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5 Seed / KAN – Walking in the Light: Day 5 of 13

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Time is given to see the Whole Truth from the Beginning to the End. Sun/AHAU is the symbol of the Omega, the all-in-one. The power to carry out the Highest Way begins with the willingness to enter the Darkness with the Creator by our side. The 1st Light we were given to see is the Faith to carry on, loving who we really are and the power to make our dreams come true.

Every encounter with Sun/AHAU is said to offer a Revelation of the Truth. The Sun/AHAU trecena offers the 13 Days to create the Truth for Creation, the 7 days and 6 nights that’s Human’s way to see it clearly more than once. As Beings of Duality, we comprehend the Whole Truth by seeing it one way and another. The Creator saw it all at once. To resolve the journey to it’s highest end we have to see the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth.

There’s a lot of Truth we don’t want to know. We must be willing to know at every cost.

The Haab vague year calendar symbolizes the Light that Mother Earth is turning us to see as One. The Year Bearer 11 Deer/MANIK (by Northern count) symbolizes the Power to make our Highest Dream come true. As the symbol of the Mayan priest, Deer/MANIK demonstrates the way as a dedicated path to an altar. 11 is an Intention for Resolution. Master Number 11 is the Source of our Highest Light to see. The Deer is Vigilant on behalf of the whole. When we complete the work for the Highest One, our Human Dreams for Life, Love, and Happiness can be claimed for all time. What good is a dream that’s here today and gone tomorrow? Only the Scion’s dreams can last forever.

In the Natural World the Deer with the biggest antlers is most likely to become the leader of the pack, but there’s still a fight. The antlers fall off every Spring for the Harmony and Equity of the Whole. Everyone gets a second chance if they are willing to invest the hardest work, a fight to the end. Creating Human dreams is easy compared to the Highest Work of Love.

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August 2022 Supermoon and Jupiter in the Blue Hour

About 6:00am, August 14, 2022, looking Southwest

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Girlie woke me up at 5:50 am (CDT) in time to see the Blue Hour. I rushed to make a cup of instant coffee to take with me for the show. I was gazing North for a minute before I turned around and saw the Supermoon. I thought I’d missed it when I looked last night. What a blessing.

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4 Night / AKBAL – Walking in the Light: Day 4 of 13

Supermoon: The moon at its closest point to Earth – Summer’s last supermoon and meteor shower take the celestial stage tonight (Saturday Night, August 13, 2022)

Greetings Beloved Kin,

In the first season of Human’s creation we are drawn to the beauty of life in a living world. Human’s Seed was planted by a Divine Hand that tends our place so all the conditions will be perfect for the one we are destined to be.

Grandfathers, Grandmothers, and Lord of Creation – Help us see that wherever we know Peace, You are there.  We long to hear your Voice and know it’s the Truth in the darkness and the light. We give thanks that you bless the whole just the same, so we will know Peace together and remember that Love lasts forever, like it was in the beginning.


love, in lak’ech, Debra

The journals BEFORE, for After:

Published: June 25, 2020 (06/25/2020)
4 Night/AKBAL, Destiny Kin 43 


4 Night / AKBAL

Greetings Kin,

Tone 4 holds the Intention of Stability. Like the cube, Tone 4 defines a dimension by its boundaries and parameters. On Tone 4 we establish the “rules of the game” for the Intention to Live our most Divine Life. On Tone 4 we apply the Wisdom to look at Dream from all directions.

There are 4 directions of life to uphold the pillars of our Faith. We have the Divine Inspiration from the East, the influence and support of our Relationships in the world (South), the Unknown future in the West, and the Truth of Wisdom that is our Highest Hope in the North, Above. To maintain our Balance, we must exist in the Center. Our Center is a Sanctuary within, where the Truth of our Dreams are Real and we can see all directions as passing time that only holds the Truth that is discerned from a moment. Time will tell the Truth.

