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Beauty Intended for the Eyes that Choose to See

Prairie Smoke – Geum triflorum

Heart Sutra- 般若心経 -Buddhist Mantra to remove all obstacles- Tinna Tinh

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2 Crocodile / IMIX – Walking in the Light: Day 2 of 13

On behalf of the whole

Divine Grandmothers, Divine Grandfathers, and Lord of All Creation,

Help us follow the Deer’s way in Humility. Help us to employ the Spiritual Gifts we were given for the highest good of the whole. Thank you for the chance to live again, the Time to learn, and the Light to see the Truth. Lead us to an altar where we know we are One. Give us the Patience, Good Sense and Reason to Call on you for everything we need to know. Give us Signs along the way to help us remember you are always there.




The journals BEFORE, After:

Published: March 10, 2021 (03/10/2021)
2 Crocodile/IMIX, Destiny Kin 41 

2 Crocodile / IMIX


Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 raises the Intention of Duality. We were inspired to claim the Happiness for a New Life. In the darkness we can’t see the Strength of our Own Spirit that was carrying on. Every round offers a higher experience than the one before. Sun/AHAU will illuminate our Own New Ways.

Tone 2 presents the Choice, “to be or not to be.” We compare an old lower way to this new higher way. Crocodile/IMIX gives us some ideas. A Divine Creator wants us to Remember – we Know the way.

Crocodile/IMIX marks the Dawn of a New Awakening. She is the Primordial Mother that holds the Instinct to Love like a duty. The glyph illustrates a mother’s breast, or the jar that held the baby’s milk. IMIX is the “Mother of Innovation” that shares “wild ideas.” We all know something that really needs to be fixed, and what “someone should do.” By Ahau’s light we may finally “get it” that we’re the perfect one to do it.

Our Divine Possibilities are only proven by What We Can Do. We’re ALL enough for a dream we Love. Crocodile/IMIX holds the Element of Fire to build our Passion for a Dream. It’s not Time yet. We may want to rush to the first thing we Love.

It is advised to pray for Sense and Good Reason on days guided by IMIX. Don’t reach for the first shiny thing. The Reason for “wild ideas” that IMIX delivers randomly, out of the blue, is to see where they come from. A Divine Communion can be seen in a thought that breaks through while you are thinking about something else.

IMIX guides us to go back to sleep and dream of all the Divine Ideas there will be. It’s said that when you choose one of IMIX’s wild ideas you LOVE, your creation will be seen and acknowledged as Divine Genius.

We begin a new cycle of Movement in Trinity with a Divine Plan. The uinals tell the Higher story of Divine Agency. This is an important cycle to Move on the Divine Inspiration we Love. We are moved by a Divine Light to know who we are, and which way to grow. IMIX is always the Dawn of Awakening. Through Movement, we’ll learn the Power of Divine Will to guide our Human Will to bend. A new Light will drive us, like Fire in the Blood.

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Mother Earth – The Final Authority for Beauty in the World

Mother Earth knows everything about Life and Beauty on the planet, and she knows our Heart’s Desire!

This is a quick update on what she taught me so far today.

I’ve seen bushes like this around the neighborhood and wished I knew what they were. They have been about the only flowering thing during this Summer’s heatwave in Kansas. They bloom a little later in the season, and at least I can enjoy the one in the neighbor’s backyard.

This was my first real try for planting a garden and some beauty around my new place. It didn’t look like the ornamental grass was going to make it, but has put down some roots that should hold on through the winter. I had a vision of hot pink cone flowers and blue flowering bushes, and a blue hibiscus on the front corner. Here’s the progress on my effort.

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1 Sun / AHAU – Walking in the Light

Greetings Beloved Kin,

I couldn’t let a whole day of Sun’s light go by without sharing the opportunity.

The pyramid points to all the Lights Above, and we are walking with the Old Ones and the Highest One through the Lion’s Gate!

Honor the Old Ones who are always waiting to be Remembered. They will share their Wisdom and they KNOW the “hard roads” of all the Time that came before. Remember it’s good to “know nothing.” That’s exactly the Time and Place where we are open to learn something we can’t imagine. Go outside and receive the blessing – the photons from the Central Sun of our galaxy!

