Creator made is possible for Human to Remember the Power we hold in the realm of Spirit. Tone 9 intends to raise our perception by seeing the Meaning and Purpose.

Wind/IK is the Breath of Life and the Breath of Spirit, that holds the Spoken Words of Creation. Our Power to Create requires the Passion of a Meaning and Purpose. The Creator’s Meaning and Purpose for Creation was an expansion of Unconditional Love.

Aligned with Divine Consciousness, we hold the Power to Create the Experience of Love on Earth. When Human offers Unconditional Love, we fulfill the Meaning and Purpose of our own creation. We fulfill the Highest Intention of a Supreme Creator.

Jaguar/IX helps us shift shape to reflect our Divine Nature. Our Divinity holds the Power to Connect all things. Through our Gifts of Unconditional Love, we prove the existence of a Consciousness higher than our Human Nature. A Choice beyond our Human Nature, reflects a decision made for a Higher Meaning and Purpose. A Divine Inspiration that was invisible in the realm of physicality, is made visible to Human.

9 Wind/IK, Kin 22
is a portal day that represents a thinning of the veil to the dimension of Spirit. The Element of Ether is a substance of “pure spirit.” A portal magnifies our Spiritual Gifts of Intuition and Knowing. This is a day of Heightened Consciousness. A Portal on 9 Wind/IK magnifies the Voice that Calls us to a Higher Purpose.

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8 Crocodile / IMIX – Walking as a Shape-Shifter: Day 8 of 13


8 Crocodile / IMIX

Greetings Kin,

Tone 8 is a Peak Tone of Transformation, carried out as a Divine Intervention. 8 is the Number of “pure spirit.” The Intention of 8 is Abundance and Divine Justice. Tone 8 is the Holy Day of the trecena that Transforms our Faith into Belief.

Crocodile/IMIX returns us to the arms of a Divine Mother. She is the primordial Mother that witnessed our first Conscious thoughts. IMIX nourishes our Consciousness through Inspiration and “wild ideas.” IMIX is the Mother of Innovation that inspires us to create something new.

IMIX calls us to the realm of our imagination, encouraging us to remember this is our Source of All Possibility. We can create whatever we imagine. We must imagine what we would create. We’re encouraged to believe that a Divine Way will present itself, as long as we Love the Dream. Love is the experience most intended by the Creator. Following our Passion we will be seen as “genius” by those around us, daring to Dream what others discern as improbable or impossible.

2nd Uinal: On 8 Crocodile/IMIX we enter the 2nd Uinal of the Tzolk’in. In the new “harvest cycle” of the 260-day Tzolk’in round, the 2nd Uinal will complete our cycle of germination. The 2nd Uinal is the catalyst for accelerated growth. 2 is the Number of Duality. Human discernment is based on comparison. This is a time of reflecting on the experiences of one thing compared to another. We can complete a Higher Understanding of the two sides of our Self.

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7 Sun / AHAU – Walking as a Shape-Shifter: Day 7 of 13


7 Sun / AHAU

Greetings Kin,

Tone 7 is the Tone of Balance, reflecting the Spiritual Principle, “As Above, So Below.”  This Principle is shared among the most ancient teachings, including the Emerald Tablets of Hermes. The Principle expresses that what exists in one realm, is Balanced in all realms of existence… the mental, physical, and spiritual realms.

The Intention of Tone 7 is Reflection. Tone 7 is illustrated as the top of the pyramid, a Holy Place of connection between Heaven and Earth.

Sun/AHAU is the Day Sign of the Supreme Creator. AHAU marks the completion of each 20-day uinal that begins on IMIX. IMIX is the Alpha (Position 1) and AHAU is the Omega (Position 20, symbolized as zero). 7 Sun/AHAU is a Balancing carried out by a Supreme Creator.

Sun/AHAU brings the Light of Illumination to all things, whether hidden in shadow or hidden in plain sight. Every encounter with AHAU holds the potential for a Divine Revelation. The steps we’ve climbed in an effort of Intention have brought us to a place with a 360 degree view. Through Reflection we will see the distance our Spirit has traveled by Intention. We will recognize that we have arrived at a Higher Place. Today completes the 1st uinal of Germination. The Seed of our new Spiritual Identity is Awakened by the Light of Divinity.

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6 Storm / CAUAC – Walking as a Shape-Shifter: Day 6 of 13


6 Storm / CAUAC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 6 offers the Peak Energy of Flow to help us establish a rhythm and pattern of movement. A new effort of Intention takes on the momentum for dynamic developments.

Storm/CAUAC brings the energy of the comfort of home. When the storms of life appear, we are naturally inclined to seek a place of safety. This “turning for home” is the rhythm and pattern that CAUAC helps us to establish.

CAUAC displays the “lightning force” that connects Heaven and Earth. CAUAC represents a renewal and regeneration of Spirit. Just as lightning nourishes the Earth, so are our Spirits renewed by a Spiritual Force of Regeneration.

Storm’s lightning displays a power that is not contained by limits or boundaries. Lightning finds is own way to deliver its gift of Spiritual Energy. It can reach us no matter where we are.

CAUAC is a Day of “lightning in the blood” that magnifies our Spiritual Gifts. CAUAC brings a new experience of Truth through our Sixth Sense. CAUAC renews our Consciousness of the Unbridled Power of Spirit. No matter what storms appear, Spirit holds the power to change the landscape of our lives.

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5 Flint / ETZNAB – Walking as a Shape-Shifter: Day 5 of 13


5 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

On Tone 5 we receive the energy of Empowerment. We receive the Power to complete a climb to manifest a new Inner Strength of Spirit.

The Jaguar is leading us on a path of Consciousness. We are applying the Wisdom of Divine Consciousness in the Unseen realm of Spirit. Jaguar guides us to shift to our Higher Consciousness to Remember the Power of our Spiritual Identity.

Flint/ETZNAB will guide us to see the Power of Truth. Also known as Mirror, ETZNAB relates to the Obsidian Mirror that returns a perfect reflection of Truth.

All the Day Signs lead us to the Consciousness of Truth, though Flint’s Truth is like the knife that cuts to the Heart. ETZNAB makes a Truth Crystal Clear that was concealed, hidden, or covered up. Flint is said to deliver Truth along the path of a lightning strike.  Truth can come as a stroke of genius, or as a “hard truth” we didn’t want to see. Though, the nature of the experience is always Unexpected. Flint’s purpose is to sweep illusions away.

Flint is a Day Sign that leaves an impression. It’s a day to take precaution and to expect the unexpected. Flint is said to present a temptation to act out of character, revealing Truth we may conceal. Flint’s energy can inspire us to “say what we really wanted to say,” and “do what we really wanted to do.”

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