On Tone 4 we size up the work at hand. Where should I start? How long will it take? Where will I turn for support? What Wisdom can I apply? How will I remember? Tone 4 are the Inherent thoughts that guide a strategy for creation. In the 4th hour the Maya surveyed the field where they tended the corn. The 4th Hour of Light is about the time we get to work and see what’s waiting on our desk or workbench. We establish priorities and an order – a plan for the day.

Night/AKBAL is the Dreamer that Believes in the Dream. In our Dreams, where everything is possible, we can build a path to our Divine Future… one day at a time. Time will change us as we’re raised by the Wisdom of the Experience.

AKBAL is the Light that shines in the darkness. The Light for our Life is a Dream in the future. To live with all our heart we need a Dream. Mystical experiences are possible on days guided by AKBAL. Anything is possible in a Dream. The glyph illustrates the veil drawn back to reveal the Light. AKBAL connects all our faculties of creation so we can see the inner workings of our own mind. In our AKBAL dreams we can hear the Voice of the Creator that we can know is the Truth by the message that speaks to our heart.

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Crafsman’s Intro to AI Generated Art – Beta Waitlist as a Public Offering!

AI Generated Artwork from YOUR imagination

Are you an author with a message that needs an illustrator? This is the COOLEST Spiritual Tool I’ve EVER seen!

Dall-e is a new Human invention from Artifical Intelligence that reproduces images from your own thoughts and words! It takes genius to imagine what we can do when we can access the Power of our Own mind of Creation!

Yes, artists who create the old-fashioned way may take it on the chin, though we can all celebrate the “dream of being an artist” in Harmony and Equity with the Whole. AI can NEVER compete with the REAL Experience of Divine Creation – the TIME we spend in Communion with the Highest One. Unless the High, Higher, and Highest One knew the Time would come and can share the same Light of Love in a split second? If we can imagine it, it’s a Divine Possibility.

A favorite crafter on YouTube shared the message and offers a demo of how it works!

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3 IK – Don’t try to be NORMAL!

Family Days Tried And Tested: Mud Pie Recipes just for fun

What makes you strange and different is actually YOUR BEST FEATURE!

You’ll never get lost in the crowd. What makes you different is your Superpower to make YOUR wildest dreams come true. My favorite new acquaintance (so far) keeps 2 chickens as HOUSE pets. (They’re kept in diapers… GENIUS!)

God created “YOU” for a DIVINE Meaning and Purpose. Letting go of relationships that I LOVED for a Higher Purpose has become proof I can survive beyond the judgement of others. We can take it on the chin with a smile, when we’re praying for the same happiness for the whole – and PROVING the divine possibilities!

Creation begets creation. Our wildest dreams can begin from a mud pie! Someone made a fortune thinking of plastic gloves. (Though, it’s still more fun to get your hands dirty.)

Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk

SELF PORTRAIT: From my best angle

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Sound Healing – The Twin Flame

VIOLET FLAME ANGELIC REIKI | Meditation Music Archangel Zadkiel I AM Energy Healing Angel Frequency

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Archangel Zadkiel – The Twin Flame

The Divine Justice of Mercy and the Healing of Unconditional Love

To Walk in the Light of the Whole Truth we are Humbled by our Human Limitations. We are carrying out the Divine Inspiration that was shared by Deer/MANIK. The Truth of the Way is the Highest Truth intended to be known by the Whole in Harmony and Equity. 11 Deer/MANIK is the Year Bearer by Northern Count of the Haab. Earth’s vague year calendar represents Truth that is shared on a planetary scale on behalf of the whole.

Our personal salvation is assured by a Divine Savior, one that bore the stripes of the guilty. The Savior was Innocent from the Beginning to the End. He walked in the Truth, Knowing a Divine Communion with the Creator of Mercy and Unconditional Love. We can stand the same when we know the Truth of our own Intentions to Love. Though, by our own Limitations of Knowing the Truth for every Time and Place, it’s beyond our means to know the Whole Truth of everyone’s story from the Beginning to the End. Every child is born the Seed Created by a Supreme Lord of Creation. Our worst failures of darkness weren’t born of the Creator’s Light. The Light of our Newborn Spirit was compromised by another Human Being who came before, or after.