ASK TO RECEIVE IT IN THE HIGHEST WAY ON  BEHALF OF THE WHOLE. It only takes One Candle to overcome the Darkness.

love, in lak’ech, Debra


888Hz 88Hz 8Hz Abundance Pyramid | Gate to Wealth & Prosperity Endorphin Release Meditation Music

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1 Sun / AHAU – Walking in the Light: Day 1 of 13


Happy Supermoon in Aquarius! May you be blessed for a new beginning walking with the Sun!
I worked overtime yesterday and thought I was taking a late nap, only it was a long sleep.
Hope you are rested up too for a new journey!

Life will be grand with the Supreme Lord of Creation by our side. I’ll look ahead to the important dates in Time and post an update after work!

much love, in lak’ech, Debra

The journals BEFORE, After:

Published: March 9, 2021 (03/09/2021)
1 Sun/AHAU, Destiny Kin 40 

1 Sun / AHAU

Greetings Kin,

The Next 13-Days…

Sun/AHAU is the Supreme Creator, the Master of Light and Lord of Time. Every climb begins from the Higher Ground of the Truth we gathered before. The Mayan priest, Deer/MANIK, showed us the way to Know we’re standing on Holy Ground. We’ll always see a Higher Truth when we kneel at an altar, looking up from the place we are. We’re kneeling where the Light will break.

We saw a Power of Truth that shines for us. It was the Offering from Above, the way to manifest our Dream of Happiness in Harmony with the Whole. We know we’re carrying out an Act of God, when the sacrifice is a Choice to Give Back and Pay Forward what was already given. Salvation is already ours from the Highest One who never saw a fault.

We don’t have to be “better” anymore. Our Heart was claimed by the Heart of Sky, the bolt of CAUAC’s Lightning that Reached Down from Above. We met in the middle, where our little streamer of Faith could be claimed as “One the Same” thing.

Giving is not part of Human Nature, until we know our basic needs are covered. Held by the Light, reaching for Our Love. No shadow could cast a veil over the Beauty we will Remember, knowing our Spark is Loved as a little piece of the Creator’s Heart and Soul. We could be the Master’s dog, if we wanted to be, and it would be just as divine to hear the call. Being Faithful and Loyal is easier to imagine, following the Dog/OC of Unconditional Love.

Cycle of Darkness (Yellow Day Sign)
We have to climb through the darkness to claim OUR Truth by the Wisdom of Experience. It’s Our Truth that’s different, because we’re in a different Time and Place. The Eagle taught us to fly by Intuition, leaning in to the Wind,  the “truth that is.” of the Light. We have to apply Truth we accepted for a Leap of Faith to know whether our Own Truth can stand.  The Intention is to see how Truth plays out in the Unknown, holding Faith to Believe.

The 3rd Uinal
1 Sun/AHAU completes the 2nd uinal of the Tzolk’in. In the harvest cycle of the 260-day Tzolk’in round, we are completing our germination. We made our way through the darkness underground. In the 3rd Uinal of 20-days, we reach the Light. Number 3 holds an Intention of Movement. The 2nd uinal, like the 2nd Tone, marks a Human experience of Duality. We were the Seed working our way through the darkness to reach the Truth of Light Above. All our effort was invested in the Human Will “to be or not to be” Divine Human Beings. We saw the dark and the light of the Whole. We were guided to see the Truth of the way things are in the beginning, so we will know the Truth of the Light in the end. The 3rd uinal initiates Movement that brings a new Divine Intention to Life, and a New Revelation of a Divine Power Above.

Holy Day: 8 Deer/MANIK
On the Peak Tone 8 of “pure spirit” our Transformation begins as a Divine Initiation. 8 Deer/MANIK is the Holy Day observed as a celebration for the Mayan priest, and the Day of Initiation for those who Choose to follow. 8 Deer/MANIK is the first Holy Initiation of the Tzolk’in round. A Guiding Light will consecrate the path we’ve chosen as Our Way. We were all given the Freedom to Believe in our own way. Love is “One the Same.” A Divine Creator consecrates the Dedicated Path of the Deer with Holy Water to be a Path of Beauty that will be the Gift of Harmonic Resonance – a Light that others will Feel in Sympathy.

Guardian of Ascension
13 Road/EB marks our Ascension. 13 always means the Answer to a prayer. Road/EB is Human, the Aztec call Grass. The Road leads us to the Truth that we can be trampled, and held down for a time, but the Grass will always Rise again. Our Destiny will be knowing we will Rise to the Occasion of our Own New Beginning.

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13 Storm Ascension: Heal All Suffering


Buddhist Mantra Healing all suffering USNISA VIJAYA DHARANI- 佛頂尊勝陀羅尼經- 모든 고통을 치유하는 만트라 -Tinna Tinh

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13 Storm / CAUAC – Ascension: Day 13

Shadow – Her first gift was the scratch lounger. She loved every gift I brought home. She was passed around 5 times before. It took a little bit longer for her to know it was forever.


Dear Beloved  Kin,
There is a Divine Provision for every Sacrifice we make to Feel the Truth. Nothing unusual happened today. Just a very heavy weight of the same old thing. We’re prepared for the breakthrough. All we have to do is reach a hand to be grasped from above.

In the last round I was still mourning Shadow. I couldn’t let her go after she was already gone. She was with me through two years of solitary confinement during the pandemic. You helped me through then the same as you are helping through now. At least her ashes will always be with me. She created the place for Girlie, and there will be a place for an “only one” discarded senior cat as long as I’m able.


I won’t need any more ashes to remember. Loving Shadow was a reason to love myself. CIMI (kee mee) is the aspect of the Creator that comforts with a soft hand – the Midwife, and Hospice Nurse that reminds us “something always dies when something new is born.” Storm/CAUAC is the midwife that delivers and opens the path for us to be born to the light.

Your feelings matter to me. It matters – every prayer you offer on behalf of the whole.

love, in lak’ech, Debra


1111Hz 111Hz 11Hz 1Hz ✧ Angel Number Holy Frequency ✧ Manifest Anything ✧ Ask and You Shall Receive

The journals BEFORE, After:

Published: March 7, 2021 (03/07/2021)
TODAY’S KIN: November 22, 2021 (11/22/2021)
12 Flint/ETZNAB, Destiny Kin 38 


13 Storm / CAUAC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 13 marks the Ascension of every climb. 13 is a symbol of theurgy, a Power given to Human to call upon Divine Agency through our rituals and prayers. There is exponential Power when our prayers are carried out through Movement. The Sound creates the Vibration. We send out a Call to the Universe. With every Offering to the One there will always be a Sacred Exchange. What we give for a Divine Purpose will always be returned as an Answer to our Prayers, the Feeling for Believing.

On Tone 13 we can see the Light that shines a New Way. We hold the 20/20 of hindsight, a very Common thing. In the Offering, we see more than just “what happened.” We see what it means. For all the darkness of the journey, we found a Light that was preparing to Break through. A Divine One Honors our Human limits and the Divine Intention to Live with all our Heart. A Divine Creator allows us to carry the ball as far as we can go, so when we fail, we’ll know it wasn’t because we didn’t try.

In the Divine ball game of Life, the loser who wins their Life has the hardest game to play. Their life was saved by the Hero. They were left with the hardest question. Did I give it my all? Or, did I “hold something back” to save myself? It’s a question we will ask whenever we see a chance to Love “walk away.” The Hero creates the Divine Intention to Give Back, and Pay Forward. When we know all the sacrifices that have been made for us, when hearts were worn on a sleeve. In the Light of an Offering to Love and Forgive, we’ll know a Reason to Balance the Truth with ALL the Love we CAN See. We are always a Hero when we make the sacrifice that Feels for another who can’t see. The Vigilant Eye of the Deer, seeing the Divine Light of Truth was given for US to See the Light on behalf of the one that can’s see it for themselves. Our heart will bend, knowing Every Human Being deserves to know their life is worth remembering.