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3 Wind / IK – Walking in the Light


A Dream to Know the Truth is always about the future. That’s always the end we’re trying to see. 

There’s always a 1st Light of Truth. It’s only a spark, but it seems like a major breakthrough when it’s Truth we’ve never seen from this angle before. The 1st Light sparks the Question to see it shine again, as good as the 1st time. The 2nd Truth breaks with the Light of the Creator’s Will for Divine Justice – the Truth that WILL Be ordered by the Authority of the Omega, the Lord of the All-in-One.

The Darkness and Light of every experience must be weighed by the Human Heart. It’s necessary to Feel the Injustice of every experience to bring the Truth to Light. That’s only the beginning and never the end. It takes Forgiveness to see the fault on both sides. We may have been the victim of injustice, though the Whole Truth is that we had a hand in the creation.

When we demand understanding from another Human Being, we failed to Acknowledge the Source that Knows the Whole Truth. There are consequences for injustice on both side to comply with the Universal Laws of Cause an Effect. When we demand Our Justice, we fail to acknowledge the Truth of our own limitations – and the limitations of another.

Huracan is the reflection of the Creator’s Highest Power and Authority over the whole creation.

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Beauty Intended for the Eyes that Choose to See

Prairie Smoke – Geum triflorum

Heart Sutra- 般若心経 -Buddhist Mantra to remove all obstacles- Tinna Tinh

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2 Crocodile / IMIX – Walking in the Light: Day 2 of 13

On behalf of the whole

Divine Grandmothers, Divine Grandfathers, and Lord of All Creation,

Help us follow the Deer’s way in Humility. Help us to employ the Spiritual Gifts we were given for the highest good of the whole. Thank you for the chance to live again, the Time to learn, and the Light to see the Truth. Lead us to an altar where we know we are One. Give us the Patience, Good Sense and Reason to Call on you for everything we need to know. Give us Signs along the way to help us remember you are always there.




The journals BEFORE, After:

Published: March 10, 2021 (03/10/2021)
2 Crocodile/IMIX, Destiny Kin 41 

2 Crocodile / IMIX


Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 raises the Intention of Duality. We were inspired to claim the Happiness for a New Life. In the darkness we can’t see the Strength of our Own Spirit that was carrying on. Every round offers a higher experience than the one before. Sun/AHAU will illuminate our Own New Ways.

Tone 2 presents the Choice, “to be or not to be.” We compare an old lower way to this new higher way. Crocodile/IMIX gives us some ideas. A Divine Creator wants us to Remember – we Know the way.

Crocodile/IMIX marks the Dawn of a New Awakening. She is the Primordial Mother that holds the Instinct to Love like a duty. The glyph illustrates a mother’s breast, or the jar that held the baby’s milk. IMIX is the “Mother of Innovation” that shares “wild ideas.” We all know something that really needs to be fixed, and what “someone should do.” By Ahau’s light we may finally “get it” that we’re the perfect one to do it.

Our Divine Possibilities are only proven by What We Can Do. We’re ALL enough for a dream we Love. Crocodile/IMIX holds the Element of Fire to build our Passion for a Dream. It’s not Time yet. We may want to rush to the first thing we Love.

It is advised to pray for Sense and Good Reason on days guided by IMIX. Don’t reach for the first shiny thing. The Reason for “wild ideas” that IMIX delivers randomly, out of the blue, is to see where they come from. A Divine Communion can be seen in a thought that breaks through while you are thinking about something else.

IMIX guides us to go back to sleep and dream of all the Divine Ideas there will be. It’s said that when you choose one of IMIX’s wild ideas you LOVE, your creation will be seen and acknowledged as Divine Genius.

We begin a new cycle of Movement in Trinity with a Divine Plan. The uinals tell the Higher story of Divine Agency. This is an important cycle to Move on the Divine Inspiration we Love. We are moved by a Divine Light to know who we are, and which way to grow. IMIX is always the Dawn of Awakening. Through Movement, we’ll learn the Power of Divine Will to guide our Human Will to bend. A new Light will drive us, like Fire in the Blood.

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