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12 Flint / ETZNAB – A Mission of Love: Day 12 of 13

Greetings Beloved Kin,

It’s about Time for something unusual to happen! I’m glad we’re in this together. 🙂

Flint/ETZNAB was the first Day Sign that I knew by heart for the unexpected truth that comes out of the blue. This Lion’s Gate may take another day to break through. On Tone 12 we comprehend the Truth that we knew from the beginning. And Flint presents the very Truth we need to hear, exactly when we need to know it. Whatever it is, it will sweep the path clear for a new tomorrow.

Much love, in lak’ech,

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11 Earth / CABAN – A Mission of Love: Day 11 of 13

THE LION’S GATE: 08/08/2022
Receive the Light of the Highest Sun. Take to heart what you can’t see, but your Heart can Know is the Truth.

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Everything we need to know is offered through the living illustration of Mother Earth. Truth was written in the Divine Design. Love is the most beautiful creation, only seen through the eye of the beholder. As beings of physicality, Love creates the Will to Survive. Sometimes we forget that Love is the reason we carry on. Our Highest Hopes and Dreams are always about Love.

We can’t imitate Love. Beauty is only created by the “real thing.” Every living thing responds to Love. There are two many expressions to ever pin it down as one thing or another. Love is so abundant it can get lost in the “everyday.” It takes an “exception to the rule” for us to see and acknowledge the Truth.

Tone 11 holds the Intention of reaching for the Highest Truth that matters to the One Above. Love multiplies exponentially on every scale of experience. Numbers are symbols that share the same Truth. Beyond a mind of reason, their values speak to our heart. The “one” means more to us than the smallest number. One is a symbol of the best, the first, the only, and the highest priority. When we see the number repeated, we take notice. Don’t you always look/think twice when you see 11:11? Don’t you wonder how you happened to look at that moment in time?

Master Number 11 is the symbol of Divine Inspiration and the Source as the Highest One. 11:11 is defined as a Code of Activation, a Divine wake-up call. We could set the alarm to see it, though we wouldn’t experience the synchronicity of Divine Timing.

This year Mother Earth’s time ordered by a zenithal sun in the North is guided by 11 Deer/MANIK. 11:11 marks the  Lion’s Gate for 08/08/2022. We notice those numbers as symbols of infinity, abundance, and eternal life.  Love resolves the “life or death” matters of survival with a higher reason to be. We know happiness in the balance of Love, Above and Below.

Deer/MANIK guides us to a Vigilant Consciousness of the Truth the Higher One. Isn’t that the end-all Truth of Love? Don’t we all Dream to know there’s someone greater in charge of everything? One that sees us, cares for us, and stands in our corner? One, with the power and authority over every thing?  Once we Know it’s the Truth, all worldly injustice is transformed to just a matter of Time. Now is the Time to Know so we can claim the Truth of our Heart’s Desire. May we watch for ALL the signs, while our Heart is awakened to see the Truth. May we give thanks that there was a Time created for the meaning and purpose.

love, in lak’ech,


The journal before, for after:

11 Earth / CABAN

Published: November 21, 2021 (11/21/2021)
11 Earth/CABAN, Destiny Kin 37 

Greetings Kin,

Tone 11 raises the  Intention of Resolution. The One Above wants us to claim the Whole Truth. Divine Truth is the Light to Live in the Balance of Harmony and Equity. Like a Divine Pair of antennae, 11 tunes us in to the frequency and Sound of Love we can know through all our Senses.

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10 Wisdom / CIB – Claiming the Future

Charon: Who sees behind him

Greetings Beloved Kin,

The myth of the mystic ferryman plays a role in many traditions. By Greek myth, Charon is the name of one that carries the souls of the dead to the underworld. There is fare to pay to cross the great divide. An earlier reference comes from the Egyptians who buried the boat in the tombs of the Pharaohs. The name as written means, “Who sees behind him.”

Source: The Celestial Ferryman in Ancient Egyptian Religion “Sailor of the Dead”, Dr.Radwan Abdel-Rady Sayed Ahmed*

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